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  • In the next few years, physicians will see an explosion of Autism and Schizophrenia and more vaccine injuries. i already have a brother who has Schizophrenia it really breaks my heart to see my youngest brother struggle with this condition on a daily bases but he doing well fine and we support him through other means nonetheless it still saddens me to see him how the illness has affected him in so many ways. A tribal counsellor says this is not an illness I am not sure what he means by this perhaps I would find more on this subject. The movie called 'A Beautiful Mind'' is great movie.
  • Ancient technology revealed.
  • we could see a lot of covid 19, influenza and other severe respiratory illness this season many children have already been in emergency care and filling up ICU beds for months this respiratory syncytial virus could spread to older adults this is a concern for doctors and they are more concerned because this virus can seriously affect the most vulnerable and the elderly. Also, this virus is known as RSV one has to really take care of their family this season, especially in January I find this one of the coldest months of the season.
  • Happy thanks Giving. I'm very appreciative for all of you in turn.
  • It's quiet tonight. Hope you guys are doing alright.
  • So, you know those pretty wacky science experiments some humans do? The ones that are both dangerous and often at times done for the sport of seeing what will happen?
  • Cute, normal and healthy for sure.
  • This particular commentator has a decent track record for predicting things based on logical science.
    Not so much when it comes to spirituality.
  • Dr Campbell has discovered that his trust in the scientific orthodoxy, has been naive and misplaced...He proves the deception, using a variety of FOI revealed emails, between medical and science experts, at the time of the SARS‑CoV‑2 infections, that first arose in Wuhan, China....And became heavily censored in science journals, as being lab leaked...

    He demonstrates, what many of we spiritually connected types already knew, that the covid virus was developed in a Red Chinese lab, through gain of function research, financed by the United States' NIH, directed by Dr Fauci...and then released upon the world by China...becoming a pandemic in early 2020...

    Watch this video.....

    I suspect that in future, this genuine seeker of truth will be less trusting of "scientific" papers, promulgated as truth....Great to observe his great awakening....
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