Zorra from Hollow Earth, explains the Purification Technique, and our natural healing powers

The Purification Technique


  1. What ever you eating or drinking, put it in front of you.
  2. Take your right hand and create a karate chop on the table, right of the glass or plate of food.
  3. Then take your left hand, with palms facing up, and the back of the hand on the table.
  4. Then you bring your last 3 fingers together, to the palm, creating a funnel or vortex, with your index finger pointed outwards. Bring your thumb in if it works for you.
  5. Keeping both hands on both sides, with the glass or plate in the middle, then you allow the energy to flow through the glass or meal. Directly into the palm of the karate chop right hand. It creates a vortex energy tunnel between both hands through the glass or meal.
  6. Holding the form for 30 or 40 seconds, and for this time period, you may feel warm, a tingling sensation or nothing at all, but how ever, it’s still accruing.
  7. After 30 or 40, try the glass of water or taste your meal.
  8. This practice technique removes the toxic out of the drink or foods, whatever is not good for you.


You can do it with a fruit like an orange, peal the orange and eat a section, then repeat the technique, and notice the taste. It would be sweeter. 

You can do it with beer, it would remove the alcohol content out of the beer and keep the taste.

Natural Healing Powers

  1. You can rub your hands together beloved ones, do so as I am speaking to you, take them apart 25 or so inches. Then bring them together very slowly, as you do, you’ll begin to feel your pushing against a visible force.
  2. Keep coming together, and it would begin to heat up as it does, stop. That is the healing power you possess, all of you on this call are healers. Everyone of you, everyone of you are Gods and Goddesses. This applies for the whole world.



Do not allow them to be vaccinated any longer. Vaccination brings limitation, it makes them in dormant and does not allowed their full potential to surface. That is what your government on wanting to do globally, they want to stop the newborn from achieving their full potential.


The Illuminati cabalists and dark Governments in the US and globally, have been vaccinating all newborns, including your birth.


This weakens the immune system, allowing your body to be exposed to all mental and physical genetic manipulation during the entire aging process.


This is one of the main reasons why we are all contaminated of germs and bacteria’s, a gateway to more genetic manipulation. A open window to flesh eating viruses and all known diseases and illnesses.


All pandemic contagious illnesses and diseases were purposely design and created by Reptilians for world control and domination. And then given to Illuminati scientist to manufacture and produce.


Then delivered to all global dark governments and cabalists to release it to the public, as unknown source Pandemic Outbreaks.


Cause of our limited health, were an easy target to all Infectious diseases, illnesses and viruses. A Reptilian blueprint to enslavement of earth. It has shortened our life span from 500/5000 body life yrs, shrunk down to 80/100 body life yrs.


1981 HIV/AIDS, 1976 Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever, 2002 SARS, Asthma Creutzfeldt-Jakob “Mad Cow”, 2010 Malaria, Ghangaria, 2001 Anthrax, Rabies, 1816 Cholera. Lupus Erythematosus, 1665 Bubonic plague, 2009 Influenza A (H1N1), 1980 Diabetes, Polio, 1962 Cancer, 1985 Typhoid fever, Early 1950s Smallpox, Hemorrhagic Fever and the list goes on.

How can you help your children’s? By teaching them the same, by teaching your children the same technique they can learn to focus their own energy.


And they can contemplate all of their existent, when their doing this, it would bring forth what is called the realization of them selves, and it would reverse the effects of what is called, the vaccination and things of this nature.

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