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  • Roaring, I agree that one must alter plans in geopolitics, rather than stick to a particular "enemy." Today's enemy can be tomorrow's friend...Like the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact of the late 1930s, which in 1941, got totally overturned by operation Barbarossa...
    However, in the case of Antifa, I observe who finances them and continues to finance them...It is still George Soros and he continues to work for the dark cabal plan...
  • The coronavirus itself can kill people and has, BUT, mainly vulnerable people, with compromised immunity to anything and everything...Those who cannot manufacture T-cells, such as the very elderly...
    Indeed, some patients on prescription drugs, have a lowered immunity to even the common cold.
    I believe in natural immunity being the better choice, if possible. Drugs should be replaced with natural remedies....Especially for young patients..

    SAN 不滅 , in your case, because you worked with immigrant children, during the pandemic, you were advised (forced actually) to take the vaccine...You have allergic reactions to other things and you might have still totally resisted the covid19, if you caught it, WITHOUT THE VACCINE...
    As you say, in healthy people with a virus, the host is not always killed...Indeed, a healthy person is unlikely to die of the flu...So why should such a person take a vaccine, unless forced to..?? It's the compulsion I oppose and it is the many vaccine side-effects, that have harmed many formerly healthy people, who are now victims of blood clots and heart damage...

    In practice, the virus was far less dangerous than the "cure."
    So I hope you are not forced to take this monkeypox vaccine "cure," as well....Please do not trust the authorities...
  • That assertion that 'viruses donnot kill' does not come from any observation but is reasoned from Neo-Darwinism! That small pox virus killed over 300 million pple and HIV does the same shows how just blind to facts Darwinists are when they conflict their pet theory. According to Darwinism, viruses 'should not kill the host' since they then die with the host and are thus selected away. So the Darwinists, surprisingly conclude that 'viruses donnot kill the host' despite the glaring evidence!!!

    That is 'science'!!😆
  • I did not get Coronavirus infection or something with any Monkey. Maybe it's because I'm allergic. My imun system reaction is maybe different. This should be investigated, why there are people who are not ill with it or at least did not have a corona infection. The coronavirus infection is unfortunately not a fiction but reality. However, it must be a synthetically produced virus because a normal virus does not behave that way. A virus usually does not kill its host, because it lives on it.
  • BTW notice that Putin is way smarter than Bush. He sets his mission in Ukraine as 'denazify and demilitarize Ukraine' and keeps the rest of the cards close to his chest! Compare it with the potentially daunting 'eliminate Azov battalion' goal, or 'change Ukraine regime' goal. Likewise if Bush had set the goal of simply 'de-terrorizing Afghanistan', he could have won the war when the Taliban offered to change into an Hezbollah-like political wing in Afghanistan!!

    Another good case is the great emperors such as Alexander the great, Cyrus or Mohammad. You find that unlike other kings, these emperors did not just fight armies. They woo them to their sides! In our case, if ANTIFA is being used by the cabals, and then we can wrest this group off the cabals, turning it on its own head, then the better! That is the more effective way of waging a formidable war like that of Alexander!
  • Drekx,
    Your explanation is complex because you first tried to figure out first what 'side' ANTIFA is, based on some of its actions, before you considered all of its actions! It is like saying 'Elon musk must be on the globalist side' because he is (or at least he was once) persuing electric vehicles and other 'lets save the planet' agendas. But if it is difficult to put a single individual such as Musk into one of the 'this side vs that side' folder, based on what the do, or have done in the past, then it is much more difficult to put a large group of people, such as 'ANTIFA' into such folders.

    Some times ago, I was here railing against putting Taliban into the 'terrorists' folder. Such designations are not helpful in understanding groups. We can never capture the whole person's behaviour using just a single word such as 'a terrorist'. He might 'terrorising' at one point, yes, but remember that appart from 'a terrorist' , he is also 'a human being', 'a dad', 'a brother',...and other lots of designations. If it is difficult to do so for an individual, it is orders more difficult to do so for such a huge group such as Taliban. This is one of the main reason US etc lost the 'war on Taliban'. Rather than designating the whole group, at all places and at all times and in every activity as 'a terrorist group', and then trying to fight it as a whole, US could have set a more achievable goal, but equally effective: eliminate the 'terrorising aspect' of Taliban.

    Like there being nothing 'terrorist' in the concept 'Taliban', there is nothing 'globalist' in the concept 'ANTIFA'. In both cases, there is no way both the groups can attract members that can take an oath to persue activities that fits those designations. It is harder than you might think to erect a 'disciplined' army. By 'disciplined' here, I mean the one that take orders from superiors and execute them to the latter. Neither Taliban nor ANTIFA etc are composed of such. Therefore it is not easy to identify what persons or authority is wholly responsible for orchestrating such groups activities. Again, this is one reason US failed in the 'war on terror'. In iraq, you could easly dismantle the Saddam's army by identifying and elimination the 'command structures', but contrary to how Bush etc thought, this is not enough to 'win the war'. You have just eliminated the 'disciplined aspect' of an army, potentially making it worse off!

    So why is ANTIFA protesting against what appears to be a 'globalist' agenda? Because ANTIFA is a large group of pple attracted by the otherwise 'anti-fascism' lable, and as such they cannot be easily controlled by a single body such as a cabal. Today they may be 'working for the cabal' tomorrow they might be fighting it!
  • ET Hugger said: "Try to make sense of this: Antifa protesters are demonstrating against the global elites that have gathered at the World Economic Forum's meeting in Switzerland.
    My take: Fake protests. Mindf*ck 2.0"

    Drekx reply: Yup, it's a mindf*ck 2.0 all right and designed to confuse the weak- minded and make the appearance that Antifa are "fighting the establishment," to draw in woke supporters to this cause, WHICH OF COURSE, is totally establishment led and planned....Antifa are the foot-soldiers of the very global elites that they claim to be fighting.....Psyop for sure...

    It was the same at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow on 31rd October – 12th November 2021...

    If you probably remember, they wheeled out Greta Thunberg, their green asset, to "protest" the conference attendees, to make them sign-up to what they had already planned to sign-up to, anyway.....The whole thing was a complete joke...They wanted the public to believe that environmentalism was popular at grass roots, when most people actually hate it, for it's duplicity....and impracticality...and expense.
  • Where is human being comming from and where is he going to? Thats the good question that many people don't ask themselves!
  • "AlternateEarth May 22, 2022 at 6:16pm
    could you imagine what's in the monkepox 'vax' -add that to mnra 'vax'"

    Probably this 'monkey pox' virus was in the covid vax!😆
  • Try to make sense of this: “Antifa protesters are demonstrating against the global elites that have gathered at the World Economic Forum's meeting in Switzerland.”

    My take: Fake protests. Mindf*ck 2.0
    BREAKING: Antifa protests WEF in Davos
    'We all live in a terrorist regime,' Antifa protesters chanted outside the World Economic Forum meetings Sunday afternoon in Davos, Switzerland, dema…
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