Metatron on the Divine Mind and your Inner and Outer Worlds

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Metatron says it is time to direct your attention to your own inner world because your outer world is a perfect reflection of your inner world. To change the...

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ET Hugger left a comment on Comment Wall
"If the Sirians or Arcturians would offer us a meal that is healthy for us, what can we expect and would we like the taste of it?

Do they have a food delivery service? ūüėČ"
3 minutes ago
ET Hugger replied to Ivy Ivy's discussion Galactic Languages in Starseeds from Sirius
"Interesting, I just read the story on the comment wall ūü•Ď"
12 minutes ago
rev.joshua skirvin posted a blog post
| SourceBeloved Ones,As our planet continues undergoing the Emerald retrieval that started months ago and whose peak will be on the triple 888, many of you are now contributing to assist on this Emerald anchoring. There are key locations you will be…
1 hour ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"It is a fact that ascended beings possess physical bodies that require proper nourishment, while being able to vector interdimensionally, using merkaba and also technology....In fact DNA has aspects that exist on the higher planes, as well as…"
1 hour ago
Drekx Omega commented on Drekx Omega's blog post Randy and Drekx Discuss an Aspirant GFL Star Nation - Sigma Draconis
"The device described in the Sirian language, as a "modarin gurixiter," is a small and silver, metallic sphere, with a rod passing through it, horizontally, on a necklace chain, which resembles a silvery grey, flexible cord....It glows when actively…"
1 hour ago
Krishna Kalki replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Any Place Of Worship Also Known As Gods House Has To Be Fully Respected
"Even the biggest sinners should be able to be transformed by going to a place of worship ( GODS HOUSE )"
2 hours ago
Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
Place of Worship also known as Gods House is for :WorshipPrayers KirtanDiscourse on Holy Books Meditation Uniting with God Eating Prashdam ...offered food cooked with love and served with love Collective Consciousness for the highest good to…
2 hours ago
Drekx Omega replied to Ivy Ivy's discussion Galactic Languages in Starseeds from Sirius
"Ivy, two new ET words for you.....They are Sirian language words, one of which pertains to a fruit grown on Arcturian worlds, but is Sirian language....The gorad...Size of an avocado, purplish-blue, smooth skin, with orange flesh and stone...Very…"
3 hours ago