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  • Once Upon A Timeline-funny mandella effects;
    Iranian women in the 1960s and 1970s - Bing
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  • Quote:
    "And they want to be free of Islamic Thought Police, with their "moral code" applications upon women, especially..."

    It is a lots ignorant about Muslims to say that in a country with 95% Muslims, they will want to see women dressing in underwears all around like in Britain or U.S.! If you want to sell a notion of 'not to impose a moral code on women' to Iran, a Muslim majority region, first of all set an example of 'morality' that is acceptable in Islamic teachings. So far the west is a very poor example to Iran etc, pertaining to how a 'free' woman should behave. So it is an insult to intelligence to say 'majority of Iranis want women to be free', with 'freedom' being as articulated by a westerner! Never!!
  • And why should we think otherwise, if not due to some ignorance about Islam? Shiism's core believe is that leaders in Islamic world are NOT elected as in a republic, but must be descendants of Muhammad! So how can you say an overwemingly Shia majority region will want a government that is contrary to the core belief of shiism?? it is a total absurdity!!
  • Quote:
    "Obviously you are an islamic enthusiast, if not an actual practitioner, so whatever I say to you, will always be ignored in favour of your religion...."


    Your tone is that of some aversion to religion in general, and Islam in particular, but somehow think you can be a spockesman of Muslims!! If I sound like an Islamic enthusiast, If I sound like an 'Islamic enthusiast', it only shows that I can better advocate for a 'majority Muslim' region. Otherwise someone who show some aversion to Islam, might be clouded by his bias against Muslims.

    Now lets check a bit. If someone sitting in armchair in London, listening to some MSM could correctly tell what 'majority of pple in a region' wants, then we won't need any election anywhere on earth. Just ask that guy to tell you, and then swallow it as 'fact'. From that, we can tell that no facts have been presented to us here at all! Just some unsubstantiated opinions!!

    Saying that Iranis don't want their government is, tacitly, saying that Britons or Americans or whatever are ones who erect governments that 'their pple want'. How absurd! In Tunisia, we saw pple overturned their government, in a way completely analogous to the 1979 Iranian revolution. The lesson here is that Tunisians did not require our 'help' for them to topple the government they did not want. Same applies to Sri Lankans recently. Same applies to French Revolution etc. If Iranis will ever hate their government, they will initiate another revolution with or without any help from external.

    But then after the Iranian revolution, the theocracy was installed, then followed by an attack by Saddam, with the help of Europeans, USSR and U.S.. Common sense indicates here that if Iranis did not want the theocracy, as in if elections were faked, as Drekx alleged, then they would have joined arms with the rest of the world to overthrow the thus initiated regym. After all they were the ones who had just overthrowed a powerful government backed by the west and USSR. So what happened that made them suddenly impotent to the extent that a theocracy could be imposed on them? This makes zero sense!! So the only tenable conclusion is that Iranian theocracy is very popular in Iran
  • Obviously you are an islamic enthusiast, if not an actual practitioner, so whatever I say to you, will always be ignored in favour of your religion....Therefore, my discussions with you on this matter will go no where, as you are committed to a belief system, which blinds you to reality....You speak of "reasoning" and promptly ignore the evidence I offered you.....Like the MSM, you are deliberately ignoring the people of Iran, who are currently calling for a society free of theocracy....
    This is going around and round, with you, so I frankly will ignore you,henceforth, as it gets absurd when you ignore my presented evidence from inside Iran sources...Yes, keep reasoning based on false evidence....Unless you are in contact with an Iranian, on the ground, why should I believe you..??
  • Qute:

    "Fake elections.....Are you that naive....??"

    Nope! I reason that it is a real election sinse it reflected the correct percentage of Muslims in Iran, and that Islam teaches theocracy!

    The other claim, that 'majority of Iranis wants secularism' is not backed by a reasoning based on any fact whatsoever. It is just a bald assertion!
  • People confuse Christianity with Islam. The NT bible does not tell Christians to go form a theocracy. In fact, it forbids it. Consequently, a Christian majority society want secularism. Not so with Islam. The Quran teaches Muslims to form a theocracy, with Muhammad's caliphate being the first. Unlike Muhammad, Jesus did not create or even try, a theocracy. Therefore it is absurd to say that a Muslim majority country wants to defy the same doctrine of Islam as passed on by Muhammad himself!!
  • Fake elections.....Are you that naive....?? And also, there again, you tell me about America's imposition of capitalism on Iraq...So when did I suggest that we impose capitalism...?? If the people there want it, so be it....And apparently, from our inside sources, one of which I displayed for you, they do...And they want to be free of Islamic Thought Police, with their "moral code" applications upon women, especially....It must and will end...
    But more importantly for us, we want an Iran that is peaceful towards the UK/US/Saudis/Israel, as well as their neighbours. Currently they are the biggest exporters of trouble and terror....The region is getting sick of it...
  • We have no reason to believe that a country composed of 95% Muslims wants a 'secularism', 'capitalism', 'free market' and other solely western what have yous when Quran explicitly forbid such things! Theocracy is a valid teaching in Quran.

    One of the createst mess that U.S. did in Iraq was to, immediately, try to impose capitalism in Iraq with the same 'majority of Iraqis want capitalism' presumption. They don't! Iranis voted for theocracy by over 95%
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