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Just wondering if Jesus has appeared to you in a dream lately, explaining the challenges that you must overcome, in order for you to advance to 'Paradise'?


Anyone game to share?



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Sorry, I'm lost... I have no idea if Jesus was black or white, even though I've always seen his image (in paintings) as a white person.   For me PRIME CREATOR=GOD, as you said, energy (consciousness, love), so I don't see the ET origin there. It's true that some ET's have been seen as Gods in ancient civilizations... but that is another story, I Guess! ;) 

its not really that hard to grasp for most people hunni. 

of course prime creator isn't class as an ET prime creator is the reason for existence . not just that the energy of it creator'd  our universe but many others, some say were in the forth universe so i read not sure if this is true. there's some many things to learn and the more you learn here the more you realize how little you know. 

for whoever messed with our genes though, which i do believe it was ET's i look forward to seeing the evidence one day.

those are pictures/painting of what people believe Jesus may of looked like if he was black. you might find interesting.  

Thanks HUNNI!!! (that's so sweet)

I agree with you that we know very little, and I'm sure that human DNA is a mixture o ET DNA. Some say 6 different races mixed with homosapiens. I've also heard that 60% aprox. of the galactic federation are humanoid. (I hope we know for sure when disclosure finally happens)

OK!!! I start to understand u hunni!!!

As far as if Jesus is blackor white, I will LOVE him anyway! ;)

Hanna, by the way, for your age you must be an indigo or chrystal, aren't you? You are quite spiritual and phylosophical... that's cool! ;) Maybe you are a starseed...

Did you know that the Earth is hollow, with an inner sun? hunni??? 

Much love from Barcelona! 8;P

Yeah I've read up on the h*** hollow stuff. its quite interesting and that's an other thing i look forward to seeing if it exists. i do often wonder if somewhere deep down inside of us if were have came from else where which all this is knowledge is known. we already know its true. but because the way this world brainwashes you from birth we all forget it. but i have also learn't that there is some beings here who pretend to be pure of love and feed you a lot of rubbish so until i see, sense,feel,touch with all my abilities which are all very important i can't allow myself to take it as truth. just keeping a very open-minded to all possibilities. 

The ones who seem to go by the name of the galactic federation of light these days. there's just something that doesn't feel right about them. i mean i don't like how they are changing people. i mean it's like they're striping humans of there humaneness. i feel we have all emotions for a reason. its just working out the best way to use them all with learning to balance them to the best of our abilities to use them for the better good. also i came on here seeking answers, these spiritual people tell you to think outta the box and in my understanding of thinking outta the box isn't just looking at stuff which isn't taught in main stream but look deep into everything and keeping an open-minded to many possibilities and i see people when they first come here do that but then get caught up and without them evening knowing it they have been put in yet an other box. with only thinking one idea and one way forward. and the believe they know the out come of the future which i think is pretty dangerous. then they also tell you not to doubt them because it keeps you in the dark. but if you stop doubting stuff you stop questioning and you stop learning. and the second people stop doubting someone that person has control over them. which i believe everyone should be free and think for themselves. they should be supporting us not controlling us. but the name Galactic federation of light i remember good things about them in my past life before coming here? so it is quite confusing.      

Not sure if i am a star seed, but i do have these memoires of past life's else where not on this planet. and i have a burning desire to help this planet and every living soul on it and help bring peace and stop suffering for all. but I've seen some star seeds turn nasty on me and others for just having a different opinion and it was really up-setting these people call themselves loving spiritual beings but i'm not sure who they think they're kidding but i guess we all do make mistakes? but some seem to be being control by something dark without them knowing it. 

I believe in Aliens as i have met some even in 3d. and close friends and family think i am mad apart from the ones who have witness stuff. i grew up seeing and talking to spirits so i have always been open to different dimensions. and i have had both positive and negative encounters with them. which i think has made me much stronger and wiser. and i no longer fear much. which is great. :)

What about you?, what do you think about it all? and anything you want to share i would love to hear. i think everyone can learn a great deal from everyone in life. as long as there don't end up following an other person onto their path and keep on their own. xXx           

B-Fly,  I didn't see Jesus in a vision, but I did see what I understand to be my guardian angel.  It was a figure clothed in a shining white robe on a horse with white cloth on it.  It was absolutely a stunning site.  I didn't understand why I saw this, but it was an amazing experience.  The spiritual beings are real after all.      A time later I was praying and seemed to be "taken" to the crucifixion scene.  I've heard that the malevolent ET's have a "movie/tape""  that they show to people that is a copy of this scene.  I also heard that they have shown this to the presidents (possibly to incite guilt in them for manipulative purposes).. I'm not sure if my vision was the original or not,  but it was a sad scene,  very disturbing.  Maybe someday I will get to see Jesus, who knows.  SuperDave


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