Ascension Activation Whith Archangels- Dj MrFlanell

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We call forth Beloved Archangels Michael and Faith and we ask for a Downpouring of their Loving energies of protection ~ with help from their legions of angelsWe call forth Beloved Archangels Jophiel and Christine and weLovingly request the ascension energies of illumination andWisdomWe call forth Beloved Archangels Chamuel and Charity and weLovingly request the ascension energies of love, tolerance, andGratitudeWe call forth Beloved Archangels Gabriel and Hope and weLovingly request the ascension energies of resurrection andPurityWe call forth Beloved Archangels Raphael and Mother MaryAnd we lovingly request the ascension energies of truth andConcentrationWe call forth Beloved Archangels Uriel and Aurora and weLovingly request the ascension energies of peace and devotionWe call forth Beloved Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst and weCall forth the ascension energies of culture, refinement, and diplomacy, ordered service and ascension itselfWe call forth His Holiness Beloved Archangel Metatron and theCombined forces of all the Archangels and we lovingly requestAn ascension acceleration the likes of which we have neverReceived beforeWe request Beloved Archangels will you remain with us and work with us on a full-time basis until we complete our ascensionsAnd the seven levels of initiationWe request Light quotient building and anchoring of our higherChakras and your twelve strands of DNAWe call forth Beloved Archangels Faith ~ Christine ~ Charity ~Hope ~ Mother Mary ~ Aurora ~ and Amethyst we lovinglyRequest a balancing of our four bodies and their systems and weAlso request that a pink rose appear in our hearts ~ We call forth aBalancing of the feminine and masculine energies withinWe call forth and lovingly request our ascension angels to help usIn these activations and openingsWe lovingly call forth a rain of blessings from the seraphim ~Cherubim ~ Thrones ~ Dominions ~ Virtues ~ Powers ~Principalities ~ Archangels and Angels for our ascension in theLight for our ascension group and all of humanity and the EarthHerself ~ God speed all our ascensions in the light ~ SO BE ITWe call forth the radiance of all seven rays and the combinedFull power of all the Seven Ray Masters and the Seven RayArchangels to shine through our third eye centers and connectThe force of the Rainbow Bridge into the Light of our ascension ~Columns through all chakras and to our Monads and all the wayBack to source ~ And So It Is DoneWe call forth to all Archangels and Angels and Ascended MastersAnd we request that Mother Earth also receive the beloved giftsOf these activations and meditations ~ So Be ItWe also request that all the kingdoms of Mother Earth receive allThe beloved gifts of these activations to ~ So Be ItWe call forth a Rain of Blessings from Goddess and God to allBeings here on Earth ~ So Be ItWe lovingly request a Rain of Blessings to all beings that are onThe path of ascension send forth the blessings of this activationsTo all brothers and sisters on the path ~ So Be ItWe loving ask for any and all assitance in our ascensions ~ fromAll the Planetary and Cosmic Masters of The Light ~ We call youForth to send your Rain of Blessings to our lives and to ourAscension group ~ And So it Is Done

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  • WOW Thank you LOVE to All
  • Thank you Kina Love and sparkling light to you ,you are so fantastic blessings to you

    big warm lovely hugs to you

    i had a great time doing this song it hapend alot great energys

  • Love this
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