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  • Nice info☺
    I am not sure, was it JFK who wanted USA to launch a nuke to the moon to demonstrate US's power to USSR?

    Anyway you get it correct. Nukes are still paltry weapons. I expect advanced civilizations to have far more powerfull weapons. I parabolic reflector behind the sun, for instance (sort of an half of Dyson sphere), is orders more powerfull than millions of nukes!

    The Hiroshima one, of course did not even scratch the surface. Killing a human is a non-power. A knife can do that. But blowing up the rock beneath us? Forget about that!😆
  • Roaring said: "And nukes don't destroy planets because they are not powerful enough. In 'star wars' (which I haven't watched) they used a weapon termed 'death star' to destroy planets. It is megastructure the size of the moon. It beams powerful lasers and converges them. So these guys have a better idea of how much power it is neaded to blow a planet apart, but the idea is still ridiculous. "

    Drekx response: Well I agree and so did the GFL, at that time, in 1970....It was the principle and intent. Ill intent: the act of attempting to transport a nuclear device, to the moon, they hoped, under GFL noses, as an act of political defiance....These earthly villains, the dark cabal maniacs, wanted to demonstrate to the Anchara Alliance observers (Bellatrixian reps,) whom they wanted to join, that they could challenge the GFL in space...It was not scientifically intended to destroy the moon, of course...A paltry nuclear bomb is not powerful enough, BUT, it did transgress GFL rules.....That is why they did it, at the time....Politics...And so the quarantine was enforced after 1973, to demonstrate to the baddies that GFL too, can set borders upon their vile activities...No more moon- hopping bunnies for them...Until they grow up...

    Actually, because many of the "lunar astronauts" were so incompetent, NASA had a SECRET and parallel movie studio, Hollywood experts, to fill in scenes, to make the lunar experience appear more smooth and professional, for the world public..Some real lunar walks were classified, like the dome structure, causing light refraction effects, on the astronaut's suit, glass domes dating back to Lyran times...And there were multiple movie inserts into the moon "journies." Combined with genuine moon walking, or should I say, stumbling.....?lol

    I mean, just look at these juveniles at they want to be taken seriously in space..?? Well that was the view of the GFL at that time....Things are better now..And the quarantine will be lifted after first contact..
  • I said that PHATHON was destroyed by a NUKLEAR KATHASTOPHE not by a NUKLEAR WAPPON. Scientists compete with each other back then. The cause is rather unknown, but it has torn the planet apart. PHATHON had the most advanced technology in space. The cradle of humanity and the reptilians do not allow these checkered souls to develop further by keeping people with media and other illusions small so that they can enslave them better. Quite a waste. The hope of the Galactic Federation was surely that the incured souls remember PHATHON. Ashtar Command is here in case the superficial of Shan (Earth) is uninhabitable for a time. We don't have spaceships on Shan (Earth) so we have to be evacuated and this is the mission of Jesus Christ. They are all volunteers here in case that happens. We hope that the Catastophist of Phathon will not repeat itself.
  • And nukes don't destroy planets because they are not powerful enough. In 'star wars' (which I haven't watched) they used a weapon termed 'death star' to destroy planets. It is megastructure the size of the moon. It beams powerful lasers and converges them. So these guys have a better idea of how much power it is neaded to blow a planet apart, but the idea is still ridiculous. So no one can even form a good idea of what kind of weapon can destroy a planets. Planets are just too enormous.

    To put it in a nutshell, there is no way an object as big as the moon can contain enough energy to blow something as big as the earth without first blowing itself. Note that the sun has such huge energy output as to equal a detonation of 100,000 thermonuclear bombs per second! But of cours this doesn't blow the sun apart. Gravity can be very powerful. In an object large enough, it overcomes any nuclear explosion. What makes gravity powerful is its long range. The earth's gravity, though weaker than nuclear force, nevertheless pulls up to Andromeda!! The nuke, on the other hand, has subatomic range. An explosion exerts a strong force, but it does so too breifly as soon, the atoms will be to far apart, then the gravity begins to win, pulling them back in a classic 'what goes up must come down'.

