Bilderberg 2013 - Montage

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Montage of the main 3 days at the Bilderberg fringe.

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  • Dear Hellen welcome to a world that has awoken we are the

    ones changing in every moment we are renewing ourselves by

    the way we support and love each other and our fellow Human

    beings, we have awoken and the rest will arise to the occasion

    that is happening everywhere you are a part of this and all you

    need to do is shine your genius and be that what you always

    knew was there, we need to wake up and take our place that

    we agreed to do because we wanted to have this experience

    and to feel it and be part of the great awakening, for I know

    we have done it before and we will be doing it again.


    Love to you and your journey.... 

  • So nice to see our People Unite for a good cause!  Thank YOU protesters!  You are HEROS in my book!

  • This sums up a lot in its presentation


  • Yes you will probably find other films portraying them

    and what they where bringing to the attention of those

    there and the larger viewers, the films was more

    centred around the unification of opposites and

    the spiritual side of these event and the loving

    exchange that was facilitated by great minds

    coming together to find a way to solve this

    human dilemma, The energy was amazing

    and this is happening all over the world where

    people are finding there feet and communicating

    and cooperating with each other toward the

    fulfilment of this Great awakening.  these events

    are an opportunity for people to look at there own

    shadows and to arise from them.

    To be continued....


  • AtlamMu:  Didn't know there were other speakers besides Icke and Jones.  Thanks for the info once again.

  • You are welcome, it was a great event and wanted to share it.

  • AtlamMu:  Thanks for the wonderful video.

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