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  • Greetings Eric, First of all thanks for the friendship! THe whole Starseed/Indigo thing is quite a long story. Ive had an interesting but fun 32 years of life.. Ive always known something isn't quite the same with me as with some others. I remember stuff like being born or picking to come to earth. I wanted to live in Austrailia, but they said I had to come to Canada.. thats early life stuff.. at about 18 things got even more strange. I was given several opportunites to 'WAKE UP" or tune in, but everytime I just ignored it or laughed if off thinking I was weird. Tried really really hard to fit in and be like everyone else, but no matter how I tried I was always out of place. THis went on for at least 10 years,..about 8 months ago - i was on youtube watching something about Nasa, disclosure and aliens or something and my brain tweaked. it was about 5pm in the afternoon and I knew then my life would never be the same. Instantly I changed.. I was suddenly aware of everything that exists in the universe, who I am, what all this is.. all my questions were answered.. I learned that questions I had could be answered. I had major downloads of info.. I started seeing auras, I could hear what people were feeling before the spoke.. good thoughts and bad.intense dreams. I go somewhere at night, its awesome, but I have no idea what plantet or where it is.. . ( althou I could always do that) just stuff like that.. The wake up was quite scary.. I had no idea what was going on.. everything was so strange.. then I got angry and wanted out of here and felt that I was abandoned here. All I can say is it has been an interesting 8 months of change.

    ( this is the quick story) lol

    How to I help people? For over 6 years, I have had a unique business in the performing arts that serves to adults and kids.. I facilitate Childrens theatre, ( on a big production scale), Rock School, Film & TV classes plus way more, as well as produce live all ages events.

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3vm463i485y2y posted videos
Nov 2, 2020
3vm463i485y2y commented on David Kenyon's video
"I'm guessing these are people in trance meditation? I don't know if I buy it but nice video nice use of the Mandelbrot set."
Mar 15, 2014
3vm463i485y2y commented on cosmicwarrior's video
"Typical David a whole lot of talk allot of picked apart facts that you can't look up yourself. AND A WHOLE LOT OF BAD prophecies!! Adds up to a whole lot of garbage.    "
Jan 4, 2014
3vm463i485y2y commented on Sebanyoth's video
"I want to believe!!
Jan 3, 2014

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