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  • Thank you San for posting the Johnny Cash rendition of You are My Sunshine!
  • Putin is helping to protect Ukraine from the cabal whom he loathes. He signed documents in a documented ceremony. Why isnt this info being made public? It was on Telegram on a reliable channel.
  • all governments must fall. this is just the beginning of a biblical event
  • another view on why Trudeau revoked emergency act:
    The real reason why the emergency Act was revoked, I snagged this comment from a friend
    REVOKED!!! Yesterday they Announced the RCMP would start unfreezing accounts. Today, Trudope Revokes the Emergencies Act. WHY? Millions of Canadians were taking money out of their accounts, and moving their investments, etc. The Banks went offline, (for a period of time as well) and there were outages happening with all of the Major Banks. What were the Bank Runs doing? They were destroying Canada's Financial Rating Worldwide, and everyone loses Confidence in Canada's Banking System. They will never admit why the Emergencies Act was Revoked, (they can sugarcoat this anyway they want, and make up whatever lies they want) but this is why it was Revoked. Governments easily fall when there is no Confidence in the Banking System. Trudope had no other option but to revoke the Emergencies Act.
    Clint Nixon---
    Copied from Vancouver Island Freedom Alliance
  • The chess game just got hot

    Ukraine is a full-fledged attack to take down deep state assets

    Expect similar in China (not Taiwan)

    It is an escalation from what happened in Myanmar, Burkina Faso & Kazakhstan.

    The "bay of pigs" moment is not going to be theater. As the Khazar scumbag mafia gets backed in corner, there last card was always going to be a nuclear one. It will be a REAL "Bay of Pigs" moment. More real in fact than orchestrated event in Cuba.

    When this is over, we do not want these useless governments to be rebuilt.


    I pledge allegiance to the flag of my divine individual sovereignty. it signifies that no man has authority over me for anything. i will fearlessly and mortally defend all my birthright freedoms. my divine right comes from direct connection to God. with unconditional love for all. This love includes justice and karma where needed. and so it is.
  • Hello Drekx, has Putin lost his mind? It should have been Peacekeeper Units in Donbass and now he is attacking military targets in all of the Ukraine. I am surprised because I saw him as a rational man and now he is following this risky plan. Thank you
  • PEOPLE become THE PLAGUE: Bill Gates developing needle-less vaccine that spreads like a virus to the unvaccinated
    Putin Says He Attacked Ukraine to Fight Nazis
    Glib excuse overused by virtually everyone.
  • It's in my mind these Days..
  • Welcome to Ashtar Command News Channel 🤪
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"He talk about USA or Russia? Or both?
Maybe we have been warned!"
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"The FBI searched his house. They say about him. He took documents from the White House to his private residence."
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"The good guys are winning and Trump isn’t wrong 🗽"
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"It's nothing new that scientist research on biological weapons although even if they are forbidden. Fact is that a virus that kills, is designed to kill only humans."
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