2012: Year of Power - Lee Harris

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You may download a free mp3 of this audio from the 'audio gifts' section at Lee Harris' website (available from January 3rd).For a transcription of the audio, please visit:http://leeharrisenergy.blogspot.com/2012/01/2012-year-of-power.htmlQuick links to video collaborators' websites:For free monthly energy forecasts, messages and channeling work:http://LeeHarrisEnergy.comFor more information on how to contact Brad Oliphant and to view his extensive portfolio of his work:http://BradOliphantPhotography.comTo listen and purchase original muisc creations by Dan Burke:http://ShiftsMusic.com* you may download a free mp3 from Dan's website (available from January 3rd)To watch spiritual videos and discover Oribel's creative work:http://youtube.com/user/ORIBEL38http://OribelDivine.comPeace and Love to all.Lee, Brad, Dan & Oribel

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  • Thank You very much dear Lily! 

    I Love to listen to this meditation about 2012 and  to see all the beautful pictures!

    Big loving hug to You<3

  • Thank You My Dear Friend KingJeff ~ And Many Blessings your Way with Much Love !


  •  Hey Lily this video confirms that this is the Year of the Divine Feminine. Mother Gaia has nurtured all with a New Auric Field around hereself renewing the upper atmosphere. The Feminine Bubble males love to pop and without that there would be no Yin Yang. There is a continual shower of waves of energy a rippling of and cascading down from Prime Creatrix Divine compliment of Prime Creator from the Great Central Sun down through all 8 Central  Suns to ours Alcyone which Sol our Sun orbits. All staight lines of manifested force are the masculine as depicted within the Crop Circle. The Crop Circle has four or five Atmospheric Bubbles the Circles being Spheres enclosing encasing the masculine in its firm grip indeed as the sider does to the fly.

    2012 brings the Balance of th Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine each complimentary to each other and the awakening of the Androgynous Inner Selves to the Self. 2012 will see waves of the Mothers energy caressing the Inner Atmosphere so be thankfl for the Feminine caress of the Wind on your cheeks and te heavier delicate embrace of the water on your bodis as you swim. May a trillion Rainbow Heart Bubbles cascade  out of your Heart Lily over all you come in touch with heaing all with your own special fragrance  as they burst. And may all reading this post experience the same and guess what Drome asked me what was all the perfume he was smelling about himself after reading this blessing. I sid it was from him self so I know it works and it will spread around the Planet through the Feminine Energy. The trillion Rainbow Heart Bubbles busting over all is your Own Feminine Energy working in Harmony with yourself. The Rainbow Heart Bubbles of Love the are the energies of the Divine Mother bursting over All. Blessings to you once more Lily for the special work you do. Kingjeff

  • Thank You My Dear SisStar ~ And Many Blessings for You In 2012 and For All of Us as ONE ! xox ;-)


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