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The energy that surrounds you at any given time, is always, always a reflection of what you are thinking and feeling. We know that there is so much going on in the world today that it can be difficult for you to bring yourself back to your center and recognize that all that is around is a…Illusion
only listening to your heart and body it will show you the's so beautyfullll the magic signes that coming on your way..only believe in your self


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Comment by VioletRay on May 5, 2012 at 5:59pm

Hi dancer, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

My perspective is that yes, all of us and everything in this world is like a virtual reality game, or call it an illusion if you will.

Though all the other human beings have a creator source spark like you or I, so they are real as far as the virtual reality is concerned to us, or some call it holographic matrix.

We do attract to us similar energies, these energies may be what some call thoughts, feelings, etc.

Though it is more like an orchestra, where we can influence our surroundings to one degree or another, by resonance, though since this experiment is like an orchestra, we have our bodily instruments and the sheet music is that which the majority or collective is following that is the major influence in how humans are living in any given area or time period.

It should be obvious by experience, that one individual cannot just throw out the sheet music being followed unless a large portion of other co-creator sparks in a given dimensional world wish to change the sheet music also.

Though from my experience, one can be in this world and not of it, meaning a so called individual can to some degree change their own sheet music and still coexist in any particular area of the world, though it does not necessarily mean the outside physical constructs will change to large degree, though an individual and an individuals vibrational energetic frequency can change to a large degree.

As far as the car alarm example, it is a matter of other creator sparks trying to change the holographic matrix (illusion) by creating things that are more of the fear vibration and thus through fear, humans are much easier to control, because the most basic fear is that of death of the illusionary human body costume.

Whereas another creator spark in a human body costume may design doors without locks, which is basically saying, there is nothing to fear except fear itself.

Take another example, police car sirens and fire truck sirens, that is designed by the same creator spark energies as those that designed car alarms, they want people to feel fear, drama, worry and anxiety via the ominous sounds of the sirens tones.

None of that is by chance and the true reason, is not to prevent traffic accidents, though is a convenient plausible excuse.

To conclude, everything in this virtual reality that is not vibrating with unconditional love, is illusion and false.

As outside of this virtual reality, holographic matrix (illusion), fear energies do not exist, because there is no illusion of death outside of this realm.

So basically, this virtual reality (illusion) revolves around the idea of death, which is not possible, because we never die.

peace love light

Comment by Indigolady on May 5, 2012 at 2:29pm

Dear Spiritdancer! I'm so happy that you bring up this topic =))

I'm so confused about this "Illusion" thing.....I have searched the internet for what Illusion is and how we make it etc....but still I can't understand the whole of it. Yesterday I read one site where they say that "we are making all things around us in our self...the objects we see, the sounds we hear, what we feel and when we touch things, taste things like food etc....when we smell things....and all things that live around us like people, animal etc.....The site told me that I'm totally alone in this world! MY GOD!!! Is it like this?? I'm the creator for everything around me cause of the things I think and feel??

If so, did I create the car-alarm that goes off from my neighbors car?? How can I create this when I'm not aware of something like this to happen at all?

What about all the people in my daily life? Do I create all of them in my imagine??

Sorry to say, but I'm SOOOOO CONFUSED! Hope you can help me to understand this clear and accurate.

Love and light to you! <3<3<3

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