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  • OMG - that happened to me back in 2012 and I haven't had a McD burger since. Never could get the awful taste out of my mouth.
  • Actually, these McD burgers are so full of toxins, it's amazing that anyone is still eating them, without dissolving into a watery🍔😉
  • Oh, guys. I got story for You. I was just eat a Burger at MC... D.. 🤫and 10 min. later i got Diarrhoea from it, really like Water. Some minutes later i sweat and feel really bad. Then all comes out 🤢🤮. So then i really got poisened from it.
    My Body says no to it, okay. What a Lesson 😮. I just delete the all Burger Apps. Never ever again this toxic Food. 🤢 I will report this, because it is not normal Food maye. Looks like it's dirty or something.
    Never go to Mc...D... again. Russia do good to remove it from thier Contry. They shoud remove the new one, too, because it's the same or not?!

    I am really not made for that Kind of Food, but now i will not ever think again of eat it. This memories are in now.
  • These original humans are no longer apes, of course....Currently, Vega is the central star within the Galactic Federation...They are so spiritually perfected, they can exist on all planes, including the physical dense aethers......

    Well, here is a link to a photo of a beautiful Galactic Human ET, from another Lyra constellation planet, named "Sater." The name is Alena......Note her golden jump-suit....and she carries a laser rifle, but a type that is considered an antique, by Federation technical standards....

    The laser sends a perfectly straight beam of ionization, followed by a vast electrical discharge....So like a lightning bolt, but straight and very accurate...Can go through a fully grown oak tree....Zap...!!
    The Future Of Mankind - A Billy Meier Wiki - Alena
  • On VEGA there are beings with Etheric Bodies. So far, only one of these species has managed to manifest itself mentally on Earth for a whole 4 weeks. In the end, his figure dissolved in water.
  • Actually, all of the galactic human star nation civilizations, originate in the Lyra constellation stars....The original humanoid was born on the planet Deron, Vega system...It was a blue skinned aquatic ape, without hair...and evolved into what we now call human and galactic human...This was millions of years ago....
    So Earth humans did not evolve from Earth simians, but those from the Vega system...
  • Sirius and Vega are very good Frinds of my Family in Space. The Frinds of my Soulmate wride this to me. 🤷‍♀️How he knows that?
    For my notice i represent LYRA. Q🤔
  • There is a crucial difference between Russia invading Ukraine and Bush's seemingly same fooly in Afghanistan and Iraq, that these 'western' leaders seems not to understand. Russia is culturally similar to Ukraine and the Donbas region is pro-Russia so that they were already de facto autonomous. Nothing like this was there in Iraq or Afghanistan. There was no 'pro US' enclave of any sort in Iraq or Afghanistan, neither was US's so called 'capitalism' remortely acceptable in an Islamic society whence Quran forbids it!

    Having this in mind, note that the 'west' attempt to frustrate Russia will be more like their mission in Afghnistan than Taliban's or Iran's mission to thwart US's plans. Why? because like Iran and Taliban, Russia is pretty 'at home' squarely well in its 'sphere of influence' (be it cultural). So the west is once again entering a war it can't win!!
  • That is something refreshing about a Plejare such as Quinto....He is factual, honest and truthful....He is not afraid to speak his mind, which reminds me very much of Kalestra, my Sirian contact...She can be blunt about human frailties, immoralities and stupidities, especially the so called "leaders" of nations....

    Starting his prime role in June of this year...he specialises in politics and Ukraine...He knows about the corruption, the money laundering, the lot...
    He also fears for Swiss neutrality, which is something that has been thrown out, with the EU/US pressures...The sanctions on Russia, etc...

    Quinto actually describes Biden as "senile." He is not being rude, or disingenuous...He is being FACTUAL......Ah.....!! I love pointing this fact out too....Biden is senile......🤣

    Bravo, ETs....The truth is refreshing...
  • As Zelensky issue fake news, meanwhile Russia is hammering on steadily one town after another. They have now liberated the last city in Donbas. They say 'it is aenemic move', but Putin never said how fast he was intending to move!

    These 'westerners' never learnt the most important lesson from middle east. Weapons donnot win wars. Biden left tons of weapons in Afghanistan and thought 'so the government will stop the Talibans' but we know the amusing thing that happened!
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"Well Drekx Omega,

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"About the Video with the Dolls.
That's right, your video shows Marionettes we're meant to be. According to the wishes of the elite. That should not be happen."
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"Wake up and don't think it's not possible !

Answer Drekx Omega
And there is no technology that captures souls, etc.....It's utter tripe....So I advise that this rubbish be…"
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