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  • André Rieu did some great Concert, too
  • Yes, Ara the Sound of this Concert Imitates a River. First slow and silence it Beginn then it turn into a big River and the Ocean. I think it is like our Life time from our Birth on.
    In Europe there is a River called:"Moldau"
  • This concert is called: "The Moldau
    symphonic poem by Smetana" maybe youre find it in your Country.
  • San ... ;))
    Beautiful interpretation with natural flow
  • I do not believe anything. Not even from you. It is part of the awakening to recognize that there are parallel worlds and other dimensions.
  • This is the Favourite Concert from my Grandmother (R.I.P. 💓2015). Really missing her, my Mom 💓) R.I.P. 2006💓) my Dad 💓 (R.I.P 2015one month afther my Grandmother) and my grandfather 💓(R.I.P 1996)and his Sister 💓(R.I.P 2015).

    Enjoy, because it's just Perfect
  • Dear sister SAN 不滅....You keep asking us about this matter and we keep telling you; it's FAKE...Can you pack this in now...??

    Because of their work on the solar corona I'm not currently in contact with the Sirians, but Master R, who leads my ashram, is certain that this is a false video and part of a prank hoax...A bit like Doug and Dave, who hoaxed crop circles...Albeit not the real circles, which they had nothing to do with....
  • There are more Videos like that on the Internet, from different Persons who all say they were wake up in 2027. They are just in different Countrys. 😧What if one do a Live Streaming? Any Object he hide in his Time, apear in 2021.Any Object someone place in 2021, he can find in 2027 all anytime at exakt the same Place and it not get old. Check all Videos on TikTok. I wonder what Space Brothers think about.
  • Me too I could never get to grips with reading sheet music....I once played, but mostly improvisation...My Dad was the music player. He had a piano and later, an electric organ described as a "Domus 8," which had all the sound, majesty and effects of a church organ, but without the pipes and massive elevation...hehe...!! Same keyboards, stops, bench and pedals, though...I was 19-years old when he bought that beauty, which certainly added gravitas to the room, impressing my parent's visitors...
    Actually I was 17 when I first discovered JS Bach. I remember my Dad received a Christmas present from a friend, which was a record of organ works...We both enjoyed Bach and even attended the Festival Hall, on London's Southbank, a season of Bach's organ works. Organist Peter Hurford. We would travel from our respective places of work, in London and meet up at the underground station, nearby...
    So I've been a Bach devotee since my teens, you might say..... 😊

    Oh and didn't Beethoven have big hair, too....? lol Or was it the eyebrows..?? haha..!!😄

    However I think I'll round this conversation off with Bach - Concerto for two harpsichords in C major BWV 1061...This will thrill you too..
  • Your Bach videos inspired me to try to play some piano. But I’m not great at reading sheet music. I have a thing for G.F. Handel, I’m not sure if it’s the music or his awesome big hair 😊
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