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Clip from April 24, 2013 - guest Jordan Maxwell on the Jeff Rense Program. program

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  • Um. No one is putting a gun to your head telling you that you have to work for someone else. And you don't HAVE to work. But it helps. Specially if you want to eat and have shelter. But with free will, you could very well run off onto some unowned land (does that even exist?) and live off the land and live in a cave if you don't mind sharing it with all the animals and insects (or build your own shelter obviously). But even if you do find unowned land, since you no longer have a government protecting you... there's nothing to stop other people from trying to take it from you.  And if you require any sort of medical assistance, you better know how to do it yourself or you're SOL'd.

    Our income is taxed for a reason. Taxes pay for things to make society more comfortable and safe. Yes, it can suck to see how much of it gets taken out at times; don't think I'm like, "yay I love taxes" because I don't. But I understand their purpose and function. No I don't completely know where every single penny of those taxes go off the top of my head... but I'm sure with time and research I can figure that out. And if there's something that it's going to that doesn't make sense... well I would bring it to the attention of the people who can change those types of things. And if I REALLY despised taxes, I would leave and find a different country/government that better suits my needs/wants.

    I don't mean to burst your bubble, but I find it very unlikely that there will be a day when we don't rely on money. Let's say we do get rid of money. How do you get something you want that someone else has when there's no other way to get it but from someone else? You can't just steal it (well you can, but that's kind of rude). Sure, sometimes people will just give it to you but often times they want something in return which is understandable. Bartering and trading is how things used to get done. It's evolved since then. Yes, I'm aware there's a lot of crappy things involved when it comes to the economy and interest rates and greedy banks and people screwing people over and the value of the dollar falling and it would be nice if everyone all of a sudden was honest... but I realize if you want things, you gotta pay for those things one way or another. You gotta play the game or pack up and ship out.

    In the meantime, there are measures you can take to rely less on money. Grow a garden to rely less on grocery stores. Bike instead of drive so you don't need gas.

    Realistically, the only way I can imagine a day where we no longer have to worry about money... I think would be the day we die. I doubt people in the afterlife rely on money since they're already dead and no longer have to worry about survival.

  • Assiya:  Yes, I believe that we are ALL slaves, especially if we work for someone else.  Also, OUR INCOME IS TAXED and that is ILLEGAL!  We work 4 months out of the year for NOTHING!  Even if you are a business owner you have so many forms to fill out, regulations, etc. that they are slaves too,   Yes, I believe we're ALL slaves.  When the day comes when we can do what we WANT TO DO for work, it will be on a VOLUNTARY basis, and all of the "grunt work" will be gone replaced by machines or computers THEN we will no longer be slaves!  That day will come when we no longer have to rely on MONEY. God!  I hope that day comes SOON!

  • Malcolm:  I don't know that much about Jeff Rense but I always go to his site and sometimes I listen to him on his radio program.  I didn't know that his prediction of Obama dropping out in 2012 was inaccurate. 

  • Jeff Rense predicted that Obama would drop out of the 2012 Presidential race and that Jeb Bush would run in his place. He based this on a meeting of Obama with Jeb Bush and George H.W. Bush in the White Hose in mid 2012. Jeff Rense does not have a good track record, and unlike Gerald Celente and Alex Jones, he twists his rationale around when he is wrong and doesn't want to admit when he's wrong. But he is fun to listen to, and he does have very interesting breaking news events on UFO's and extraterrestrial aliens. Best, Malcolm

  • It's hard to know how the Galactic Federation is going to reform and help transform our planet. I am optimistic though but it runs through my mind every few weeks. 

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