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  • Can I cure the symptoms triggered by EMF radiation by activating the self-healing powers in my body? Especially with the alpha waves? If my souls vibration is high enough? I don't notice many of the symptoms you get from EMF radiation. Many symptoms are not happen to me or just very rare. (sorry my englisch is bad)
  • Have You see this Movie? What You think about? I just like to ask You about. Is this all true?
  • What You think? Is this help?
    How To Activate Our Self-Healing Powers
    The term Self-healing, indicates the autonomous process of the human body that tends to safeguard the very life of the body. How many depressions, pa…
  • Covid is the biggest 'TV only' non entity I have never seen! Usually, if a thing supposedly exist everywhere, we don't hear of it the first time in radios or TVs. The other day it rained black water! Of course media was the last to notice! It is always the case. When a 'strange' thing happens, the so called 'experts' are the last to believe.
  • variant strains of the covid19 is much more dangerous and most of the population who were infected were in the younger age group. The province of Ontario and Alberta Canada have the highest rates of infection. Brazil is the epic centre of Covid 19 variants and thousands of people have died from the disease and in some U.S states the death rates are very high and vaccines are becoming mandatory in almost every country. Since the covid19 has many spikes this could mean that there could be millions of strains out there. The is also a fourth wave coming or perhaps its already begun.
    European Court of Human Rights Rules That Mandatory Vaccinations Are Legal
    Could have big impact on COVID jabs.
  • Since 5G waves are of radio-frequency range, they don't affect alpha waves in the same way the waves from different radio stations or TV channels don't affect each other. EM waves penetrate each other as if the other don't exist, except in some special media.
  • Try this it really works. I always use to be silence when i do this. It help when youre sick, cause of stress. 🤸‍♀️Maybe it help with this Electrosmog Problems.
    5 Easy Steps To Self-Healing In 5 Minutes - Mindvalley Blog
    Self-healing isn't as complicated as you may think. Tuning into our energy body is easy, quick, and can improve our health in just a few moments.
  • The 3 Eye send out Alpha Waves. What happen with it when it get these 5G Waves?
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Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"It is very bad to, after noticing a problem with mainstream media, one moves recklessly all the way to alternate media rather than 'going within'! It is like a pendulum swinging hopelessly between two extremes!

It is like, seeing a problem with…"
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Steve Hutchinson left a comment on Divine Upliftment For Spiritual Growth & Ascension
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"Some in the awakening communities believe, when it comes to media, politics, health, other areas, that it's a case of 'take the blue pill or the red pill - one will lock you into the matrix, one will set you free' - when this is just another…"
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"With you Hellen, on holding positive focus for humanity, and the Earth and all life here 💛🌏

I've used a visualization/affirmation practice called the Golden Apple for many years, as a focus for maintaining the integrity of my light-field...and…"
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You see that suing media for lieing is unreasonably difficult. This gives them a licence to lie.

When US first ammendment was made, they probably never had a monopolistic…"
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Ángeles de Crystal liked James McConnell's discussion Saint Germain, One Who Serves and Shoshanna - "FREE YOUR MIND" Via James McConnell 
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Roaring Lovely replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Using Vedic Knowledge...There Are There Are Three by Types Of Beings On Planet Earth
"So these 'reptilian', 'lightworker', 'ETs' etc are just yet other metaphors for 'the saints', 'the righteous', 'the sinners' etc?"
3 hours ago
Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
1st Type...are called Humans and they are living in the Mode of Goodness on Planet Earth. They do no harm to other living entities and mother earth. They are ligjtworkers. 2nd Type..are closer to Reptilians and are living in the Mode Of Passion.…
3 hours ago