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At long last after what seemed like eons, they are here and they walk among us at this very moment. Gaia is beaming with excitement. Since this time of transition was so very important, Source was sure to send only the best of the best.

There was no room for error in a mission as far reaching and multidimensionally affecting as this one. They were all timed to be here and ready at this very moment in history.

This plan was set many thousands of years ago, during the fall of Atlantis. Would it surprise you to hear many of them were present during the fall? They made a pact then to rejoin this existence during this precise now moment.

They have been here many years preparing for the completion of this shift of consciousness. Each one of them has filtered the incoming energies in a way that only they are able.

All their many sacred light colors are blended for the perfect rainbow of energy occurring now all over the planet.

With their extensive experience through thousands of lifetimes, each one of them have altered the lives of many thousands of individuals. There are untold numbers of them here now.

Surprisingly not many know how to recognize them. Please keep this a secret. I will share it with all of you. They are literally everywhere but still unseen.

I’ve been passed this special way of seeing them. Please walk through this method with me so you don’t forget. If you look a specific way you can see them.

Go now to the nearest mirror to you. Stand in front of it and close your eyes. Now just peek through your eyelids like you did as a kid playing hide and seek. Do you see the image of a figure directly in front of you in the mirror?

You do? Awesome, you have advanced in your skills greatly. Yes that figure in the mirror is an Ascended Master. Their skills on Earth at this time are only limited by their beliefs.

Thank them for me when you see them. They are providing a great service. Many of them are even unaware of their immense powers and contribution to society during this great shift into a new age.

Without them, we could have never come this far. Thank you from my heart and please thank the others as you see them walking among you.

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Comment by Luc van Lier on November 6, 2013 at 9:33am

right now, they, the ascended masters and the archangels are right now all around us in human bodies.

I am very greatful for that and I bless them all for their precious job they contribute to humanity.

much love and blessings to all

Comment by nettis_ on November 4, 2013 at 2:55pm

thanks a  lot my dear friend!

Yes i believe!

Comment by Chris on November 4, 2013 at 12:52am

and girls

Comment by Chris on November 4, 2013 at 12:52am

Welcome Guys.

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