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  • Roaring...I agree, as some can easily get scared of nothing that actually harms them...However, when it comes to EM effects on the human brain and body, as well as vaccinations, a simply application of logic, is thus....

    If healthy, why take a medical procedure recommended..?? And especially one based on spurious science, promulgated by spurious governments, corrupt international bodies and suspect news outlets, globally.?

    Why take the advice of such an obvious abuser, as a government that has granted itself dictatorial powers..?? Even if the vaccine was 100% "good for you," why the frenzy to take it...?? What is wrong with natural immunity..?? Why are alternatives to vaccination never highlighted..?? Such as hydroxychloroquine...?? Why do the "experts" never emphasize the importance of not being obese, in resisting infections..?? They simply have a one-size-fits-all approach...We are all as "weak" as the weakest, in their eyes...Of course, this is their desire. Big pharma makes profit from weak people, ill people, compromised people...For them, all should be profitable..
    And why take a vaccine that neither prevents transmission, not catching this illness...?? What is the point..? Think about it..

    Why the fake news, variant propaganda, to get people, globally (same agenda) to take booster shots...?? You say; " We are not going to die of vaccines." People already have died after taking the covid19 vaccine. And many are getting weak heart function due to permanent damage to their heart muscle. The heart is a very important muscle. If it goes askew, you die, sooner or later...Maybe these people have five years, or less...

    Why is it that the omicron variant is only mild to weak, YET, governments all over the world want to use it to force more vaccinations on people..?? South African doctors have already described weak symptoms, so why is nobody listening to them..??

    And are you aware that the only "overwhelmed" health services were those artificially created by covid19 response policies. Now we have health services, so-called, that WILL NOT even treat cancers and heart disease. Their priority is booster vaccine roll-outs...Is this sane...?? The NHS in the UK, has cancelled yearly health checks for the over 75s, and focus now, on covid19 shots. So your elderly relative could be suffering cancer, but the government does not care, as long as covid19 is prevented...?? Does this make sense..?? Would you trust their motives...?? I don't...

    Frankly I'll ask you....Are you going to take this vaccine, if offered...?? Have you already taken it..??

    Moreover, I tend to switch off EM radiation sources near my bed at night. I have no leads switched on, near me, from such devices that many use. Radio clocks, charging mobile phones, lamps, etc...

    Exposure to such electro-magnetic sources, over time, will have negative health consequences. Not immediately, but in ways you may not realize....For example, disruption of sleep patterns can lead to many health issues, long term. It is simply precautionary, and sensible, not to allow yourself exposure, to such fields, especially near the head. For similar reasons I never use a mobile phone for long chats...It is not good for the brain.

    Is it fearmongering to be cautious of regular exposure to EM radiation and coercive governments, using behavioral scientists, trying to trick you into taking a medical procedure that is truly unnecessary...?? Why risk pericarditis and myocarditis..?? People can suffer these effects from taking this vaccine...Is it fearmongering to warn people to avoid crossing a road, with heavy traffic...?? Not at all, it's common sense..
  • You can begine reasoning this way: the sunlight is, of course, far more powerful than any man made light. The sun can shine even inside a house more brightly than any torch. (Yet it is 150 million km away!!).

    But light is just EM wave of a certain wavelength range. So it is plausible that radio waves from the sun are generally far more powerful than any artificial radio waves. Radio waves are generated by alternating currents. The sun can creat such a huge electric current that it still glows when it reaches the earth, forming the auroras in the earth poles. Yes, the solar electricity is extremely huge because it powers its magnetism, which is very huge. Yes, this magnetic force reachers the earth, while still powerfull enough to damage electronic devices on satelites. Nothing this powerfull is seen in these artificial devices.

    So no! Our bodies are not so delicate like these guys are telling us (including these so called 'antivaxers', lol). We are not going to die of vaccines, or of radio waves. These are fearmongerings!!
  • "It is therefore undisputed that even weak electromagnetic fields are able to cause neurophysiological disorders = behavioral disorders."


    Without specifying HOW WEAK an EM field, such is meaningless!! Weak energy cannot possibly affect you. This should be ovious. The earth istelf has a far stronger EM field than the ones emited by any radio wave! Check this one by hanging a magnet, and you see that the force is powerfull enough to turn a magnet. The same cannot be said for radio waves! Radio waves are so weak that it requires tremendous amplification to even detect them. There are also even more powerfull radio waves comming from space. Radio waves have no effect on your body!
  • Shooting the vaccinators is not a proportionate retaliation. That a bullet is lethal is not subject to any debate. But the lethality of vaccine is still debatable. You will never convince any court that 'you are shooting to defend life'.
  • Women disciples of the ancient who served the pachamama or cosmic mother who lived 500 years ago in the Peruvian Mountains now called Picchu.
  • Yes Hellen. Some of us came here specifically for this. We have not had many lives here
  • God has taken his place in the divine council in the midst of gods ( exterrestrials) he holds judgment.
  • Mayan and Incan myth tells long ago divine consciousness was seeded on this planet from the sun creating the prodigy of an ancient divine lineage. Synthesizing the old understandings with new findings,we learned that the codes to awakening ancestral endowment namely our inner light may lie hidden with the structure of our DNA.One by as we begin remember who we are,a new consciousness will emerge as soon as this revisioning reachesa critical mass.It will trigger an evolutionary leap to a new human species the long awaited,quantumly endowed spiritual human known to ancient cultures as the Children of Light some refer to as the ' god seed ' .
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  • They have the freewill to live however they want. Their innate higher soul knows the truth
  • In the physical world many people still live in the 3d world to busy to notice
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