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  • excellent rhyme ET Hugger!
    I have this quote for you :)
    "The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off"
    have a great evening!
    The Truth Will Set You Free, But First It Will Piss You Off
  • Several European governments consist of globalist extremists (Trudeau style). It seems to be the worst in the western EU. Like they repeat the Nazi occupation of WWII. It currently feels like the governments are at war with us. On the positive side: more and more people don’t take the BS anymore and aren’t afraid to speak their mind 🗽
    German Official Trashes Cost of Living Protesters as “Enemies of the State”
    Says they're extremists who want to overthrow the government.
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  • Maybe I can summarize it this way: Whatever 'soul' is, it must interact with the seen object at least when inside our bodies. If you are a soul and you move your hand, it must the the soul that is ultimately causing this, and so here is where physicist gets interested. It is not just 'psychology' or such. If you were to track the causes from muscle to neuromuscular junctions to nerves all the way to the central nervours system, things must seem to 'spiral into the black hole' somewhere, and we lose the track right at the point where the soul is intervening.

    But here now things get more interesting. If the soul interacts with the seen world, especially the charges, we should be able to notice that charges behaves in a strange way even in a physics laboratory! Why? Because a disembodied 'soul' might have passed by through the lab apparatus! The only explanation why this doesn't happen is that the disembodied soul must be getting demanifest immediately upon its disengagement from the body. Since no seen technology does this, we can only conclude that the 'technology' that demanifests the soul must be entirely operated from the unseen world. The demanifest soul, of course, cannot be 'trapped' by the seen matter. Therefore it is impossible to trap the soul using visible devices like computers. Such a 'soul' will be immediately 'rescued' from the unseen world by the 'demanifestation' process that makes the disembodied soul undetectable to any physics device, especially upon disembodiment say after death.

    We must then understand that the 'technology' that seems to 'trap' the soul into the body must be done in the unseen world. If you like, you can say that it is actually to soul that 'traps' the body, and not the vice-versa. This technology is operated in the unseen world, and the 'releasing' of the body is done during death. But donnot taking this 'trapping' too literally. It is better put as 'connection' rather than 'trapping'.
  • Quote:
    "BTW my friend......How did your Kenyan elections go...?? Did your candidate win, or the other guy...?? Fill us in...."

    yeah, the candidate I voted for won! We were very happy.☺ He steered the country away from the usual ethnic alliances into issues, which I liked it.
  • Roaring Lovely said: "If on the other hand the whoever researcher cannot see the soul, then how can he proceed in his quest to manipulate it? How can he research on what he cannot demonstrate?"

    Drekx response: Of course, LOGIC....Totally agree and most of these pretend researchers, who think that they can trap souls in computers, or electro-magnetic fields, whatnot, don't actually understand what a soul is...Your logic is correct...
    Before something is trapped, it must be understood, at the very least...

    They are fantasists, pretending to be researchers, who have not even scratched the surface...They fool the idiotic WEF elites and black projects fund managers, into parting with great sums of money...Funding for their projects into nothing of value..."Trapping souls...??" They don't know how to travel sub-atomically....within atoms on this plane...How would they trap something they cannot even properly define.....? They never use my definition of what a soul is....Mine being the correct definition...These black ops researchers have religious notions and speculations, only....Maybe they think that a soul is part of a brain and can be drugged up, to trap it..??

    SAN's material is rubbish....She keeps regurgitating this stuff for our consideration. I have tolerated her disinfo for long enough...It is the same tripe that the WEF technical advisors talk about and write about....They are deluded and so is she...

    They are all obsessed with AI controlling the world....BIZARRE.....

    Moreover I always note how SAN's English varies from post to post...One is appaling, the next, better.....Like someone else writes for her...The same agenda about fear, fear and more fear....The elites are winning, she seems to think....By 2300, we will all be under their control...She seems to think....IT IS ABSURD...
    The elites are actually about to fall, as their finance system implodes, without a cover story to hide their failures...

    BTW my friend......How did your Kenyan elections go...?? Did your candidate win, or the other guy...?? Fill us in....
  • 'Google is the most prominent search engine in the world, and so let’s start there. Go to Google and do a search for “Donald Trump” and look at the top of the page to see how many “results” you get.
    I just did that, and it says that there are about 451,000,000 results.
    That should be plenty of information, because nobody would ever have the time to go through 451,000,000 results.
    But the truth is that the search engine doesn’t actually give us that many results.
    Scroll down and go to page 2. For me, it still says that there are about 451,000,000 results.
    Most people would stop there, and the big search engines know this.
    But I want you to try something. Just keep going to the next page for as long as you can.
    For me, everything looks the same until I get to page 12. At the top of the page, it says “Page 12 of about 118 results”.'

    I tried this and at page 13 it said about 112 results.
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  • So it seems save to say that the body does not 'contain' the soul, but the latter has some connection to the former. Indeed the soul might not be in the same spatial location as the body at all! The analogy of the voice in radio not beeing in the radio is apt. But there has to be some, be it strange physics going on between the soul and the body right in the 'connector'. I have attempted to dwell so much in that phyc I call 'the science in the twilight zone'.

    But since the soul is very difficult to detect using our technological devises, we must think of this connection as to be easily disabled. However the disabling and enabling of the soul must be done using the technologies in the unseen, away from the reach by the seen technologies, eg computers. Why am I saying this? Because if we could enable a soul connection via our technology, then we could easily notice that our seen matter is being acted upon by unseen forces, hence discovering the soul. If we could technologically manipulate the soul, then the existence of such would hardly be controversial as anyone could easily demonstrate a 'soul' in his process of manipulation. If on the other hand the whoever researcher cannot see the soul, then how can he proceed in his quest to manipulate it? How can he research on what he cannot demonstrate?
  • No, I never said that a Soul is, or could be "contained" by the physical dense body...Indeed, neither is the Divine Monad (spirit) contained within a soul...BUT, they each have connectors, which travel through them and maintain connectivity, as consciousness is raised, and we call this connection the antahkarana....A figurative bridge that travels from spirit, via the soul and to the person incarnated....At the higher initiations, the soul itself is merged with spirit and the person incarnated becomes SELF...
    All the activities of a given life are recorded on a permanent mental atom, which exists on the higher manasic plane....It holds the light quotient of the person, between lives...While out of incarnation, this consciousness level is contained within an atom, upon a high plane, for use again, in the next life experience...Remaining dormant while "dead." (between lives.)

    So we could say that there are "sensory devices" that connect the Soul to the Person incarnated and they are remotely "contained" within very refined energies, that exist upon the mental plane....The higher mind of the person incarnated and the light body of the soul....

    And because this is remote, it is not so easy for Earth "science" to "contain." As they have no access to the higher manasic plane, through technology....Only natural technologies, as individual people, which activate when they die...Once out of incarnation, such egos will no doubt reflect upon their illusions......."Science" may want to "contain souls," but truly, has no clue as to how to reach the atomic levels, at highly refined planes of energy...

    An electro-magnetic field is at levels, around the 4th aether....With solid, liquid and gas, being the lowest three upon that plane, the aetheric....These "scientist" cannot even travel, using their science, to the higher three aethers of super aetheric....So, how could they ever reach the manasic, which is higher than the astral....?? Reaching it and "containing" it's expressions of consciousness...Not happening, so the cabal had better drop that attempt...and maybe tell their shills to pack it in, as it is boring us...
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