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  • "Not only do you become what you think about, but the world also becomes what you think about. Those who think that the world is a dark place are blind to the light that might illuminate their lives. Those who see the light of the world view the dark spots as merely potential light." -- Wayne Dyer
  • "What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, we need to stretch our minds." -- Wayne Dyer
  • Nothing can destroy my Chakra, cause it blong to my Soul.
  • Guess Times of Awakening already beginn. Can see Sprit manifestation in these Videos People send into the Internet.
  • @Teresa

    There's a very simple and sad reason why. Our violent tendencies are a side effect of survival instincts from when we all used to be cavemen. Our own species is still very young, and it doesn't help that global ascension is taking so long to bring us into the 5th dimension. On top of that, the Dark Cabal's very existence is hindering our ability to grow since they're dedicated to stopping all moral and technological innovation.

    The only logical fixes I could see is accelerating the Ascension process, and assassinate every Cabal leader. Disclosure on the existence of alien life would also help since it'd also give people a reason to unify. For mass disclosure on a large scale, we'd need to have the GFL or some other enlightened faction to send a fleet to protect Earth since a lot of hostile ET races would attempt to genocide our species just for breaching their stupid policy of /not/ being allowed to know of their existence. Part of me theorizes that the Cabal (New World Order) probably has a hidden doomsday device or two in case their organization crumbles some day. If they can't have something, they might destroy it.
  • <--- I am sure to be a Ligthworker. There many sings at me that i am a Indigo Ligthworker. I am sure i belong to a Comic Family. Maybe LYRA.
  • Yes, the intuition is the inner Way. I am very Intuitive. I do feel my Chakra on my Forehead.
  • Is it a Sing of Awakening if i only need 6 h Sleep each Nigth? I anyway keep wondering about my BPM when i running Indoor in the Fitness Center. It always gos strigth up to over 150 BPM in about 3-4 Minutes. My Weight is about 100 kg. How is this possible?
    Am i sick? I am feeling good, just sometimes a little bit weak, but this goes away and isnt so bad anymore.
  • Intuition is an instinct; it is a natural ability that we have as humans to know or understand something without conscious reasoning. If you are considering listening to your intuition for the first time, the idea can be frightening. The notion that you know exactly what you want and how to get there is overwhelming. Discomfort, fear, and burnout can be powerful clues that we need to turn inward to discover the truth. We don’t need to wait until a moment of crisis to listen. Intuition is accessible to everyone.

    Our intuition operates through the right side of our brain (the brain’s hypothalamus) which may also be felt through our solar plexus (or our gut). When people say they “have a gut feeling” this is due to the fact that our digestive system has neurons connected to this part of the brain where our intuition lives. Intuition is not always a feeling. When you are experiencing intuition you may not experience “a feeling” at all. Very often intuition can feel almost detached, like a wise part of you is operating on your behalf. Intuition is always experienced in the present moment, whereas anxiety (vs intuition) may seek the future for disaster. Intuition feels calm and grounded and is experienced as “a knowing”.
  • I think it's a bigger challenge to do the good. Becoming an angel could also be a desirable goal.
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"Yes as an one with an explorer type personality, I think I would probably jump at such an opportunity. Knowing Terra will be in good hands and not far via scout ship travel. Doing some ritual work on future Terra as an ascended human will be a joy…"
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Drekx Omega commented on Drekx Omega's blog post Sirian Update on Grand Solar Minimum 05/11/21 + "Astronauts"
"Well, your intuitive and intellectual interests in Pax, could well qualify you, as a potential ascended galactic human, to become one of the new colonists within Pax...?? There will be others, no doubt and all such GFL worlds will be linked...."
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"Loveligth 👑
"Do you think that only animals can detect water by instinct?"

Drekx reply:
Quite the contrary and if you read my words carefully, you will note this sentiment expressed freely in them...That all species, including humans, have an…"
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RandyFirstContact commented on Drekx Omega's blog post Sirian Update on Grand Solar Minimum 05/11/21 + "Astronauts"
"Thanks for that Drekx! The planet Maldek sounded fascinating, but to see her resurrected as Pax, a planet suitable for human settlement will be amazing to see. That will be the most exciting period for me post First Contact. That and seeing humans…"
2 hours ago
Drekx Omega commented on Drekx Omega's blog post Sirian Update on Grand Solar Minimum 05/11/21 + "Astronauts"
"Pax is the name of what this world shall become, as it does not fully exist, as yet...It needs to be reconstructed from the many fragments of the asteroid belt....The plan is for it to possess water-world status and have a size slightly larger than…"
3 hours ago
RandyFirstContact commented on Drekx Omega's blog post Sirian Update on Grand Solar Minimum 05/11/21 + "Astronauts"
"Drekx, having observed Mars for the last three weeks during Mars opposition, I have developed a burning curiosity about the planet Pax. So in an easier answer you explained Pax was a water world. I know Pax was quite a bit larger than Terra. Did Pax…"
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Welcome, dear readers. Know that in reality, our messages are your messages for we are one and the consciousness of readers draws forth the message.It is believed by many that the Guides and higher dimensional beings teaching and helping those on…
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