The Galactic Federation of Light, Sharon-Ann Riley, 2 May 2011 - GFOL Comments on Osama Bin Laden....

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Sharon-Ann Riley channels the Galactic Federation of Light. The Galactic Federation comments on the death of Osama Bin Laden. Sharon-Ann Riley is a Galactic ...

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  • Thank you to all of my teachers!  Love & Light...:)
  • information is information - as long as we can separate information from disinformation, we're all good!
  • thank you.  This message does not fall on deaf ears.
  • Seeking and finding the hidden wave... ..wave after wave. The 1st wave is to distract attention. Shadows hide deeper shadows.
  • GFOL, Sharon-Ann-Riley, or Joe Smith, what spoken here are wise words...
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"I believe Ashtar would Honor Free Will
The Ashtar Command abide strictly within Confederation policy of noninterference with free will. While they may highlight the consequences of some of our decisions, they allow us to operate our lives and…"
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"Igodoflove - I agree that heart and mind should work together - I also would say that I am not judging anyone - I am expressing an opinion -but you may feel that) maybe lesson learnt in that this is not wise. Too many minds for me in my simple…"
1 hour ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"We must adequately discuss and debate on things going on in the world, both the positive and the negative. Failure to do so, we find that we don't learn from say the negative things and hence we keep repeating things that give rise to those…"
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"If someone speaks their truth that means it is their truth
It does not make it wrong or bad it does not mean that you have to accept their truth it is a choice on everyone not anything else if you choose to go a higher path experience it is all…"
2 hours ago
marker dragon left a comment on Comment Wall
"It is common for starseeds to make the mistake that positive vibes only equals higher resonance. The highest vibration is truth not nicety. Little white lies is a very low vibration. Not clearing our mirrors (shadow selves) is a nadir of vibration.…"
2 hours ago
1godoflove left a comment on Comment Wall
"To wandercloud
Do you feel your higher mind needs to correct people since it is doing it in a loving way it is okay then? Or saying someone like me is just talking in a lower mind then you are better than me?"
2 hours ago