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Hello guys!


Lately I have only been sleeping like 4 hours and I wake upp and pluss that I seem to bee extremly over reacted. I meditate 2 two times aday mostly but sometimes just once..Is there enyone here that started to sleep less and also have startfed to feel more everactive than normaly. And also has got stronger senses like smell for exampl and taist for food has changed as well?

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I've been trying to start Lucid dreaming, and I'm having some similar experiences.  And yes, things are changing, our consciousness, or senses, many things :)  

I had this amazing dream last night that my higher self was being... communicated with and it felt like something beyond words.

Amazing things are around the corner! :-) 

Yeah I don't sleep much, and its never enough sleep to be honest. I'm just as tired when I get up as I was when I laid down in the first place. Foods tastes stronger and any additives are gross to the taste in my case. So yeah it's normal with the earth changes.

That is how it was in beginning for me. Now it feels like I am fully awake and full off energy after only 4 hours of sleep. I meditate pretty much twice a day also. Perhaps my devine energy is incrasing and that is why I do not require so much sleep enymore than that...?!

I could definitely see that happening, yes it just may be. lol. I still prefer 8 hours even if I dont need it for a while.

i havent slept 8 hours straight in 15 years, smell is a little overactive, my olfactory senses are better than average to begin with

Talk about smell sences! That reminds me of something! When I was a young teen I had extremly sensitive nose! Once I walked on the street in the oldest part of town where my parents live. I walked home with a friend and stopped. I putted my fece little higher upp in the air and "Sniff,Sniff" I said it smells new baked cookies here, My friend must have thought I was nust cause he said he could not smellything that smelled like new baked cookies.300 meter forward later my friend finaly started to smell the new baked cookies. He stopped and said "You are right it dos smell new baked cookies here". See I told you so, I said! My friend looked at me with a fun luck and said! What kind of nose do you have realy? A dog nose?! I started to laugh hysterically at his coment! But after a while it wanished my strong sence of smell...Of cause I still had good sence of smell but in that time it was extreme! Now it has started to come back, that strong smell sence...I remember it was also that time I had pretty much visions in my dreams what was about to come! Most horrible once, desasters,carbombs etc..witch came true exactly the way it was in my visions 2-7 days after...

Good that we can share these symptoms we have in common!I never sleep more than 3 or 4 hours at a stretch,yes waking up tired,then getting bursts of intense energy and then when im meditating i often start drifting heavily!

And yes i never really realised about the tastes etc but yes thinking about it they are well enhanced,good healthy stuff tastes even better and stuff full of s**t tastes bad!Also i just cant stand the taste of milk chocolate anymore and i used to love it!

Keep at it Family of Light its all gonna be worth it and we are gonna have to help those less evolved thru it all once we are fully 'back to normal,firing on all cylinders,12 strand DNA ascended Divine beings!'

Yeah, I have also noticed some taist defference. We in Finland has this smoked cheese that they call to bondost (farm cheese directly translated in english) I use to love this cheese but last time I ate it..descusting...never more in my mouth. There is some other foods that i find horrible as well but right now I can´t remember witch, Chocolate witch is pure cacao (Datk chocolate) i have no problem with! But eny form of candy taists horrible! I used to bee able to eat it but nowadays it just descusting and taist horrible! Not eny huge loss for me since candy has never been my favorite of goodies enyway...

But yeah you can truly see the difference in what taists descusting and witch you can eat with full joyment..

Our bodies are getting wiser,thats what its all about and we are getting better at listening to them!:)Thanks for reply:)

Yes this is to do with changing from a dense physical body to a crystalline light body.  I've read we won't need sleep the higher up we evolve.


We are also eating lighter foods and feeling fuller on a far smaller amount of food.  Smoothies, juices and liquid drinks are good to keep full as well.  I'm amazed a salad alone fills me up at lunch now. Before I used to need tofu or fish with it.


Smells..... gosh so sensitive to them. Can't stand deodorants on people, perfumes, etc.  Don't mind smell of fresh washing on the line which I can smell even tho neighbours are a little distant. (Not exactly a few metres).


I'm also growing my own wheatgrass/barley grass now in trays, inside.  Then when they're grown I juice them up and add them to my morning vege juice.  This helps to build up the immune system which does need lots of good sleep. 

I have started to eat lots of grapefruits like clementine and oranges. I have to buy big bags of them cause they go so fast...Alredy in 2010 I started to eat less cause I did not like feeling to full. This days I heat very small portions of foods. Big as a sallad plate or tea plate..I do not feel that I need enything more than that. Because of this I have also lost some weight also...I have never been fat or something just little chubby maby but never fat. And now I have started to look way different almost like I looked like when I was 18...

Same here, when it comes to smoke even if they are far away. It makes me gough extremly voilantly that it almos makes me throw upp... I am almost forced to hold my breath when coming close to smokers and their poison sticks as i call tobaco and cigarrs including pipes to... Descustinf... Deodorants I can handle somewhat but not thous real strong ones. Thous makes me sick...


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