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One kid is wearing a penis on his hat, another claims to be a Lenisist and says 'star trek is what happens when communism wins' another had no idea what happened in Barcelona, and another said Barcelona attacks were the result of the Charlottesville attacks;

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then her daughter should put 'died' under the born date on face book

Universal basic income sounds good, but, I see a dangerous downside to this.   If they implement  this idea then all the other social services will be ended...things like social security, unemployment  payments, etc.  This is how they plan to pay for ending the other services.  So....if they gve everyone $500 a month then people who would normally get $2,000 a month in social security will only get the $500.    The thing is that this basic income will be  low...only about $500, because it is not possible to give people more ...or enough to live on for it costs trillions and the money is not there.  So, this §$500 is not enough to get a homeless person a place to live and food and it is not enough to live on if we lose our job...they expect 42% of people to lose jobs due to robots and tech..    Another thing is that this could become an excuse to never raise the minimum it is a way to subsidize the corporations.  I can only see this working i the amount of the basic income is actually enough to really live on..

software makers will donate to politicians who will look the other way-unless their is political will to heavily regulate the new ai's, robotics, etc. because this will create poverty

it is true , leftists were invited to express their views and opinioms in open forum and they did show up , around 40,000 strong...............all while less than  100 radical white , bible thumping red necks spewing their white supremacist views and rightly so , mind you. does anyone see irony in that ?............I appraise them klansmen for not showing up with clubs (tiki torches made for sissies ) , shields and helmets like that nazi rally in another state. They are more than lucky that leftists came to express their views in nonviolent ways . Its called free speech.................

mike lies f****** lies;

Who is the Boston Free Speech Coalition behind Saturday’s rally?

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PRINTJohn Medlar, one of the organizers of Saturday's Boston Free Speech Coalition rally on Boston Common.

John Medlar, one of the organizers of Saturday's Boston Free Speech Coalition rally on Boston Common.

By Meghan E. Irons GLOBE STAFF AUGUST 16, 2017
The Boston Free Speech Coalition evolved quietly online and out of the view of authorities in recent months, shaped in part by outrage over violent protests at political rallies and riots on a California campus, a spokesman for the group said Tuesday.

John Medlar, the 23-year-old spokesman, said he and other young men began communicating on the Internet to express alarm over what they viewed as support for protesters who set fires, damaged property, and started fights following the University of California Berkeley’s decision to invite controversial conservative figures to speak.

“We were alarmed that people were OK with fringe anarchists burning down a campus and driving [out] speakers,’’ Medlar said.


yes- they are scumbags!!!

lmaooooo antifa is good imo

And why would you say that these CRIMINALS are good?

good use of caps lol.  your conception of CRIMINALITY and how it relates to ethical political action is really shallow. The american revolution was criminal. slave rebellions were criminal. gandhi was a criminal. nelson mandela was a criminal. resistance to the nazis was criminal. grow up fam. antifa is a line of defense against explicitly violent movements that advocate ethnic cleansing.  the tactics are not perfect, but mostly fall within any reasonable definition of self determination and community self defense.  if antifa scares you more than a resurgence of violent overt white supremacists and neo-nazis then that really articulates your politics better than anything you could write.

white sumpremacy, nazi-ism, antifa, black lives matter-all fascists, all need to be eradicated-'cornel west' race baiter for a living-not bad if you can get the gig huh?

Fascism and related political movements have core political principals that are antithetical to antifa and blm. lumping them together is lazy and ahistorical.  cornel west has a solid track record of speaking truth to power and for fighting vulnerable communities. the best you can do is fling breitbart buzzwords like "race baiter" at him because you are unable to engage with the substantive content of his work or the truth of Charlottesville, which is that antifa was there protecting vulnerable peaceful people from violent fascists that were out for blood. its embarrassing to see this level of misunderstanding regarding the basic histories and beliefs of these groups. so yeah, antifa is tite and necessary af. sorry bud lol.


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