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This telepathic message, from the Pleiadian RaTesh, was received on May 13, 2017, at 3:25 am Mountain Time at The Star Lodge Healing Centre in Lake George, Colorado USA by Cody Golden Elk;

***This is PART ONE of what are to be a series of ongoing information messages about us and our planet. It is a big subject, requiring multiple parts, designed to help increase our knowledge and understanding, instead of attempting to “dumb us down”, like our governments/religions/leaders/etc. try to do. This is offered with the Highest and Best intent, to bypass the lies and deceptions of our corrupted leaderships, worldwide.

RATESH: This is the Pleiadian “Star Woman” RaTesh, addressing the people of Earth, through one of our several channels, Cody, now – at this time, this juncture in your 3D-4D space/time, common reference frame. Long ago, this channel, known on Earth today as Cody, agreed in his Spiritual Light form, before this present incarnation, to assist both us Pleiadians and the people of Earth at this critical time upon your planet.

For, much change, and what you might commonly call chaos, or tumult, is now happening and is about to increase drastically. So, I/we Pleiadians have been authorised to begin this new project, we call “The State of Earth”. This is done to help provide higher knowledge/wisdom to Earth’s people to help them see more truth, and, hopefully, develop a higher, deeper, more sensible outlook…thus raising their energetic consciousness frequencies into more of what you call the Light.

Due to the primitive recording/transcribing techniques of this particular channel, combined with his often weak and narrow minded Earth human consciousness, we will slowly disseminate this new information in parts, or sections, as it generally covers much “territory”.

Some of this information will also be sent/repeated to some of our other Pleiadian channels telepathically, as well. Our goal, as Pleiadians in Service to Others positive polarity, choose at this time, to assist as many Earth humans as possible with the development and “raising up” of their mental consciousness….and therefore their growth and evolution into higher Spiritual consciousness.

But, please remember, our “little brothers and sisters” of Earth, that we Pleiadians have VAST, almost unfathomable fields of knowledge – storage banks of deep deep facts, data, and forms of higher knowledge which have been, often, very tediously/laboriously collected and catalogued from many types of developing planets/civilisations….such as yours, from across this “home” Milky Way Galaxy, as well as across other Galaxies….such as the Sister Spiral Galaxy/Star Field you call Andromeda….both inter-temporally and/or inter-dimensionally. We have data banks full of encrypted Higher Dimensional, or Extra Dimensional forms of storage for all types of our data – both physical and Spiritual – some of which is stored in crystalline lattice structure holographic energy fields similar to the….although much more primitive, methods once used in the Lemurian and Atlantean “great” civilisations, which have existed upon your small blue world.

We have now, only “recently”, in your Earth time, been authorised by our Pleiadian High Command structure which monitors all telepathic energetic information release/downloads of this nature, to lesser advanced, more primitive civilisations – such as your Earth – to aid in overall planetary, biological, energetic, and other Spiritual forms of evolution in positive, love filled manners. However, we Pleiadians must ABSOLUTELY MONITOR such information releases and restrict such releases of higher knowledge, particularly those related to and regarded as SCIENTIFIC and TECHNICAL. For, your Earth governments traditionally use any and all forms of new technology to build weapons to increase their power and control over the masses. We do not intend to help them with this barbaric, self serving process. So, the reasons for this, will begin PART ONE of this series of “State of the Earth’ information.  (end at 3:42 am MT…..brief rest period for channel)….

RATESH (continued at 3:56 am MT, after the “housekeeping” chores of arranging the crystals into a pattern that RaTesh specified, meditation, and further clearing of ambient negative psychic energy currents, we are now ready to begin ):   Yes, beloved, I/we see/feel the wonderful energies of the Lemurian crystals and the other things you have set up in our pattern around you. This helps facilitate telepathic transmission and reception….holding portals, or doorways, of energetic characteristic and nature to help – mostly you, Cody – with our/this means of communication. It is much more difficult to be “tapped”… your fiber optic cables, Internet, cell phones and other lower forms of commonly used electronic Earthly form of communication. However, know that your world’s govt.’s and shadow govt.’s have TEAMS OF PSYCHIC AGENTS scattered throughout many of Earth’s regions, which serve as a telepathic network – Remote Viewers and the like – which serve them to both psychically penetrate, then, at the same time, protect each others Intelligence Agencies….and, of course, the ET contingent, like us Pleiadians, who assist in disseminating higher forms of telepathic information………………

(NOTE: now a psychic attack interruption from them is just now occurring….amazing…now resetting, clearing….like static on a phone line…). RATESH:  For, your Earth’s govt./shadow govt.’s have long been….(NOTE:  Now, much stronger psychic attack interference from our Earth govt. related psychics attempting to derail this contact…..)

