"You need to hear it, we know who THEY are"

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  • Honestly Helen, too many to list.
    Lets start out with the basics.
    1. Slavery. During the early to mid war days in Orion, massive scale production of races began to take shape. Worlds would be converted into supporting the agenda. Manipulated and altered. I've talked with several people who have confirmed that they've personally seen many people killed just to get population sizes down to a manageable number. Before the rest were put into slavery, after they experienced hopelessness.
    You see, the Orion's were trying to dominate the universe after an accident in mintaka which started the war in the first place. A supply ship was coming from Rigel to Mintaka and was the first official though long forgotten casualty of the war. It wasn't carrying anything dangerous, just commercial freight. But you see, Mintaka was experimenting with multidimensional portals. They summoned something through a black hole and that experiment went wrong. I made a detailed discussion about this awhile back that I will post here that covers this in detail as I was semi in a galactic trans when I wrote about it. That tends to happen to me quite a lot.
    2. Mind control. One of the key races and or hybrids that they used in their experiments involves the class system. They implemented this in full force. Usually with the Alpha Draconian's at the top, alongside the Mintakan's and Rigelion's. And the bottom 3 classes consisted of the insectoid's, the hybrid's and the grey's. Sometimes other races were used in hybrids when they couldn't take over their entire planet. this does include some Sirian's, Pleiadian's, Arcturian's, Andromedan's, Vegan's among others. Those who directly fought against the war, were literally not in the mind control program. The insectoid's were used for their instant telepathic and translation abilities and were hybridized the most. It is sad what happened to them as they were normally a very curious and gentle race. Any member outside of the Mintakan control matrix was actually better off, even if they suffered from heavy suppression of soul feelings. More on this later.
    3. Wide scale attacks. When Orion's would go for the kill, they'd almost always use the most destructive force after they've already won. This is so that they would minimize the chance of insurrection and insubordination when they've "taken care of the stragglers" as they put it. You see, the Mintakans were short, fat ugly blue overlords that thrive on remote sabotage where ever they could. They were a stick in the mud even before the war began, which is why they had Rigel doing all the heavy lifting for their colony world. They have short memories, a huge appetite for greed and prefer swampy damp places to cultivate as their appearance resembles frogs.
    Yes, Amphibian reptiles are just as dull on Earth as they are in Orion. Here's a fun fact. The Pleiadian's under Orion control originally built this place as a sanctuary for anyone to come away from the war, with one caveat. They'd lose their memories of who they were. Then that became a source of profit for the Mintakan's, and that's how things stayed ever since. Of course when they felt like it, they'd order experiments to be done on humans, and that's basically the same people responsible for Earth's isolation as well as the tale end of how things went down during the last fight on Maldek. Contrary to popular belief, there's a theory out there that Maldek was used to cultivate the first humans. While this was true, the war was still active at that time. that's who destroyed that world, was the Orion's and not the Maldekian's. Although Orion controlled history would have you believe that Maldekian refugees came to Gaia in an effort to rebuild after they destroyed themselves. A similar story played out in Atlantis. The Orion's again, are to blame for giving them technology they didn't fully understand. By that time, greed had set in, and the Atlantian's didn't listen to reason like they tried to on Maldek.
    4. Reverse psychological manipulation. When in doubt, use someone's words against them. Mintakan's and the hive mind collective were famous for that. that's one way they were able to control timeline shifts back home where black hole instability would cause confusion, hatred and descension among the ranks. That's why they needed status symbols like hording things just to keep themselves ruthless and at the top of their game. It never lasted though. They love to feed off of their own ego to boost themselves up, so long as they are running the show. They will quickly disappear if not enough power is basically handed to them on a plate. All that Terran worship stuff, is their design alone. And in Sumeria, that's who was running things along as a blind faith experiment. Will a race do what they are told without question if they have no memory of anything else about themselves. That's the dark heart of the Mintakan strategy and it, sadly works in their favour stronger than most that they've used. Because what they achieved, was the status of semi sentient bio androids. Knowing just enough to play into reverse psychology, they've created. Once they can't recognize their own system in someone, they will quickly get annoyed, lose interest and attack when you're not looking. Sometimes they'll attack if they're feeling insecure about something else. And other times they look like they're attacking, when in fact it's a test. That's one they use mainly on their inner ranks to keep them in line, so they can distinguish who believes what. When the war in Orion began, it was mintaka who cultivated Rigel and then using the technology the Alpha Draconian and Sirian alliance gave them, they terrorized the rest of the galaxy.
    5. Recovery. It's hard to say if they can be healed, but I will say this. They're very attached to holding on to power. A lot of the original traits built into systems that rely on points, credits or some kind of fake numbers game relies on their having to resort to manual static steering of reality when their dynamic range implementations are non operational. A phrase which represents the fact that outdated technology created by Draconian (technical) and Sirian (psychic) along with Pleiadian (soular) Lyran (intuitive) and Arcturian (multidimensional) including Andromedan (observational) influence meant that they had dynamic control over the regular state of affairs on many worlds. Once their control hosts started dying off, that was instrumental in losing the Orion war. The last to leave were the Pleiadians and Arcturians, who tried to create a soul barrier. but by that time, the Sirian's and alpha Draconian's had had enough. As the original seeds who started scouting out for worlds to include in a universal outreach program, they would form the basis of the galactic federation, Ashtar Command and several other related councils in an effort to end the influence of the mintakan stronghold. Which basically means, they've lost the war, but not the mindset and will hold on to it for as long as possible. The job of the galactic federation, primarily, is to reset this mind set from the inside out. It's one of the major reasons starseeds and lightworkers combined are here on Earth now. They aren't directly incarnated into the ruling class families, or the military where continued communication with several Orion outposts currently continues on. but they are in positions of government and media, which is precisely where the fight is currently shifting. I expect key battle ground positions will shift more as we progress together to a conscious future. either way, the Mintakan overlord factions are the ones in most desperate need of repentance as the rest of the universe has moved on long ago. We will continue to see echos of their influence as things change in real time across star systems of the galaxy and beyond.
    One of 3 futures will emerge as being victorious for Earth. The galactic name will change to Terra or Gaia (instead of something translated to dirt or mud - an orion racist name) and be included in the Galactic Federation post Orion influence clean up. Earth will become an Orion stronghold for the factions to culminate. Earth will continue on independent of the Galactic Federation and be protected by the Ashtar Command and be a world of isolation and human dominated affairs. Depending on how we do as starseeds bringing humans and Terrans in alignment with the cosmic brethren our souls unbound long for.
  • Sirian Starlight I 'M responding to your comment here. You said you fought in the Orion war i thought this was interesting what needs to be known about the Orion Agenda? Can you give some details?
  • Linda is very much correct in this video and has a lot of insight on aliens and their advance technology. what she spoke about in this video here is really creepy i believe they are part of AI robotics and other forms of technology and have used earth as testing field for other life forms for their own purpose.
  • I need to warn you about the Orion agenda. This kind of scout campaign system is precisely the type of thing that gives the galactic federation reason to fight for our freedom every day. I fought in the Orion war. I know what they're capable of. Not all whom they see as an enemy is our enemy.
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