The circus is in town! Have you seen what’s happening under the big top in Phoenix? It’s a real three-ring circus as the Democrats try to get their fraudulent, blatantly stolen election results certified, but more counties are balking and refusing to certify. This long, drawn out dramatic sequence of events is designed to wake the brain-dead.

This article says Kari Lake trails Hobbs by 17,000 votes. What a very interesting number. I think the Patriots are in control. Link to Telegram for the actual court documents.

Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is making a legal move following her race against Democratic opponent Katie Hobbs.

Lake has filed a lawsuit against Maricopa County election officials seeking records pertaining to the recently concluded election, in which some media outlets have declared Hobbs the winner. Lake has not conceded yet to Hobbs, who, according to The Associated Press, leads Lake by around 17,000 votes.


In Brazil, however… the People are protesting in the millions non-stop now.

Breaking Report: The Brazilian military stands with Bolsonaro… is prepared to invoke Article 142…

Look at this astonishing, precision message in the skies over Germany. Woo-hoo!!!  I see the absurd censorship is still in place. Sensitive? Really? This first appeared in May. I don’t think we need a decode.



The ingenuity of the predators is bottomless. We know about Wayfair selling ridiculously expensive pillows, which Dan tells us was a debunked conspiracy and a red herring, and we know about the social media platforms, Planned Parenthood, sporting event satanic rituals, and more. Here’s another source feeding their penchant for children. Dan Dicks of Press for Truth in Vancouver explains along with their typical fake apology in his 9 min. video. Article and video at the link below or watch further down on Rumble.

Bombshell: Balenciaga Pedos Exposed!!! Everything You Need To Know In Less Than 9 Minutes!! [VIDEO]

Simon Parkes did an update this weekend which is excellent on many topics, as always. Simon cautions us that events like martial law may be misconstrued and designed to reach the deep state as opposed to relating the actual plan. Simon says the military he has spoken to are hard-nosed patriots of the mind that it is the fault of the citizenry for electing the politicians they did—and that we must pay the price.

We know that the elections were rigged and the politicians blackmailed and bribed. Those who knew either didn’t speak up or lost their lives. It’s hardly fair to blame us for an advanced race of predators who used mind control and technology to subdue and deceive. How many decades did the military know and do nothing? How many children were tortured, murdered, and consumed while they sat in their offices and planned how they could take over the control of Earth/Aether without upsetting the natives?

I think we have a bone to pick with some of those judgmental and irascible military men. It’s their job to protect civilians from enemies; foreign and domestic yet they watched as their own ranks were whittled down to almost nothing by senseless wars, assassinations, and “vaccines”. They should not be calling down the blame on us from their ivory towers. 1 hr. 38 min.

I don’t know who Will Byrd is, but I would welcome an opportunity for at least a little vindication in the community. I have spoken before about “V-Day” and the fact that many people are being served crow now on several fronts. This and the image above are from Phil Godlewski who has decided to fight the new and false charges against him. Why is Phil attacked so vehemently? A good question. Link to Telegram.

Will Byrd – Open up wide.

Massive crow heading your way

The crew says SGAnon was a guest on Underground Patriot and it was a super discussion. Finally, someone accepted the offer and gave SG the stage on the more racy topics like offworlders and flat earth. SG Confirmed my beliefs about our little Petri dish, and also what Phil G stated that there are realms far beyond our own on Earth where none of us have been yet. See below.

Our concepts of who we are, the nature of our reality, Earth, physics, healing, and everything else are completely skewed by the liars who have controlled us for eons and the media enables them to have the repetition and reach they need to brainwash everyone.

The ice wall in Game of Thrones

SG mentioned that the firmament was fractured momentarily by the psychopaths but its regeneration/replication was so rapid and so complete that all that is left of it is the “milky way”. They failed in their attempt to break it open. He also says his research suggests the firmament at one or two places actually reaches down to touch our Earth plane.

Did you ever see this video clip from The Truman Show of Jim Carrey sailing the seas until his yacht hits an obstacle, at which point he pounds on the “sky” that seems to block his path? He appears to have reached the end of the world. You will also see the director in front of a flat earth/dome model with which some have suggested the larger, more advanced beings are watching us.

We know they put the truth in front of us in the movies so that may not be brilliant imagination but fact. We can see the nations of the world have clashed over control of Antarctica and it is highly restricted for reasons not revealed in full. Here’s the full hour with SGAnon and his well-rounded perspective on many topics,..including 5D~Ascenion.1 hr.

SGAnon Interview #2

Isn’t it timely that someone posted in comments at the same time the Elena Danaan claim that Flat Earth is a CIA psyop? After all these years I’m disappointed that the controllers haven’t been able to come up with a better lie than that but they’re not creative, are they. [Not a question.] It’s not very bright to expect us to believe anything the CIA have to say since they’re a Nazi organization.

The lies of the psychopaths have all been swept under the same “conspiracy theory” carpet since the inception of that term in the 1960s after the death of JFK. Any truth they want concealed is labeled that way, ridiculed, and people called childish names for daring to suggest a different narrative.

I suspect Elena Danaan is the psyop. Both she and Dr. Michael Salla attacked the credibility of the ‘nurse’ Megan Rose who says she gets her information via implants from her contact Val Nek in the Federation of Worlds and they claimed she stole Elena’s material. Michael Sala was also a promoter of the liar Corey Goode. Maybe they’re all psyops and distractions. SGAnon, however, has more credibility than most..

Juan O Savin tells us that the Supreme Court has accepted the election security case so we’ll see where that goes. You can listen at the link below. 26 min.

Nov 25 2022 – Juan O Savin w/ HammerTime > SCOTUS Accepts Shocking Election Security Case

The arrests are amping up.

Military Arrests Another Cabinet Member

Veteran Derek Johnson is certainly doing his duty to inform and educate us about military law and how it affects events unfolding in front of us and behind the scenes. He’s an excellent decoder, for that reason.


BOOM! Derek Drops BOMB After BOMB In This EPIC DECODE!

It’s time for brunch so I will sign off so I can get my tree and house decorated today. As Simon says… it’s vital to take self-time if we hope to support others when the need arises. Always put your own oxygen mask on first before assisting others on the flight with theirs, correct?

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