RATESH:  …you see, now, they have just picked up our telepathic transmissions….AS WE WERE JUST SPEAKING OF THEM…so, this is the very type of thing that some of you channels of us Pleiadians, or the other Extraterrestrial telepathic races, must deal with upon your barbaric planet….as many of Earth’s current govt./shadow govt.’s have a vested interest – especially in your vast police state United States, Cody, where you live and are right now – IN DUMBING DOWN THEIR CIVILIAN POPULATIONS, to both make it easier for them to control/enslave you all and also to protect their “fossil fuel” energy scam/paradigm, to continue to propagate their own economic tyrannical forms of control through banking, energy, water fluoridation, chemtrail spraying, GMO food additives/manipulations like Monsanto’s glyphosate, prison systems, military power, etc., etc.

Long have we Pleiadians, as well as other ET groups/races – both of the Dark and Light polarities, faced the incessant wants/desires of your power hungry egomaniacle govt./shadow govt.’s, multi-generationally – for access to our much more advanced technology. We Pleiadians know, of course, that their secret intent is to generally use it for even more forms of control, tyranny, and especially MIND CONTROL of Earth’s masses.

So, we restrict certain data sets, until such time as things evolve upwards upon Earth – as we, for one ET race of Service to Others polarity certainly do not wish to generate any more Karma from handing over our highly advanced, dangerous technical knowledge of weapons systems to the generally arrogant, barbaric, temper tantrum throwing little “children” in power currently on Earth.

Know, also, at this “time”, that there are several other lower evolved planets/species of the generally considered HUMANOID life forms which we are now assisting in this same way, in other regions of this Milky Way Galaxy (as you call it) as well as in other Galactic Systems of spiral, globular, and other forms of Galactic spatial/energetic dimensional/time lines.

The “State of the Earth”, as we Pleiadians see it, from our much more advanced scientific/Spiritual inter-temporal and inter-dimensional perspective IS SIMPLY ALARMING. There are SO MANY issues – pressing needs that should be addressed for not only the ET’s, but all the other wonderful genetically integrated creatures, as well as the entire planetary energetic/physical structure itself….(CODY:  Please!!!!! Slow down RaTesh, please!!!)

RATESH:  Ah, yes, my love, I/we will slow down – as you can see; we love the Earth and its creatures and do get somewhat “exited” when addressing – as what we Pleiadians see, as important/pressing issues upon your world, as well as some of the others. Although many of your fellow Earth humans are not even aware of our, and the other ET races/groups existence, we Pleiadians know that through your individual and collective Earth human consciousness….regardless of which dimensional aspect, or energetic thought form frequency – you have the power to affect physical and Spiritual change…..thus making your Earth, its creatures, and Earth human civilisations evolve upwardly – away from war, barbarism, and deceit. These messages are to that end.

So, this brings us, dear ones of Earth, hearing/reading our words, to one of the FUNDAMENTAL FLAWS in, as we see it, Earth human being’s individual, and thus mass collective consciousness. Simply put, it is a GRAND AMOUNT OF BOTH SELF AND “TO OTHERS” DECEPTION. The lower ego minds, common to most Earth humans, control their mental states and thus, secondarily, their emotional, physical, and most importantly their Spiritual state. This is due, primarily to advanced/vast….both past and present ET genetic manipulation, by races/groups like us Pleiadians (our forefathers), the Annunaki, Reptilian/Draconians, Sirians, Arcturians, Greys, etc., etc………..

(NOTE: more psychic attack interference from shadow govt. operatives……resetting now….here, RaTesh is saying that this is one of the reasons she chooses this time to begin this “State of the Earth” project, due to moon phase, and several other energetic/physical factors affecting the dimensional portals associated with telepathic communications….like static on a cell phone.)

RATESH: (continuing)….yes, some of the Earth’s govt./shadow govt.’s psychic intelligence operatives are aware of our/these telepathic transmissions and are again attempting to monitor, which is fine – we Pleiadians welcome them, for we SPEAK TRUTH. The ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOU AND THEM, CODY, (while some of them are even more powerful/adept psychics than you)…is that we Pleiadians know that you, Cody, WILL DO YOUR BEST TO DISSEMINATE OUR TRUTHS OUT INTO YOUR WORLD – while the govt./shadow govt. operatives/psychic intelligence agents, SURELY  WILL NOT. Instead, they will try, as they usually do, and are doing right now, to disrupt/deter our/these telepathic methods of assisting Earth’s people by exposing their innate lies, corruption, and greed. Let us PLEIADIANS BE CLEAR; WE ARE OF THE LIGHT AND ARE HERE TO HELP/ASSIST BY GENTLY RAISING UP YOUR PLANET’S OVERALL EARTH HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS WITH LOVE AND TRUTH. OUR AGENDA IS THE ANTITHESIS OF THEIRS!!! We Pleiadians wish to assist to set Earth Human’s free – NOT TO ENSLAVE THEM….so, we continue…

