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  • There is no problem with that perhaps ETs are also there to assist in such( or perhaps the malicious ones may also press the buttons lol!). I attempted to address this issue in details because I routinely saw this question of possibility of nuclear war being raised over and over here and the only answer they routinely gave was 'don't worry, ETs don't allow nukes'! Thus they reaffirm that our fellow human beings are wicked, murderous and always ready to launch nukes and destroy the life on the planet. Our only hope for survival, so they insinuate, lies in the hands ETs ( meanwhile we know that nukes have been used twice, after all!)

    This belief is not true. Destroying life on earth is not in anyone's interest here on earth. Perhaps ETs are there, but the theory that they actively prevent a nuclear war at every moment is not necessary to explain the fact thay nukes have never been used except twice. There are better explanations that are in line with how we observe military operations here on earth since the dawn of history. We don't see our governments anywhere on earth respond with airstrikes to react to a civilian riots. To address this issue, we must understand the nature of military operations.

    What if US president orders that a nuke be launched on Tehran. Will military executive this? The answer is no! Military is not private dogs for the president. (Btw Gaddaffi orderd military to bomb rioters but this order was disobeyed ). So nukes, or any other weapon for that matter, are not in the fingures of one person. The president issues orders, but the military also check if the orders are in line with military rules. Non of the nuke order will be in line with military rules (except if there is a military city to be destroyed). Thus humans, not necessarily ETs prevents nuclear war. A lot of people must first agree on it, which is unlikely.

    We must not credit ETs for human work and responsibilities. We must not creat 'hatred for humans and love for ETs' without adequate reasons.
  • Galactic intervention regarding nuclear war isn't just hearsay ('channelled info') or unbacked fantasies, their presence over nuclear facilities and missile stores has been clearly evidenced and whether nuclear war is viewed as likely/unlikely etc, clearly a signal has been given to humanity about this, repeatedly....Robert Hastings is probably the researcher who's done the most work on this, having interviewed over 140 US military personnel stationed at nuclear missile facilities and depots who have sighted craft over the facilities, in some cases sending down visible beams of light...some have spoken of missile launches being switched off...there's also a case in Russia, where the missile launch sequence switched on for 15 seconds while a ship was sighted overhead, then turned off...some of the craft have also been radar verified, or had multiple witnesses. There's a doco called 'UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed', from Hastings' research, which is fairly comprehensive, if anyone's in doubt about Star Family's position on nuclear armaments...and that they've shown they will take action to prevent their use, from whatever country, in whatever part of the world. 💛🌎
  • Can't post this video! (With the other videos)
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  • 1:Samuel 8:10-21 can be seen as a warning against forming an 'elite based governance' in general. You can see that much of these resonate with us!! Yes the egalitarian society as described in judges had its problems but the hierarchical, elite creating society has its own can of worms!

    Also note that originally, it was pure democracy! Saul was ELECTED. He didn't force in using an army, as there was no elite army yet. So it is pple who freely gave their power to a few in the hope that 'they will effectively fight their battles'. But it eventually came out just as Samuel warned! Once they gave out their power, it was not easy to take it back.

    The king grew corrupt and forgot that it was the pple who gave him the power. He abused the power to rule over the pple rather than lead them as he was commissioned.
  • Human beings, through fooly, created 'the elite'. Ancient Egypt had no elites. Same is true for the Mesopotamians, etc. The first pple to create elites were the arc-evil empire known as the Assyrian Empire. It is their model that the whole world borrowed. The main way they conned people was the narrative that : 'we need a strong millitary, lead by elites, to fight foreign enemies'. The kind of lie Americans are regularly told. The empire grew into a runaway weapon manufacturing beast, just like US. The ultimate aim was to turn the very Assyrians themselves into slaves!

    It is foolish to create something that you yourself cannot fight it, with the hope that 'it will fight your enemy'. Once it is through with the 'enemy', it will turn on you! Now it is your turn to fight it!

    If the founders of US were to resurrect, they would be astonished to see the kind of beast US had become! This was the exact thing they were warned against, e.g. in the second amendment, but they did not understand it! The duty to defend the country is on the citizens themselves not 'the elites'. They knew that with elite army, there can be no real power in the people!

    So the second amendment was meant to read:

    Since a well regulated citizen fighters (as opposed to a standing army) are the ones that must defend the state, the rights of citisens to bear arms must not be infringed. Second amendment was meant to obviate the need for 'elites', not for 'personal protection'.
  • Only the government needs weapons to carry out its political dogmas. People don't need guns. We must awaken to the truth that we are brothers and sisters and not allow ourselves to be influenced in such a way by such political dogmas. We have the right to live in peace without giving room to the so-called elite or power-obsessed rulers.
  • So rather than seeing a nuclear war, we may instead see the end of even ordinary bombs. Thanks to new military tactics.
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