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Sill , deep state will not release all files;


Alex Jones reveals shocking government documents that confirm JFK was killed from the front and that there was more than one shooter as Alex Jones predicted long ago!

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..........hmmmm.....Trump had nothing to do with this release,  just taking credit for something Congress approved  in '92..........stop the fake news brotha.................

these are the files that were not released but you dont want that known-good try mikey but Trump is a good president

i do want to know................Mr!..............................and your president is another sack of potatoes all together...........................

Pet Rock:  Agreed!

Unfortunately, nothing has come of it. Watered down version released. News downplays it. And the dumb humans don't take it seriously. That's what I call a major let down.

Just when I imagine this world couldn't let me down further, they find a way lol This should have been a 911 type event. Where folks stop and take a big gasp because suddenly it's acknowledged that JFK wasn't killed by Oswald, but by forces within the US government. Big gasps were in order and public outrage was to follow. Unfortunately that did not happen. Nothng of significance was released. The news only went as far as to say 'There's a small possibility of a small coverup" lol And worst of all, the dumb humans in the public, didn't care. Saying, well it's 50 years old, who cares. It's a distraction from the Russian investigation lol Yea, deny and downplay a real conspiracy theory, a much bigger one too, as not important. While focusing your focus on a false conspiracy theory, of a Trump-Russia collusion, which isn't even true. Brilliant.

Folks stupidity will never cease to amaze me. This whole plan is in the s****, and it might not even work. Because it's fricken Trump. He's done a good job hanging himself, to where now nothing he does, folks will get behind. Releasing JFK files. Nitch that. 911, and SSP, which apparently is coming up next. Nitch that. I'll be surprised if folks actually take it seriously. And the news is a big part of the problem, they don't report it how they're supposed to. The whole plan is falling apart, because the fricken humans don't know what they're doing.

Why am I surprised lol I should have seen it coming. I try to put faith in man, but man always falls short of my expectations. Again, this should have been a world shaking news event. Turned out to be nothing but just another news story, which will be forgotten in 2 weeks. We need another plan, and someone besides Trump to deliver the message. Dude ruined his credibility, by acting like an idiot half the time, now nobody takes him seriously. He can release files showing 911 inside job, and all they'll want to do is bash Trump for it, that's all they know how to do. The fricken public. The dumb humans. Who don't take anything seriously, besides what will give them an ego boost today.

We need a new plan. This disclosure might have to wait until 2020 and beyond. Somebody else besides Trump has to do it. And maybe, as the energies continue to rise, folks will be more receptive in 5 or so years. Right now they're not. New plan. That's my petition to the Universal Council, which I will be making.

Everyone needs to do the same. Quit sitting on your ass and lollygagging. Get in the game and begin doing actual fricken lightwork. All you so called lightworkers, most of you don't do half as much as you should be doing, and you know it. This whole plan is going to hell, and we need to change trajectory. Do something, for once in your miserable lives. I'm tired of carrying far more than my own fair share of the burden, and believe me, it's increasingly becoming more and more of a burden lol

dumbing down Americans with junk food , fluoride in water and chemtrails is working . 

but here's a counter punch , mike;


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