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  • Drexk! Glad your back! I may be wrong but we are being seriously attckedd from 'down' this 3d/4d timeline by our ignoble opposition/murderers from the end days of Atlantis when there were two main islands-they used the Firestone to make people sick in districts
  • From my point of view, there are no so-called gods. Only the one is God, the giver of all life, he is the only one who can create true life from nothing. Only with his thoughts. As far as I know, there are so-called Ascended Masters. These are also called lords. I think there are only these so-called lords and angels besides the one God. In the times of awakening, we humans have to learn that there are angels, demons and different dimensions and Parallel world.
    “PINGDEMIC” insanity: UK government commits nation to starvation suicide by commanding food sector…
  • Not "inexplicable events." when one identifies the nature of God in the Bronze age....Lord Yahweh being the Planetary Logos, aka "ancient of days." The "angels" written about being ascended masters from this world and several others, including Sirius B....The biblical conflict was really a war between the One True God (Logos) and the Anunnaki "gods," plus their kingly minions...This biblical conflict continues in these times...end times...
  • Adlantis... 🌊Appears when the waters rise. This happen 3 Times. Rigth now it was happen for just one time. 😉News from any Patrick from Paraguay.. (he said he knows any Ranma 🙄hmmm... 😅?)
  • Here is a link to 'collapse of late bronze age'. Note that ancient stories, like those in bible, descrbing a wonder-working God dramatically bringing Israel to Canaan, parting of read sea, judgment of Soddom and Gomorrah, Noah's flood, the lost golden age, Atlantis etc were stories built around the inexplicable events that brought an end to bronze age.
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  • The printing of money is what is called 'quantitative easing'. The money is realy loaned in what is termed 'fractional reserve banking'. So it causes an ever increasing public debt. This was done to 'kick start' the economy, following the 2008 crisis. Another measure was low interest rates (even zero or negative!) that lead to irresponsible borrowing (eg by fracking companies). This ultimately lead to bankruptcies even before the pandemic came. The pandemic diverts the attention and mislead the pple into making wrong diagnosis!
  • You can just watch the Gulf Stream. If it stops flowing and then the pole caps north and south melt, the pole shifting is imminent. The meteor impacts are no coincidence. This happens first, followed by pole shifting. Incidentally, the northern earth freezes into a tundra when the Gulf of Current stops flowing. Later after the shift, everything thaws and the Gulf current flows again, or because of it is melt. My Englisch is Bad sorry i speak German. I use a translator.
  • I heard from Patrick from Paraguay about a central bank where the money that is needed is printed. Nevertheless, first they try to get the money from the people. Man will awaken to the truth that he has been deceived and has the right to hit the table as they say. At the latest, when the people have found out that their money that they give to the state flows into the pocket of the rulers they will certainly get very angry. Unfortunately it comes to street beatings and the fact that innocent people who are just present are beaten or killed makes me sad. The government is getting help from other countries. Germany first from Russia then also from China, China then takes the country and these are communists, that would be a reason for me to emigrate.

    Youre not alone, we come to love. There many Angels and helper who are here to Assistent you.
  • The heart of God sleeps as long as the twin flames are not all awakened and united, or have fulfilled their promise to meet again on earth. The reunion must take place. Maybe it just looks like the dark side have all under control. The old school is about losing those who we love or we need and can't become them back for any money. The Money can't protect you when a Flood, Fire or Erthquake come. Maybe afther it youre need money, but it money do not replace those people you have lost by deth.
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"Venus, Mars and some other Planets arround have lost their atmosphere by the Kathastophe of Phathon. Now you can only live inside these planets. The Earth also has an inner world. Ashtar Command has a Base on Venus, rigth? I think i just saw Ashtar…"
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"UK's Royal Navy, Type 31 Frigate, Will Operate Across The Globe, Being a Global Navy & Foremost Naval Power in Europe....
This naval power will permit the formation of an Anglospheric Union, spanning three continents.…"
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"They already have travelled, with "only rockets," beyond Earth orbit...Apollo 8 achieved a "figure of eight" around the moon...Apollo 11 landed on the moon...However, it is true that this technology is primitive compared to Federation technology and…"
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"Even NASA knows…"
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"There are no spaceships from the so-called Earth. You can't travel in space with only rockets. With this, no one will reach another planet. The manned Mars mission is doomed to failure. It is not yet possible."
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"Saturn 5 rockets were most assuredly able to soar beyond Earth orbit...."
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"As if anyone on Shan is currently capable of building a spaceship that can leave orbit! It is pointless to discuss it.
I don't know why it was called cut-off wings. Ask the space brothers who have taken this up at some point in any contact with any…"
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"Thankyou Roaring....Your mind is as sharp as ever....😄

Now, for my Bach appreciators on ACC...some more musical splendor...

Fantasia and fugue in C minor BWV 537 - organist Wiersinga, of the Netherlands Bach Society...

From the dulcet tones of…"
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