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Weird stuff. Comments appreciated.

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  • YOU, as in the royal YOU. Not specifically you girl. I was speaking to any who may say otherwise, so relax.
  • GHOST:  Are you calling me IGNORANT?!  Why are you calling me IGNORANT?!  Did I say that I didn't believe this stuff?  I just titled the video with the name that the video already had.  YOU are being IGNORANT by making ASSUMPTIONS.  Who the heck said that I'm a NAY-SAYER?! YOU!?

  • I could go into great detail but why bother? Everyone already knows the truth in their bones... Apollo 16 was not the final mission to the moon. Furthermore, there are conveyances that we (the United States) posses that can take us to the moon in a matter of minutes. Most of this technology was reverse engineered during the 50's.

    We have already been to Venus, the Moon (of course) and Mars that I'm aware of. I've heard rumors about a Jovian base on IO... or maybe it was Ganymede... Oh hell I don't remember. The point is simple, we have advanced craft that can take us essentially where we want to go and with very little limitations beyond our physical bodies. That said, I'm open to questions and I'll do my best to answer them suffice to say that if I don't know, I won't make crap up.

    Ultimately, you can choose to believe what I say or not, that's really up to you. The truth is far more frightening than you may imagine and frankly, I've seen this stuff with my own eyes, so telling me that I'm a liar only makes me laugh at your ignorance. Sorry for sounding like a jerk but I really don't have time for nay-Sayers.

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Krishna Kalki replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Sales Gimmick…Warning When They State UP TO 50% Off
"You have been conned suckers"
4 hours ago
Krishna Kalki posted a discussion
In most cases there are only a very few items in the store that is stating up to 50% off ...usually very few and probably some backstock items that were not selling well.THEY MUST ALSO STATE HOW MANY ITEMS ARE ACTUALLY 50% OFFAnother sales gimmick…
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As I am allergic to too many people https://www.allergyshow.co.uk
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Krishna Kalki replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion Trophy hunter who killed lions and elephants is shot dead …karma catching up ..oh what a pity
"Those who believe animals have no right to live then they also have no right to live"
7 hours ago
Layra444 commented on Drekx Omega's blog post Violet Eyes...? - It's A Bit Shocking, But Interesting
"These hieropgliphic texts if one cannot decode, the subconscious mind can. And would use it at a later time once the need arises. Same with the symbols and crop circles, we just need to view it and let the subconscious mind do the rest."
7 hours ago
ET Hugger left a comment on Comment Wall
"This is interesting stuff 🙂

Tribes in the desert for fourty years = Moses, his tribe(s) and offspring?"
7 hours ago
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  About Video Clip of Cern Ritual This was said to be a Hoax however, very commonly during their rituals its a Mock sacrifice. For example its thought that they do the Mock ritual, in attempts to excite the Spirits, and so it can be done in Public…
8 hours ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
""activated/deactivated with intent/will, we are not determined by our genes?"

Yes, the human gene looks almost the same as that of worms, or should I say no one can explain how the vast difference between a worm and a human arises only from how the…"
9 hours ago