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  • A point regarding this coronavirus, which seems to exist after all. There were some people whose immune system had managed to produce antibodies. The body is intelligent and you can learn a lot from biological nature in this case. The question is what answer did the immune systems of these people have, i.e. what solution did the body go? Remember what in Mikrokosmos exist, maybe exist in the Mikrokosmos, too. Well just we not know what comes next to us from Space. Are You ready? Don't let yourselves be defeated. Don't be afraid. Laugh about it, if possible, don't be frightened. Take Care 🙇‍♀️
  • I am here to help people in the darkest world age, I can feel that. I slowly believe that I wanted to come here, that my birth is 100% no coincidence.
    I wonder if I have any special skills.
    Is it true that I could be a shaman if I can heal? I coud say some Spirits show me thier life before they died with the help of dreams, but don't they do that with each of us, or they could. What is the difference between a normal person and a medium? I think I'm an Indigo Light worker, as some of this Karakter profile applies to me. I don't know if I'm a Genius, because there are different definitions for this and I would probably have my own personal idea of it. My Family thinks always i got a strong Soul, because of my believing in the Ligth (Haven). I read about old Souls, that's very interessting, how old a Soul is, how many Times it Incanated and how the Charakter is like. From all the possible Ages a Soul coud have i think mine is like a very old one. Did You ever think about, your Soul Age?
  • Another topic that concerns me are tzunamis! How do you know where the water comes from to get to safety? Can you feel that? Certainly hard in the dark, right? How to stop such waves? The poor people there!
  • WW1 trench warfare at it's finest..."Ten-shun...!! Officer on parade...!!" 😄 hehe..!
  • German taxpayers must be wincing (slight involuntary grimace,) when they note the eye-watering amounts they are forced to pay, into the EU budget...
    Germany is now the single biggest contributor to Brussels....and the financial weight is crushing that nation, especially since Britain left the punishment club and no longer shares the burden...

    Good luck to AfD efforts to gain power...Germany needs to support that party...Or they will go under...

    Moreover, didn't dopey Joe Biden recently suggest that Albania and the Balkans, join the EU...?? If they do join, the fiscal burden on Germany, will skyrocket....EVEN HIGHER.......
  • Time for a Bach break, with a splendid violin concerto in D minor BWV 1052R courtesy of the irrepressibly talented; Netherlands Bach Society....
  • The moon had never allowed a human being to see what is on its back!
  • Thre are 3 very fascinating facts about the moon that cannot all be 'coincidence'

    1.) The moon looks exactly the same size as the sun
    2.) The moon rotates at the same rate as it revolves around the earth.
    3.) The far side of the moon is dramatically different from its near side!
  • How big must a lamp on moon be for it to be visible on earth even under the most powerful telescope? It must be several kilometres big! Is there such a bulb on moon?
  • The fact that you can post/talk/share just about anything & everything, is a big plus for all.
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