    As for all nukes in the world, if you drill a tunnel at the base of Mt. Zion, and then burry them there, at the center, and then detonate all of them all at once, that force will not be enough even to shake the mountain!!
  • 🌍 Good data though! 🚀………🌟
  • I have already confirmed the veracity of the quarantine....That was brought in by the GFL in 1973, following an aborted Apollo moon shot's secret mission, to leave a nuclear device on the moon..Apollo 1970.....
    So after 1973, no further missions were allowed of manned flights.....
    However, certain humans are allowed to travel beyond earth orbit, if they are initiates of high standing within an Earth ashram of one of the Ascended Masters...And if they are star seed contacts of one of the leading GFL star nations...
    These are the exceptions to that rule, which is mainly designed for the dark cabal and it's minions...Not high initiates, who serve the divine plan...
    So consciousness and intent, determines whom the quarantine applies to and when it is enforced...
    Note that each human has a signature vibration, which is determined by his/her evolved point in evolution, aka light quotient...The GFL have specialist devices that can monitor space traffic coming to and leaving this planet...They know who is coming and going, basically....The quarantine alarm sounds, when low consciousness beings attempt to travel beyond orbit...It does not "ring" if an ashramic initiate (above 3rd degree,) on a mission of goodwill, attempts to make the journey, alongside his/her ET contacts.....Many good human beings, not even ascended, have travelled deep into space, in recent years...They have travelled to other systems, within this system and complied fully with the GFL quarantine rules...

    The GFL bases the quarantine upon the criminal potentials of the person attempting transit...If low vibe, or ill intentioned, they are prevented....BUT, the GFL is not a tyranny, which imprisons all good human beings, forever, as some seem to suppose...
  • Humans or Reptilians can not leave the Orbita or go up to the Stars. Interstellar Travel is right now not possible. The Galactic Federation has Spaceship Shuttles wich look like a Chrom Mirror. They are invisible and have all a Shield. Well, my infos. I think I could know wich Shuttel one from Subaru (pleiadian), because I see some Fotos from them. My intuition do knows and still remember sometimes things, as if I was a Spacer in my past life.
  • Can you clarify which "UFO contact" source you use, as it does not seem realiably genuine to me....I receive data directly from the Sirians and sometimes the Plejarens....I also can vouch for the veracity of both Sheldan Nidle's material, as well as Billy Meier's....

    One has to be careful when receiving truths from so-called "UFO contacts." Most of these are false....The dross is provided to you, like a poisoned hamburger from McDonalds...
  • I got the information that people can no longer achieve a 12-fold DNA double helix from space brothers who shared this with some people during a so-called UFO contact.

    I read the info about the space brothers living in the deep sea somewhere. Could also be wrong. Agatar is called the inner world of SHAN/EARTH/TERRA.
  • 𝒮𝒜𝒩 不滅 Have you never heard of Agartha...?? Of course there are advanced spaceships on Earth...There are GFL ships in a Command Base near Shamballa, also....They live under the sea, not in the sea...But they travel through the sea all the time...

    Another thing you said, was plainly untrue....That people can never attain the 12-strand DNA again....Of course they can.....Indeed, since about 1500 B.C. with the corrected DNA, freed from the limitor gene, humans have been making great strides and ascending to mastery, over the centuries...Which means achieving the star tetrahedron configuration, of 12-stranded DNA...
    We have several Ascended Masters on Earth who have reached this state, including my own, Master Rákóczi.....All these masters were once humans, who individually attained the 12-strands and they train us to do likewise....
    We have the possibility of a mass ascension, which they did not....So even better. The Agarthan spaceships are not "old" as you intimate....In fact, pretty advanced by GFL standards...And yes, they are not restricted by the least you got that right...

    Frankly, your information is mostly rubbish and I frequently feel appalled by your blatant negativity about Earth human potential....
    It's almost like you have never heard of the Age of Aquarius, and if you have, you dismiss it as some kind of song from the
    We are here to evolve, so knocking humanity the way you do, is simply a reflection back to yourself, of your own imperfections, that need to be worked on...
    I don't view the world as you do....Human beings need to build technologies that reflect their current point in evolution....When the national secrecy is lifted, you will discover that there is a surface Earth space fleet, which is far more advanced than fighter jets, it is just hidden from you, under a cloak of secrecy...That will not be the case forever....and you will be surprised when it is revealed....and you will realise how very little you actually know and understand...When Earth fully joins the GFL, as the Solarian star nation, all technologies will be improved upon...That is planned....So is 12-stranded DNA.....It is a Divine Plan, so I hope you cease knocking it...
    Drekx Omega ~ Location of Earths Galactic Federation of Light Command Base
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