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  • Saturated fats are a much better and healthier food source, than unsaturated plant fats...This advice goes against the medical orthodoxy, promulgated by governments around the western world, therefore it must be correct...In fact I know it is correct...I have been consuming saturated fats in large amounts for years, with no signs of heart attack, stroke or whatever else the medical/government/pharma propagandists, can dream up.........

    For cooking I use either 100% virgin organic coconut oil, or extra virgin olive oil....(100% Italian, of the make; "Filippo Berio," which is a well-established quality family product, established from 1867.)

    When selecting an olive oil for cooking and/or adding to salads, etc, always taste to confirm that it is genuine, as so many brands are fake olive oil...It must have a grassy, peppery flavour, with a bit of a kick...Peppery on the throat when consumed...The fake stuff is tasteless and bland, in comparison...
    Note I purchase 100% Italian only....Other companies may mix national sources, with multiple suppliers and that is less pure...Most brands are a mix of sources, which are mostly fake...So stick to a good single-source type, such as Italian....From my experience, the best in the world..

    I would also like to offer some science surrounding saturated fats and why they are more stable then unsaturated types....Carbon chains have bonds. Different fats have short chains, medium or long chains, of carbon atoms...Those fats linking with hydrogen atoms are less likely to oxidize (link with oxygen,) and so remain stable for longer...The hydrogen being present and preventing a free radical attachment to the chain...

    MCT oil means medium chain triglycerides and easy to break down after consuming and goes straight into the bloodstream as a fuel..
    Coconut oil contains some MCT....The latter can be put in coffee...

    This video is excellent learning material, for anyone who wants to seriously understand the true science of saturated fats and why they are so much better for your health, than a low fat diet, dominated by (government recommended) carbohydrates...

    Rule of thumb: if recommended by governments, always ignore and do the😁
  • Could be a hologram ufo false flag in the US
  • "Only a brave person is willing to honestly admit, and fearlessly to face, what a sincere and logical mind discovers." ~ Rodan of Alexandria
  • situation update on the UFO/UAP disclosure
    UFO Exposure Not Disclosure | RD Quicktakes
    No one is coming to save us. No one is coming to Disclose the truth about UFOs either. It's up to us. Learn more about The Observers - a new UFO Docu…
  • Hindus claim that all thoughts are located in a realm called 'the realm of thoughts' and all human minds are connected to it
  • From The Ancient Mystery School of Tibet - ArchAngel Micheal Delivers a veiled message concerning the evil 'sponge' that controls the cabal-an evil energy force that requires blood and horror and needs to be removed from Earth
  • Some important information about healthy foods...Real food, as opposed to fake food...

    "Have you ever wanted to know the Top 100+ foods that are healthy and safe to eat even if you are on a low carb / keto diet? Here are hundreds of foods you can enjoy eating. Everyday there is a new study that says you can eat a certain food and it is good for you then the next day it says it is bad. Never be confused by what is healthy food or not."
  • Yeppa...!! We Light Warriors are the ultimate anti-establishmentarians and we do it by using many methods, sophistications and adaptability.....Many genres, rather than a single genre...However, for myself, music must sound harmonious, or cool, even if the lyrics are not political, or knocking establishment...Sometimes a theme of love, empowerment, or fun, is more annoying to the evident establishment desire, to make everyone sad, morose, confused, dumbed, guilt-tripped, unhappy, etc...

    Anyway, no probs.....cheers...😎🎼🎹🎸and some 21st cent. nu funk:
  • no problem Drekx, I like Jamiroquai, for example, also ;)
    I just thought rock musicians are often asociated with "living a free life", with no rules and against the establishment, at least that's how I percieved it lol.

    And now Foo Fighters or Neil Young only play at venues with strict covid restrictions, or even go further and so on, the spirit of Rock 'n Roll is missing

    of course, we the light warriors are the ultimate outlaws LOL I like that idea, it's not always peace, love and understanding, we came here to shatter realities, but in a more subtle way
    peace brother
  • 😁Sorry about this Agarther...But I can't stand rock music, myself.....😬Even if the message is a good one..
    No offence though, if you like that genre...🎹🎸

    My tastes are different...More funk, etc...😎🎼
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Political Logic Gates

First 'logic gate' is a misnomer. It is neither 'logic' nor a 'gate'. We should first define 'logic'. But as usuall dictionary is problematic. Here it goes:

LOGIC: Reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of…

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