Drekx Omega What Is Galactic Federation of Light Doing Most Of Time Lesson in Planetary Guardianship

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  • And, as mentioned before, there will be no kinetic nuclear war allowed by the Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation...and there are many off-world/on-world technologies that can thwart launch codes, for ballistic missile launches, et al....And it does not matter if they're cruise missiles, ballistic inter-continental, sub-launched warheads, nuclear torpedos; sub launched, or tactical hypersonic, they won't reach any target and will remain in situ, harmlessly de-primed..😉So baddies, don't even try it...

    And if any observers, who proclaim the veracity of the fictional "star trek, non-interference directive," complain, let them know, the GFL have saved this planet from certain destruction, several times, unheralded and in total secrecy, before...Let them know this....The GFL care and will "interfere," divinely intervening, when necessary and especially under Lord Surea's edicts, as per the law of divine grace......Now that was never mentioned on fictional Star Trek, was it...??😉👽

    Lord Surea is the boss, not Gene Roddenbury, or Leonard Nimoy...🖖🤣

    The GFL will always be there, for humanity.....We're not going anywhere....☺️

  • Randy asked:
    "Hey Drekx, do you have any interest in doing a blog on the subject of earth being the origin singularity for the galaxy? Sheldan has talked about earth being the core singularity for the galaxy, but not in much detail. Perhaps Mikala could give us a brief history lesson on this subject.
    If you have interest I could come up with some questions, and perhaps Justin and AgartherZ might have some questions also.
    It could be a fun galactic history lesson. : )"

    Drekx reply:
    Yes Randy, it is an esoteric truism that planet Earth contains the core singularity which created this galaxy....
    Nidle puts it well in his vid...Albeit, places the topic in a degree of sterility, lacking the cosmic biology behind the event...

    However, he does not describe the origins of Earth, before it triggered a galactic percolation into physicality. Which means that Earth can be viewed as an embryonic trigger mechanism, that eminated a great matrix of energies, which caused a galaxy to manifest. Wandering, as he suggests, across the vivifying field, emitting from it's core, activating galactic physicality, in it's path....A birth of a new galaxy, which replaced it's "parent galaxy," which is no longer manifest within physicality, as it has evolved beyond that need, to express a physical aspect....
    Galaxies are living beings and like a mighty oak tree may be born of a single acorn, so too can galaxies be born, following the seeding, which is essentially a "sexual" act, in which a "sperm" is combined with an "ovum" and thus producing an embryo, which grows into adulthood....The adult galaxy is always a spherical form of expression and able to reproduce itself, forming a "child" galaxy, which possesses a mere two arms, and over billions of years, develops nine, as the Milky Way has and a further growth in development, until finally, develops a spherical body of light, without spiral arms....Or shall we suggest, the arms fold into an outer shell of suns, planets, dusts, et al, with more placed centrally....And thus, this form of galaxy becomes "sexually active," before it can eventually vibrate to even higher levels, which phase it out of physical universality....Having completed it's goal and having reproduced.....So a prior galaxy, which no longer exists in physicality, but does exist on the higher realms of the cosmic logoic planes......A Galaxy X which sent a seed of birth, self-fertilised (like plants) and created another offspring, from the seed of singularity...

    Look at Earth's core as an embryonic life, which seeded and activated the whole Milky Way, into active physical expression....A trigger mechanism for growth..a sperm, fertilised by an ovum....

    I don't feel that creating a blog would help others....You and very few, would comprehend these concepts, methinks...;-) I will copy this comment on the main wall, though...

    Selamat Ja....!! Drekx

  • The original Lyran colony assumed the "Lemurian" mantle, some 900,000 years ago...Atlantis commenced it's "successor" mission, 133,000 BCE...When King Atlant reigned.
  • The forthcoming Age is apt, for re-establishing the good order of nature, through perfect surface Earth planetary guardianship, not seen since Lemurian times and those of King Atlant, during the Rhuamoal/Toltec expressions of civilised humanity.....

  • Also, of all the creeds, philosophies, 'isms,' ;THEOSOPHY [wisdom of God,] ticks my personal check list for value and veracity

  • Funny thing, my terrestrial family motto is; "SAPIENS DOMINABITUR ASTRIS" [a wise man can rule the stars.] Interesting....no....?

  • Oh, it is a plan, sweet friend. That of raising consciousness in readers/listeners. I enjoy de-frosting these vids, as the data applies still. Resurrection from a block of ice, to live again...? Hehe..! Ageless Wisdom teachings are just that..Ageless..;-]

  • Yes, bring some of the old posts back to life. 
    The info is great and there are people
    who are ready to absorb some of that. 
    It sounds like a plan :) 

  • You could also post your comments below the original posts, the link is below the video: https://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/what-is-the-gfl-doin...

    I prefer text instead of the robotic voice, I don't know how many people enjoy listening to that. Reading helps with memorizing and you don't skip over details.

    What Is The GFL Doing Most Of The Time..??? - A Lesson in Planetary Guardianship
    Dear Ascendees, Here is an opportunity for a wider education about the role of the GFL on Earth and an easy to digest summary, as to what the GFL is…
  • Thanks Ivy, for the confirmatory sources via Master DK. Also, a minor side-issue niggle regarding the video's 'artificial voice' pronounciation of my name; 'Drekx.' It should be one syllable, not two. So pronounced as; 'Drex.' I add a letter 'k' for numerological reasons only: General comment for all readers.....;-]

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