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The closing ceremony for the 1984 Olympics involved a UFO flying over the Olympic stadium and communicating with the audience. The UFO eventually lands, amid smoke and lights, at which point an alien steps out and greets the public.

Considering the 1984 Olympics had no other connections to UFO and alien phenomena, the only logical reasoning as to why this happened was again to plant a seed in the publics mind and to judge our reaction.

The 1984 games were officially opened by President Ronald Reagan"

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...and now its time for the real thing... ;)

Yes! full moon the 2nd, during the 4th:

strange how you brought that up as there was a sighting of a ufo at the 2012 london olympic games too.

aye, the olympics of me birth year :)   Think I was probably just hatched at this point

There are many symbols that are obvious in this 1984 Olympics ceremony. This is the 1984 UFO at the Olympics:


This is the UFO filmed last Friday:

In the video filmed during the closing ceremony of the 1984 Olympics, all the people greeted the "starship" with flashlights that had a blue light. Things evolved a lot throughtout the years and now we have more technological effects.

 In the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics, the audience held LED lights and spelled "This is for everyone" and they kept illuminating the stadium with different colors.

During the closing ceremony in 1984 in Los Angeles, the starship communicates with the stadium through music at the beginning ( just like in the 1977 movie "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind"...cfr: ). Just like in the movie, there is a "Close Encounter".

During the opening ceremony at the 2012 London Olympic Games ( that cost 40 million dollars...), each country was represented by their team and a kid holding a heavy metal "petal" of what later formed the huge and stunning 60 feet high blazing waterlilly of light that represented participation, connectedness and oneness of all the countries that were part of that ascending and illuminating flower at the stadium.

At the end, the flower finishes ascending and rises containing the olympic flame. After that, there are wonderful fireworks....and the symbol of a starship ( call it a hologram, a Goodyear Blimp....a real starship....) flying over the stadium WITHOUT landing, just there, respecting the whole process, with no intervention.  The illuminated stadium looks like a blazing flower itself.

Wow.....I am not an expert in symbols, but I bet you there was somebody who really is an expert behind all this!!!! :)

I strongly guess the past might be even more variable than the future...

The factor time traveling can not be overestimated!

Living without the access to the technology making it possible is comparable of being shipwrecked:

You somehow drift helplessness in the vast ocean of time and space and all you can do is waiting for a ship coming close enough to recognize your unfortunate situation and that is willing to take you on board and take you home... :(

Until now countless ships saw us swimming or rather drowning within the middle of this particular cold ocean area - but instead of taking us on board these ships threw their own seamen into the ocean, too, in order to teach the already underwater ones to walk on water first in order to save themselves then...

The main problem with this was: Those thrown into the ocean from the ships should teach something they could not even do themselves and even those who might have could became cooled out so fast while diving under that they then lacked the energy reserves to even save themselves.

Sad story in my opinion...

It is time to simply let down the rescue ladder instead of throwing even more overboard or to change the course of time in order to create even more different timelines...

I regret feeling like having to express this at all. But it's probably simply a symptom of hypothermia...

Please don't confuse this with heartlessness. It is simply a reflection of my perspective...


Don't forget: The (sea-)water is really toxic here - as are the counter toxins.

The human body consists of over 70% of water. Toxic water down here.

So how can ones heart here possibly stay pure if even the blood it pumps is toxic since even before birth...

I remember that very clearly when it happened.  In fact I think this sighting first peaked my interest in UFOs/aliens.  Thanks for posting Ben!

Awesome!! :) We've always known ~ :)

Lets hope we get a REAL encounter soon


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