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    Omicron COVID variant found ONLY in fully vaccinated –
  • Good reply. And interestingly, there are four beasts described within the bible, possessing similar, yet differing characteristics. This is an evolution of this beast, over centuries of time and these definitions correlate with iterations of the Roman Empire, as it was, initially, through to the "end times," one can clearly suppose are latter day events. Namely, post 1948 and the creation of Israel, in the modern world...A clear definition of "latter days," in a biblical context...

    Now, these beasts seem to morph over centuries, die and are reborn, as through re-incarnation. Each time different, as follows...

    "The great red dragon with seven heads and ten horns." Original Roman Empire.

    "He had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on his horns, and on each head a blasphemous name. The beast I saw resembled a leopard, but had feet like those of a bear and a mouth like that of a lion." The Empire of Constantine.

    "The beast with two horns like the Lamb, but speaks like the dragon." Holy Roman Empire.

    "I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet colored beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns." The European Union.

    Note, it was only the last beast that describes the whore...
  • Exactly! Such is how we reason that the Roman Church must be the modern representative of the 'whore' described in revelation chapter 17. This 'church' is not a true church founded by Jesus. It is a 'wolf in sheep's clothes'.

    Rome was always called 'the city sitting in seven hills'. By this, we know that John was alluding to Rome when he says 'Babylon'. Yet, however, John could not have been referring to the city. He must have been referring to the network of cabals running the city. So 'babylon' is more of an odge podge of religions and cabals who were trying to control the Roman Empire from Rome. This cabal latter adopted a compromised mixture of the pagan religions and Christianity, forming the Roman Church.

    So the whore never changed. It only made an outward show. Specifically, it still 'rode on the beast', meaning it was still trying to control Roman Empire from Rome. But now we had the Papal Rome. In modern times, after the fall of Roman Empire, the 'whore' is still trying to control governments. It is the Vatican cabals.
  • Being a Theosophist I'm always keen to study all spheres of human endeavor, including religions. If I were asked to name a "faith" I would suggest it is the Ageless Wisdom teachings...More an esoteric science, of the evolution of spirit through matter....An increase in spiritual acumen, through the bodily senses and acquired skills. It is beyond mere faith and offers true unfoldment to truth and higher sensory powers and abilities, through the art of self-realization...

    So I'm open minded to all things. I learn from buddhism, as much as I learn from art, as I learn from physics, as I learn from biology, indeed as I learn from scriptures....

    In my many studies I have come across a most interesting dichotomy between Biblical text (albeit censored over time,) and the Roman Catholic church.
    Noting that for many centuries of the church in Rome and it's offshoots, there has been a concerted attempt to keep the words written in the Bible, from public scrutiny. One would have to be a scholar in Greek or Latin to read the verses.
    Then we had the printing press of the 16th century, increasing access to books and learning...And of course, the imperfect King James Bible..

    What is most interesting is how long it took before a church and it's offshoots, allowed the people to learn the text, directly. Almost as if the church had something to hide, albeit, several Popes and Emperors had aleready muddied much text and meaning in that book, prior...
    Yet, what were they afraid of...?? Maybe this extract from a parallel blog of mine, explains much on the matter:

    Speaking of colour tones as symbols, interesting that the Catholic church is made up of followers, priests and higher priests, such as Bishops and Cardinals...Note that they wear purple and scarlet robes, respectively...And without being too fixated upon biblical concepts, the "Whore of Babylon," wore these same colours, got drunk on the blood of saints, while drinking from a wine chalice and rode the beast...

    Interesting, no..??

    In fact, Judean scholars at the time of some of the early Roman emperors, considered Rome to be a "new Babylon." The biblical link between Rome and Babylon has long been considered of value...And of course, both powerful cities, using imperial forces, caused the destruction of the Temple of Solomon and Herod, both...

    I wonder if we can conclude that the Roman church is the whore of Babylon...?? The Pope is therefore the biblical False Prophet...?? Seems logical, albeit modern Roman catholics may find this disturbing...Transmutation of wine into blood, by Roman priests, is actually believed by the "faithful." The eucharist and the wine, which they foolishly believe is actually transformed into flesh and blood..They still believe it today..
    To challenge this supposition of veracity, is simply negated by the word "mystery."
    The priest is ordained with powers to transmute wine into blood and the holy eucharist into flesh and the truth of these events is a "mystery."

