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  • Hindus claim that all thoughts are located in a realm called 'the realm of thoughts' and all human minds are connected to it
  • From The Ancient Mystery School of Tibet - ArchAngel Micheal Delivers a veiled message concerning the evil 'sponge' that controls the cabal-an evil energy force that requires blood and horror and needs to be removed from Earth
  • Some important information about healthy foods...Real food, as opposed to fake food...

    "Have you ever wanted to know the Top 100+ foods that are healthy and safe to eat even if you are on a low carb / keto diet? Here are hundreds of foods you can enjoy eating. Everyday there is a new study that says you can eat a certain food and it is good for you then the next day it says it is bad. Never be confused by what is healthy food or not."
  • Yeppa...!! We Light Warriors are the ultimate anti-establishmentarians and we do it by using many methods, sophistications and adaptability.....Many genres, rather than a single genre...However, for myself, music must sound harmonious, or cool, even if the lyrics are not political, or knocking establishment...Sometimes a theme of love, empowerment, or fun, is more annoying to the evident establishment desire, to make everyone sad, morose, confused, dumbed, guilt-tripped, unhappy, etc...

    Anyway, no probs.....cheers...😎🎼🎹🎸and some 21st cent. nu funk:
  • no problem Drekx, I like Jamiroquai, for example, also ;)
    I just thought rock musicians are often asociated with "living a free life", with no rules and against the establishment, at least that's how I percieved it lol.

    And now Foo Fighters or Neil Young only play at venues with strict covid restrictions, or even go further and so on, the spirit of Rock 'n Roll is missing

    of course, we the light warriors are the ultimate outlaws LOL I like that idea, it's not always peace, love and understanding, we came here to shatter realities, but in a more subtle way
    peace brother
  • 😁Sorry about this Agarther...But I can't stand rock music, myself.....😬Even if the message is a good one..
    No offence though, if you like that genre...🎹🎸

    My tastes are different...More funk, etc...😎🎼
  • About Sports and the Imune System
    Immune system adaptation in elite athletes - PubMed
    Although elite athletes are not clinically immune deficient, it is possible that the combined effects of small changes in several immune parameters m…
  • Treasures of Nature
    Can You Eat Tarragon Leaves Raw?
    Tarragon is likely safe when consumed in amounts typically found in food. If it is used medicinally for the short-term, it is also likely to be safe.…
  • yes, in my opinion Kid Rock is the true example of a rocker and outlaw :) not like Neil Young whose songs are currently being taken down from spotify because he gave spotify an ultimatum to choose between him and Joe Rogan, and he lost lol
  • When one is fat-adapted by the keto diet, plus IF, there is still a need to exercise, BUT, not with the objective (as many have,) of burning fat.....One must get healthy first, by negating insulin spikes and then one may burn fat....And having done so, then apply these principles, to chose the best exercises.

    (The ketogenicist burns ketones, which is a clean energy source, as opposed to glucose.....BUT, glucose should always be maintained as a reserve. Not consumed, glucose, but that manufactured by the body.)

    The use of variety forms of exercise is salient. Swimming, cycling, running, walking...weights, etc...However, it can be noted that the inclusion of high-intensity, short-interval training, is a great method. Though, allowing recovery and focusing on the regular use of simple aerobic exercise, such as long walks in nature...So alternating between the two, as part of a full exercise session..
    Sprinting, jumping, etc....Like jumping up onto a low wall, from a standing position...Sprinting, or cycling, up an incline.....These are useful bursts of energy...

    I enjoy sprinting up steep inclines and stairs, such as stone steps on, or near cliffsides. These are short bursts and do not tap into my glycogen reserves....So insulin is not stimulated...I maintain my normal fat burning mode...I remain lean and fit and maintain muscle mass...This is great for health and can be accomplished alongside long walks...Usually by the sea, or in woodlands....The added bonus of long walks...Walks fast-paced, albeit, not running, is that the duration can be much longer.....

    Note how many marathon runners require high carbs and lose their muscle mass..??
    This is because they use up their reserves and force the body from a sound equilibrium, to an emergency state...with high cortisol and high insulin...Thus they crave carbs...

    The science behind this process is well explained in the video provided...It does furnish us with sound choices, as to the best exercise to use, whether a lean-machine, or an obese person, seeking to attain efficient and consistent, fat burning...

    Worth viewing the entire vid, albeit, some may find it highly technical...The principles are simple and worth applying....Please do enjoy...;-

    "Which is Better For Your Maximum Fat Loss Running Or Walking? Both running and walking are great for burning calories, but in this video you will learn all the reasons why they work and don't. Also find out if you should run or not."
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"I'm watching the hearing right now and let put it this way, at least they are oficially talking about UFO's, let's see where this is going"
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"Dear members, On Tuesday, May 17, 2022, at 9:00 a.m. ET, the House Intelligence Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence, and Counterproliferation Subcommittee, chaired by Congressman André Carson (D-Ind.) will hold an open hearing on unidentified…"
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"Not sure if anyone has been on the Orient Express, but this very appropriately quaint and stylish, Russian 1953-manufactured steam engine, travels across the snowy forests of Russia, with much of a similar poise...It even has an on-board pianist,…"
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"Genghis Khan? San-he destroyed one advanced culture after another, mass slaughter blood rituals, cannibalism-the Horde was a rolling horror machine and they left nothing to the world of any cultural value-absolutely nothing. Except pyramids of human…"
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"😷Damage from the covid vaccine still continues, around the world....And the death toll has been higher, as a result of censorship of any critique of the vax, so that people have been largely uninformed, who took one shot, or more...Two widows of…"
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Last week China and Russia issued an ultimatum to the US military: either destroy the Khazarian mafia or face all-out nuclear/scalar weaponry warfare, multiple sources agree. The US sent a large delegation to Russia in response and an agreement was…
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We greet you, dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth. We know what you are going through every moment whether it is for you personally or in all of your humanity.As you know, everything is linked: what is happening on your Earth, the wars, the…
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"😵Why it's just there? I mean it's 2022 or not? Is it from a Game or something?,sides%20consisting%20of%20military%20alliances."
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