If you received knowledge of the existence of a long distance relative that wanted to
meet you and they said they could help you.  Would you contact that relative?

This exactly what your band of spirits guides is, they are friends on the other
side of the veil - who are here to assist us, this lifetime.   The Choice is yours!

If your are interested in knowing these persons who have volunteered to stand
beside you and assist you this lifetime, then you just need to state (publicly or privately): 
"I you wish for my guides to make themselves known to me."
This is all you need to do. This statement has granted them the permission to go about
working on this matter.
Let us examine these guides and their functions:
First is your Doctor of Philosophy - DR. TEACHER:  He is in charge of the band, usually
giving directions to the others in the band.  He or she is primarily concerned with this earth
life.  They work with you in anyway you need them to. Generally, this guide is someone
you have had lifetimes together.
Writing, advice and support are of their main functions.    
(Example) my Dr. Teacher is dictating this to me.
DR. CHEMIST:  We have our own personal physician that we can call on. When Jesus
said,"Physician Heal Thyself."  He was referring to the Dr. Chemist to start healing people.
Their primary purpose is to keep a proper chemical balance in your physical body.
They have told us if you leave a glass of water next to your bed at night and they
will add whatever nutrients you may need to help give your body attain better health.
JOY GUIDE: They come as a young Person but are very high
spirits. They have worked hard to be able to work with you so close to
the Earthplane. They bring upliftment and gaiety, guiding your lifestyle
to balance recreation and work. They are always eager to serve.  
Call upon your joy guide when you are feeling down, or are looking for 
HEALER: Normally work with you in the form of a nun when you need it,
and also for others through you.  When you put your hands on someone
for healing they place their hands over yours or on your shoulders.
They always hear your prayers.
Have you ever been guided to touch someone for no known reason?
Your healer is working through you.
PROTECTOR: They are almost always Native American.
For Westerners. According to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
It is discarnate people of the red and yellow races who
manifest the wisdom of the heart (gentle intelligence)
They help prevent accidents for you, if
Karma permits, or lessens the seriousness of the accident if it must
happen. Know, you are never alone, you have a powerful protector.

Protectors have been known to guide a person through the darkness.
Even though I walk through the valley of shadow of death, I will fear 
no evil, for you are with me; Your rod and staff they comfort me.
These are the primary guides concerned with your earthly life and
their is one more. 
MASTER TEACHER: They are the highest guide of your band. They
are concerned mainly with your spiritual path.  Spiritual direction
and guidance of divine matters is their function.. Usually they belong
to a higher realm (Can be an Ascended Master or ArchAngel).
When that question," Why I am here?" comes to mind.. Call out to
your Master Teacher.  "Master Teacher why Am I here?"
You will surely receive your answer, in whatever way you need at
that moment.
"May you guides make themselves known to you, and may
the Light of God always shine upon you.'
Sal Salvadini 

Ref: Temple of Universality Newsletter

Ref. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:

Return of Arthur Conan Doyle 1963 p. 14

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  • Malchite, 

    Thank you for comment.. Reading The Return of Arthur Conan Doyle

    and pg 14 states: It would seem that intelligence is a quality needed in a guide (Doorkeeper)

    meaning gentle wisdom which comes from living close to god. It is often people of the red and

    yellow races, who manifest this wisdom of the heart.

  • Nuns and Native Americans?!  Enough already. It is different for everyone.

  • very awesome! thanks


  • The 2 main guides you ask for is your Dr. Teacher and Master Teacher..  It may come through someone 

    else, meditation, stilling your mind.  The point is you asked, (Universal Law is you must be answered).

    Be open for the answer!

  • What if i have asked Many Many times, for my Guides to make themselves known ,,, and Never received any response????

This reply was deleted.

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