Disclosure of the inroads the dark cabal has made over the years to enslave and control us is gushing out and available for anyone wishing to explore it. To the average Joe it would seem futuristic and too far removed from reality to consider it true, but we’re quite certain it is.

We have been warned for some time that often our thoughts are not our own—particularly the negative ones.

The Reese Report covered the nanotechnology in all of us—vaxxed or not.

Ules Morgan, former CIA and consultant for the US. Military on neurological sciences, spoke to cadets at West Point in 2018 about the current state of technology; experiments where information is transmitted from one mind to another and experiments where memories are erased. Almost everyone is infected with some sort of nanotech.

You can listen to the video [6 min.] or read the transcript at this link. Chemtrails are not a myth, and the globalists have been up to nefarious acts for decades.

Much of the news we get isn’t fresh, but we hear about it eventually in many cases—like this one. Use discretion, as always.

Navy SEALs Save Missing Maui Children

We see bits and pieces of intel here and there. Link to Telegram.

BREAKING: Xi Jinping arrests his own Defense Minister Li Shangfu, alongside over 200 PLA Rocket Force associates.


And from American Patriot

Watching military movements today. Things are moving quickly. Be sure you have what you need. Take care of things for yourself and family. Stock. Necessities. I will continue to monitor these situations. Soon things will be out in public to wake up the masses. Cut off time is nearing. No fear. I will be ecstatic. Let’s get. It. On. 🎉

Military will always run interference against the Cabal on the large scale. You are safe. Put on your armor. No Fear.

This story has been developing over a few days and we wonder if it will play a role in a false flag event in California which we hear may be planned. If so, I trust the military will make quick work of it.

2,000 migrants from around the world have been dumped in San Diego County in four days. The Biden Admin is rolling out the red carpet for this chaos, showing zero concern for our region’s resources.

State & local politicians are offering legal protection & free taxpayer-funded benefits, only encouraging this to continue.

We can’t have a country without a border!

🔗 Supervisor Jim Desmond


New York may be targeted for a FF event as well. The video below is live on Sunday from NYC and we hope it doesn’t get ugly. There is also a Mexican parade and a caravan/convoy of MAGA folks at Trump Tower. A perfect storm?

We don’t know what to expect from day to day and it has been a little crazy out there with assassination attempt on Robert Kennedy Jr. and the cabal lashing out at Russell Brand and calling him a pedophile. Gee, that’s original.

Why are they so terrified of Bobby Jr? He’s a Kennedy, for one; they assassinated his father, for two, he’s an attorney who has spent years fighting for the children, and he knows. He has been supporting the Alliance agenda for a long time and unsuspecting Democrats are going to flock to his platform.

“Everyone Will Have to Prove Their Identity Before They Vote” – Robert Kennedy Jr. Proposes Plan to Prevent ID Fraud at Voting Booths and More (VIDEO)

Here’s Katie Hopkins on Russell Brand.


Master C. Miller on Telegram puts out frequent warnings. On Sept. 13 he said extreme weather events were coming and to watch Arizona. Well, there was some flooding in the usual places in the East Valley this past week, but nothing I’d call extreme. We only got a little rain but saw lots of lightning. The forecast is not extraordinary at present and consistently just under 100F and possibly partly cloudy this coming week, so we’ll see.

More extreme weather incidents to occur.

Watch Arizona!

Meanwhile… Hurricane Lee is doing a number on Atlanta today. Link to Telegram.

Hurricane Lee (Category 1), packing 80 mph winds, has flooded parts of South Shore, Nova Scotia. Nearly 130,000 are without power in Nova Scotia as high winds & flooding challenge the region. 💦👀💦

It’s barely a hurricane and caused some interesting conditions in Nova Scotia. Watch this quick video.

The information that has come out about Covid since the globalists’ psychotic scamdemic has been sobering. Are we to take all this seriously?

CDC Data Reveals COVID Vaccine Could Shave Off 24 Years from Men’s Lives!

Here we go with the spraying in India for a “virus”. Now they’re all testing for it. There has been talk of so many contagions lately in many countries so is it outside the realm of possibility to think we might all be dealing with out own “pandemic” by individual nation? Link to Telegram.


UK health chiefs
‘closely monitoring’
outbreak of deadly virus in India 🇮🇳

An Indian outbreak of Nipah virus, which has no cure and can kill 75 per cent of those it infects, is being ‘closely monitored’ by UK health leaders.

Five other cases have been detected, including a child of one of the victims, with over 800 people being testing.
The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) told MailOnline it was ‘closely’ monitoring the outbreak.
Authorities have closed down schools and offices and declared nine villages as containment zones over fears of the brain-damaging virus.


A summary—including dogs and cats. Good grief.

A rare outbreak of the Nipah virus has been reported in Kerala, India.45 The virus is known to spread from animals to humans and can cause respiratory illness and fatal brain swelling.2 The virus was first seen in 1998 in peninsular Malaysia in pigs and pig farmers. The highest mortality due to Nipah virus infection was found in Bangladesh, where outbreaks are typically seen in winter.3 The virus is known to infect a wide range of hosts, including humans, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, cats, and dogs, and has been documented to cause severe disease in at least humans and pigs in past outbreaks.1 Authorities have curbed public gatherings and shut some schools in the state after two people died of the disease.

Kerry K speaks to us about the Ascension Wave “practice sessions” underway for each of us right now. She just makes so much sense and the current scenario might not be what you think. We are all here facilitating this process. 21 min.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone going through a rough time with family and friends. When they can’t get to us—they frequently get to us through our loved ones.

Mel K did a very encouraging and supportive speech recently that may be what some folks need to hear. 30 min.


The Monolithic & Ruthless Conspiracy – JFK Began the Fight & We the People Will Finish It! | Mel K Las Vegas Speech

Signing off for today. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks.  ~ BP

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