In today’s news, there was a significant earthquake in China, right around “that” depth, and a most unnatural sky along with it. WTH?

Gen. Michael Flynn says some kind of significant event will likely preempt the November election.


I thought I had shared the new Trump ad but it may have slipped through the cracks. It’s over 3 min. and excellent.


Melania’s wardrobe/costume is dropping comms again, in case you missed it and she’s still a “cover girl”. Who has done the decode for this latest one on the left? Source


Q the Storm Rider on Telegram dropped the following. From what I hear, the general consensus regarding the major cellular outages on Thursday is that it probably was a Chinese beta test–but sometimes outages happen. It’s not always an attack.

_NOW PANIC IN THE CCP ( COMMUNIST) is happening as XI KEEPS MOVING FORWARD OPERATIONS TO END THE CCP and break apart the China into separate United Territories. The CCP is working with Globalist. CIA. Mi6 Rockefellers, this why XI KILLED ALL THE U.S. SPYS and broke apart the spy ring operations that was working with CCP.
(> It’s not coincidence that XI started killing and ending the CIA Rockefeller+ operations in his country a few weeks after TRUMP BECAME PRESIDENT…… Its not coincidence that XI came to meet MUSK ( Chief commander in USSF placed by Trump + Cheyenne mnt.)
The white hats alliance long ago knew the CABAL/ DEEP STATE/ GLOBALISTwanted to invade China and create War with Russia to take over the GDP and power of their country and resources, that’s why they wanted to created a full global controlled power system called NEW WORLD ORDER

>Now major panic with Globalist happening with CCP weakned power structure collapsing and [ THEY] INITIATE a first
> Test> BETA TEST> CYBER ATTACK against the U S.
Safety measures in place after the biggest Cyber-Attacks to take place in 2024 world history…….. But this all needs to happen.
I have been telling you for a long time friends and Patriots to prepare for the 10 days of darkness and military protocols to be initiated after and everything is going to lead to Military Tribunals Tribulations in almost every major country ( this is the celebration that TRUMP is giving COMMS on for 2025 one year Celebration)
It had to be this way.

Military is the only way.


I am expecting interruptions in service in the coming days. This morning my Internet was down for 2 – 3 hours  beginning at 5:30 am sharp, back up on return from our walk awhile later. Then my iPad keyboard wasn’t working. Then the Apple Safari browser said it couldn’t connect to any servers but the router was fine and everything was working on my desk top. Then I had no Wi-Fi connection on my desktop either. Disconnecting and reconnecting the router didn’t resolve the issue.  So frustrating, but I made a list of all the activities I can pursue when I lose connectivity. There are a LOT. Just after noon my service was mysteriously restored. Good mojo—and you get your post today.

The clown show continues.

In France, it’s a CRIME to disagree with the establishment narrative on mRNA jabs. Now, in Canada, an authoritarian lawmaker wants to criminalize anyone who says anything good about fossil fuels.

We have reached the point in history where the lies of the fascist authoritarians are so insane that governments have to enforce them under the threat of imprisonment. Prepare for the mass criminalization of any dissent against #vaccines, #climate nonsense, #immigration, #elections and more.

Full story here:

Your must-watch video for this weekend concerns the coming events—stock market crash, EAS, shelter-in place during mass executions of the 80K sealed indictments, how the NESARA funds will be used and how they will process the return to We, the People. Fascinating stuff.

Dave Lion said it was difficult for him to collect this information so I hope we appreciate his efforts to do so and to then bring them to us via Patrick at Patriot Underground. Dave mentions Capt. Kyle, whom I also regularly feature for you because these are the real patriots with real information. As Dave noted, the process/information can always change, but this represents the system set up at the current time. 1 hr. 52 min.

Dave XRP Lion Interview

In closing, I get a lot of incredible information on the Dr. Kek Society feed on X and they’re the best life-hacks I’ve ever seen—like, when you have a headache, instead of an aspirin eat 8 – 10 almonds. Or how to preserve your food so it doesn’t go bad before you get a chance to eat it. I wish I had learned all this in school. It’s far more interesting than the curriculum I had to endure.

Out for now, my friends. See you soon.  ~ BP

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