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Said by Aleje from the Pleiades (WHICH IS NOT MY PERSONAL OPINION):


The secret world government have created these cigarette drugs in order to keep the people in a low consciousness and vibration, in order to control the people easier. Every smoker has negative astral beings, parasites and holes in his dirty aura. They feed on the life energy of the smoker, forcing him to smoke further. You can see it with an active third eye. Cigarettes, drugs open the door to the lower astral planes where there are demons, nonspiritual people or deceased smokers.

These people suffer and be tormented by the demons… And for a very very long time before they finally begin to be interested in love. Only then they see the light and can again incarnate in another body, to learn self-love. You can only go to higher dimensions, if you have a spiritual clean, high energy. Only then you can stay in the high energy levels.

When the body is being deliberately destroyed by drugs, the divine energy can’t flow properly in you and the body becomes sick. Self destruction is a sign of lack of love and spirituality. Most believe that they love, but this is just a rational thinking in their ego-mind. There is no REAL love from the heart. It is an entirely different frequency.

A broken radio, can not receive clear music, but only distorted, or none at all. The body is the earthly vessel for the soul. If the body does not function properly, you have no good contact with the soul. One then does not receive ideas of the soul but only lies, illusions and negative words of the dark creatures.

Just remember:

You need first of all a strong will and SELF – LOVE
Who loves himself, does not hurt himself.
Only who loves himself can love others REALLY.
You can only give what you have.
Everything that stinks, is shunned by beings of light.
Only the dark side like everything that is dirty and stinks.
Only the dark side, like to be in a lower vibration, which is not love.
The light side you can find where it’s beautiful, beautiful aromas,
beautiful colors, beautiful, harmonious music, love, high vibration.

Learn how to REALLY love you. Not just with your rational mind, but with your whole being. No spiritual being is taking drugs. No spiritual being is smoking. That would be) against love, against spirituality, against the existence (god. Only demons like poison, mud and low vibration. Take a big leap in your life and decide to go to the light. Throw away any drugs TODAY. Fight against the influence of the dark side. Are you ready for a higher level of development in your life? Are you ready for a higher consciousness? It is YOUR decision…


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I think sex is better.

But I quit because of - the guy calls huimself ALAJE777 - and I never regreted it.

Health care in my country found that after the ban of smoking in restaurants the number of heartattacks decreased sufficently. Or like Stuart Wilde said, it is all due to your DNA.

Drugs Nicotine Alcohol.

but you are young, why worry?

or are you fishing for girls attention?

as I said go for the real thing.

Author, is this your image, with light energy in the back. This is nice and cool, if it is you

I Smoke and i had found it to heal my body, since i use my love from the heart to turn the negative energies into posetive ones<3

ofcurses i see alot of people how has BIG time problem whit smokeing, they can't life a day whitout it and if they don't smoke they fell sad and sick but if they smoke to they can still have the same effect:(

I say if you are a smoker and your TRUELY WANT TO STOP, USE YOUR WILLPOWER there is a reason we have it<3

is bad

For what do I need a channelled message to tell me, what I should do or not?

To me temperance in all regard is important: eating, f******, sleeping, praying, even smoking and caring for mind, body, soul.

Tempereance in all things...

True word's indeed:D

Wise words!! =)

dear N-McCoy,smoking hinders a persons clarity,intutivness, Astral vision,just to name a few from a spiritual perspective,but i have been told,and heard from various people over the years that Hemp opens ones 3rd eye?????? any comment on that,many blessings eve.

The way I see it in the grand scheme of things is...

If you are a SMOKER that means you have been dealt a very poor hand, it is a major disadvantage if you are doing that and you are working with the lightbeings and such (ie, if you're reading this message).


Any way that you try to sugarcoat it with various references . . . is you simply being in denial that you are Chained to this severe disorder.

And you are also in denial that you are going to have to Stop Doing It if you want to see any serious progress.


I know that somehow or some way it makes people feel good to do it, but if you were getting a proper amount of Light, Love, and Creativity then you would already have an effective replacement for it. Because you would be getting high on spiritual energies instead.


So that says something very disturbing about your current situation...

...if you're afraid to give up trivial pleasures like these... because you don't know what else will make you feel good.

There's a real wide-ass problem going on with you if so... and believe me its not the cigarettes.

My personal problem with it is it doesn't seem smokers are responsible about doing it. They either don't know or don't care about how it affects other people around them. They don't realize it makes other things stink just by being exposed to it, and they don't think about where the smoke is going to blow either.

(btw the smoke coming off the cig itself is so much worse than what you actually exhale)


My personal problem with it - it stinks, it smells like a rotting corpse. It causes me to gag and retch. And it even gives me a stinging sensation as if I am inhaling salt.

And im allergic to it too - after a few minutes it gives me a migrane and a sore throat.

...and that is why I do not have any friends in real life who are smokers.


I have a very strong constitution, this has nothing to do with me being weak - but rather that my Body doesn't want anything to do with this nonsense.

Hey Nick,

I feel smoking is toxic... i've never been a cigarette smoker, but i used to smoke sheesha for some years , i stopped a while ago,

but when i am confronted with it now, i automatically can sense the energy of the person smoking is somehow "different" from one who is not a smoker.

There is a definitive difference, but whether it is good or bad for you is something I feel people can only decide for themselves.

Abraham Hicks says if you enjoy smoking do it and enjoy it!

Aleje advises not too because of astral spirits, holes in aura etc

I believe the body is a temple of godliness, a divine vessel and should be respected as such,

The body should only be exposed to purity only,

but we all know in this world of pollution etc its not always possible for a human body to be in a pure state.


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