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List what makes you authentically happy.

Many times in life people have asked me what keeps me feeling bright, cheerful and happy than most.

I always replied there is no strict formula except by truly being true to my authentic self, I stay true to my own definition of happiness.

So far, research has shown that happy people are those who are kindest and who appreciate what they already have in their lives.

To be truly happy, I feel you have to enjoy what you do and look for the positives in whatever it is that you are doing daily.

Let that “appreciative” energy surround you; and you will radiate light and happiness into this world. Authentic happiness means to empower yourself.

It’s also very important to take each day and moment as it comes; and not dwell so much on what negatives happened in the past or what may happen in the future. Take everything that happens to you as an experience and not a hindrance. One of the best methods to stay in the moment (I find) is through EXERCISE and Visual MEDITATION.

Remember to give the best compliments and love to yourself, family and to your friends….after all, ALL are worth your attention.

It’s important to always make the choice to be happy whatever happens. You will draw so much more power and energy to you just by holding that intention!

Love, Star!


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