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  • Yes, when compared with Earth leadership, the lovely Kalestra (and others) win the race by miles..☺️
  • Well I think that there is a glimmer of hope if the Tories elect Liz Truss as leader, after May, sometime...I have been following her career on trade policy and the foreign office....She seems to have principles on Brexit Britain and a will to match....

    But of course, not perfect, like Kalestra, or the Council of Nine....hehe....!! 🥰
  • Why you think about Bitcoin, Brexit, Dollar, Yen.. or any Future of Money Systems?
    The truth is very different. Think about we have a System with Money. A World without Money? It's part of the Awakening. Together we can.
  • Hahaha those vids make me laugh every time!😂
    Ah interesting, yes it would make sense for him to leave after May time.. I’m sure his ‘friends’ must be sharpening there knives in preparation.
    Such a shame about Nigel Farage.. We need someone who is compassionate and honest.. The Tories and Labour are both clearly lacking in this department.. They make promises, get voted in and then turn on us..

    Earth politics is just not that simple I guess..😕
  • Boris started going bad after he caught covid....Before that he seemed sort of sane and rational, albeit, school boyish and the lovable rascal type, which endeared him to the public...
    He seemed to want to get Brexit done, etc...We liked it...
    After covid....DOWN HILL, ALL THE WAY....."Build Back Better," globalist tripe, net zero, banning cars and boilers, open borders, higher taxes, leveling up, socialism....People hate this stuff and the idiot never understood the public, outside of Westminster elites...
  • I suspect that Boris will not be forced out by his "comrades," until after the May local elections...If/when the results show a complete disaster and denouement for the Tories, then and only then, will the Tory knives come out for him...

    If they got rid of him now, the public would just assume they are all treacherous....They will wait and he won't resign, as he has no guts, nor principles....Unless forced out...

    Nigel Farage was the PM we never had, but needed....Yes I agree, a good man and very intelligent..BUT, the party system mitigates against him...
  • At the time we thought that anyone would be better than Teresa May, and he seemed to have his head screwed on with his views on Brexit.. But his views went down the pan during COVID and he fell for all of the covid 'expert' advice, forcing it down our throats.

    Thinking of a replacement.. I'm hoping that Corbyn may have already blown some of the Labour parties credibility with that anti-Semitism suspension back in 2020. I think that Nigel Farrage could have made an acceptable Prime Minister, not perfect but better than most.. Atleast he seems to have morals..

    Question time Dad- Will Boris resign or will he be forced out (with a political enema?) :)
  • Movella, enjoy this Boris performance...

    With exotic (alien) government advisor, Dom Cummings, (IQ through the roof,) the Mekon-like being, from "Epsilon 5," errr,🙂
  • Yep, and it all really relates to the fact that he had such a great 80-seat parliamentary majority, in 2019 general election, which he has subsequently ruined, by not delivering CONSERVATIVE policies....we voted for...

    We had to get rid of Teresa May, we had to prevent communist Corbyn...BUT, we expected more from Boris....And he turned the UK into an NHS "health" dictatorship, followed the globalist climate change codswallop, and failed to deal with illegal channel immigration...And several more, in spite of Brexit being mostly delivered, earlier on...Albeit, Ulster is still in limbo...

    And glad you liked the enema comment....😄
  • Yes, I completely agree.. Boris should stick to the booze and leave the politics for someone better!!

    He is probably the most disliked person in the UK this week..! Biden is just as bad, if not worse..

    Haha political enema .. Made me laugh.. :)
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"yes, the EU can only come up with some new "holograms" for the metaverse with no substance and without context in real politics lol"
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