    One can suggest "MYSTERY BABYLON." Read such words in the new testament Bible...

    So it seems to me that much in the Bible and especially in the new testament of John, seems to be warning the reader of the dangers posed to mankind by the Roman catholic church and the "beast power," which is obviously a legacy of both Babylon and Rome...A modern version of these two, combine with the church in Rome...As the church rides this beast of revelations...

    The message is obvious to logic and intuition....

    Note that magnetism, being dipoler, have easy time forming rope-like structures. But if you put together a huge number of magnets, without an external field, it will form a sphericaly symmetrical lumb. This is because the magnets are free to re-orient themselves. So even though there is a repulsive magnetic force, this repulsive force is easily hidden since rather than getting repelled, the magnet turns around and gets attracted.

    So you see that a magnet can explain both sphericaly symmetrical lumbs and the asymmetrical ones! If we are inside a galaxy, then we have matter pulling in all directions. Our 'magnets' then are oriented in all directions, and thus our 'gravity' looks sphericaly symmetrical. But this situation may not exists between two galaxies. If there are two galaxies near each other, and others are are far further, then the 'magnets' will orient towards both the galaxies, easily forming long structures just in the same way iron fillings form the structures around a magnet.
  • The picture below depicts 'galaxy filaments'.

    It is not immediately apparent that the mainstream theories has a problem in explaining galaxy filaments. So let me elaborate it abit. The mainstream's gravity is fundamentally, what I may call it 'mono-poler'. This means that there is no repulsive force associated with gravity. Wallace's Theory, on the other hand is fundamentally 'di-poler'. The gravity's monopoler property emerges when large number of particles gravitates.

    Now, in an entirely mono-poler force, we espect stars and galaxies to lump together into sphericaly symmetrical lumps, rather than form filaments. This is because each star pulls the other stars equally in all directions.

    In fact such is how they explain why planets are spherical. If planets where cylindrical, it would be an headache to explain how they form using only gravity. A cylinder implies that either the plannet was consistently pulling matter only from the 'top' (so that the matter piles along one ditection into a long structure) or the planet pulled more strongly from the sides than it from 'top' and 'bottom' (so that it gets squeezed only along one direction-think of how you might kneed to form a spaghetti). In whichever way, this would show that gravity is not pulling evenly in all directions, as the theory insists.

    But now since large scale structures don't form spheres, we must reconsider theories of gravity. We must make them capable of antisymmetric pulling in larger scale but symmetrical in smaller scales. Wallace's Theory does this excellently!
  • Yes indeed...this looks closer to the science used by offworlders...Mainstream theories are behind Wallace Thornhill....
  • I have thought a lot about Wallace thornhill's (the founder of 'Electric Univers Theory) theory of gravity. I found that it can explain the formations of galaxy filaments better than the mainstream theories. The Wallace's theory easily explains how G can be a variable and makes control of it a bit conceivable. In wallace's theory, gravity is caused by charges that can freely re-oroent themselves. So it is ultimately an electrostatic force. Being electrostatic, we use permeability,(ε) rather than G. Unlike G, of course ε, which is related to speed of light, c, is a variable. ε inside a glass is, for instance bigger than in vacuum.

    c^2=1/εμ , according to Maxwell's theory. So in a realm where Wallace's gravity is smaller, light travels faster, for instance.
  • Yes, gravity is a powerful displacement vector, for propulsion systems...It can be independent of mass...These ships behave like mini-planets and stars...Electro-gravitic, one could suggest...
    Even close to a powerful gravitational field, such as the sun's, a ship can remain "afloat," rather than subject to overwhelming pull forces...causing disintegration...Moreover, massive heat and solar winds, irradiating ships, can be shielded from, within protective electro-gravitic envelopes...Along with other force fields generated...
    Another process which enables closer solar work, is vectoring inter-dimensionally...The higher the planes, (the faster LIGHT,) the easier to avoid space debris bumps, flare bursts, magnetic pulse, gravity distortions and hull scorching, from suns...The shields can almost be dropped completely, on the 4th aether....A far more gentle voyage in space, there.
  • Variable G might even explain galaxy rotation without any need for the so called 'dark matter'! The G is simply larger in a large collection of stars, making gravity stronger without adding any more matter.
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