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  • mandatory vaccination in Austria enacted!
  • Judith, that "dyslexia" remark was intended for Marker Dragon...The advice about health was intended for yourself, just to clarify..
    Hope you get surgery for this if it is that far gone...Best of luck...
  • Thank you Drekx. I am not dyslexic, but terribly intimidated by you and others that are extremely knowledgable about so many things. I am a special ed teacher as well and take strong offense to this remark, though you had no idea. It is irrelevant now as the size of the cyst is too large to ignore and I will be forced to have it removed surgically. I am coming to grips with this as I write this. Hope you have a little more insight into my thinking. :)
  • MD: Judith described it as "non cancerous," so your advice seems somewhat irrelevant...In fact, it suggests that you have some type of inability to read and think clearly....Maybe a dyslexia...? I noted this the other day when you misread my comment..

    Please don't take his advice, Judith...Baking soda is not appropriate...(verging on irresponsible for MD to make such a recommendation to a member.)

    A purely alkaline diet is not necessary for this at all...In fact, an alkaline diet prevents proper stomach function, as high acidity is required for proper digestion...
    Apple Cider Vinegar, being one such substance that aids digestion, optimum between 1 and 3, on the Ph scale...

    If it's cancer you think she should be focusing upon, then halt all sugar/glucose in the diet, as cancer thrives on that...

    I suspect that it is mainly about maintaining health and function of the adrenals...which should shrink any cyst.....Thus my referencing Dr Berg's product for adrenals...

    An ovarian cyst can be dealt with using iodine...Sea kelp a rich source....for example...

    Judith, here is another vid about adrenal diet and ways to improve adrenal health...
  • Judith. Alkaline diet will kill any cancer. Research alkaline foods. Drink a glass of water with one teaspoon of baking soda once per day
  • Perhaps this is not the site to ask this but here goes: Is there a homiopathic recipe for dissolving non cancerous cyst from adrenal gland? I thought I had heard about Tumeric but wasnt sure. If not, thanks anyway. :)
  • Marker Dragon, how do you know this information about the hostage taker?
  • I can't help myself-I love crazy stories-but have you ever seen "Mr Feast' vids on YOUTUBE by Dhar Man?
    The gnostic illuminati was right, we really are dealing with a rogue AI
  • Let me summarize it this way to help you grasp it:
    1.)Iraqi Shias will fight Irani Shias even if they are trying to topple a Sunni dictator they don't want in Iraq. They will do the same thing to Americans.
    3.) If Iran uses excessive technology such as a hugely superior air force, they will retreat but they will not surrender. This will allow Iran to topple the dictator. Then the Shias will return to wage a guerrilla war against the Iranis to ecpell them. They will do the same thing to Americans!
    3.)If Iran is not fighting Iraq, the Iraqi Shias will always support Iran. The same is not the case with the Americans, and other 'kafirs'!
This reply was deleted.

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