This fundamental flaw, inside the medulla oblongata brain structure of Earth Humans, or the so called “Reptilian brain stem” as per your Earth term… the seat of the commonly referred to “lower ego mind/consciousness”. It is a fact of genetics biologically engineered into your species by several advanced types of Extra-Terrestrial methods. The Annunaki did some of this, in a greedy effort/attempt to control the less advanced Earth Human species through genetics….to be both intelligent enough to be “good slave labour”, and, at the same time, not to be “smart enough” to rise up to a level where they could challenge the Annunaki’s authority and power.

Similar variations of this type of genetic chicanery, or manipulation, by more advanced ET races/groups  upon lower evolved indigenous populations – of planets like Earth – have occurred, and are still now occurring – throughout the multitudes of Galactic structures in this entire Universe. It is a fact of evolution, scientifically proven and validated. At any rate, your Earth Human species HAS THE POWER TO OVERCOME THESE FORMS OF GENETICALLY MANIPULATED/CONTROLLED LOWER EGO CONSCIOUSNESS STATES, BY MEANS AND USE OF HIGHER SPIRITUAL TECHNIQUES. This is the Key. This is the answer to rising up out of slavery, tyranny, and control – whether economic (bankers), mental (mind control, like religious and school indoctrination, TV, etc.), physical (govt. and shadow govt.), etc.

So, this brings us to an IMPORTANT POINT (as we see our channel’s hand is tired from writing and his weak mind is also tired……(rest period for channel…then resuming)….

RATESH:  *** The “powers that be” running your Earth know that this Spiritual Power latent in Human Beings is dangerous to them, as slave masters, so this is why they focus/concentrate so much effort to keep Earth humans ignorant and “dumbed down” ABOUT SPIRITUAL SCIENCE***

Know that we Pleiadians are NOT TALKING ABOUT RELIGIONS, which proliferate on Earth…but, are instead, speaking of TRUE, REAL SPIRITUAL SCIENCE. Once known, learned, and applied, then Earth Humans, as other humanoid civilisations have learned throughout this Galaxy, these same Higher Truths of Spiritual Science lead to societies and ages of enlightenment…which, in turn, create societies of Higher Light and consciousness, like Lemuria and Atlantis, or like us Pleiadians…..WHO HAVE NOT HAD/KNOWN WAR IN OVER 50,000 OF YOUR EARTH YEARS.

So, it can be done, and Light can prevail – but also, tyranny and Darkness can win out. This is why your Earth’s Govt./shadow govt.’s fluoridate water, spray nano-aluminium, barium, etc. in the air by chemtrails, and introduce, among other things, chemicals like GLYPHOSATE, into the foods. All this “tampering” with the water, air, and food globally affects Earth Humans…..encasing/calcifying their Pineal Glands….which serve as a “biological antenna structure” to ACCESS THE HIGHER DIMENSIONAL PLANES OF SCIENTIFIC AND SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE. This is all part of your so called “New World Order” control grid – or, to use your Christian religious ideological terms – THE MARK UPON THE BEAST – which is a Pineal Gland “mark”, or structure of highly calcified nature, to MUTE/DAMPEN/REDUCE THE NORMAL CONNECTION TO EACH PERSON’S SPIRITUAL FORM. This serves as the so called “Mark of the Beast”…..a robot like EARTH HUMAN DISCONNECTED AND DISEMPOWERED FROM THE JEWEL OF HIS HIGHER SPIRITUAL FORM……and thus, A SLAVE…..easily controllable and manipulated by the powers that be…..whether they be ET or govt./shadow govt. or both…Earth Human, hybrid ET-Earth Human, etc. etc.

This, dear ones, is why we Pleiadians are here – to assist with UNDERSTANDING by spreading higher forms of Spiritual Science, to assist struggling/developing planets and civilisations,,,,such as Earth. Now, this channel tires, but much more information/wisdom/knowledge will be and has been already authorised to be disseminated to Earth….past the truth-choking filters of corporate controlled Main Stream Medias, govt. corruption, and religious dogma. This is RaTesh on direct authority of the Pleiadian High Command.   (end 5:02 am MT).

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