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You Deserve It All:–
You deserve a life of joy and happiness.
You deserve a life of abundance.
You deserve freedom from fear and doubt.
You deserve warm and loving relationships and doing what inspires you.
You deserve it all and you have within you the power to create your life, a life of warmth and connection, a life of excitement and vital energy, a life of creativity and exploration.
You deserve the unfolding of adventure into becomingness.
You deserve it and you have the power to create it.
So begin here with belief.
Begin with understanding that you have this power and believe deeply in it.
Believe that if you focus yourself on the love that resides within you, if you focus on a dream that floats before your eyes, if you turn your heart and your emotions away from regrets of the past and the fears of the future, that you will step into a new bright tomorrow, born of love and laughter put in your heart today, this moment, right now.
Give this moment your full attention.
Give this moment, right now, all of your energy. Take your dream of love and connection, joy, laughter and happiness, and bring it to your heart in this moment.
Fill yourself with gratitude for how things are right now and then bring in even more. Magnify the joys and abundance of this moment and allow that feeling to expand within your heart.
Your value is immeasurable, your worth endless and complete.
You are deeply loved and you are worthy of all the love of the Universe.
You deserve it and it is showered upon you, every moment of every day.
Open to it. Open your heart to feel it.
Right now, step forward and drop the walls that you have built around yourself from the future.
Let it come. Let the wonders come.
Let the adventure come. Let the love flow toward you.
Open your heart wide and let love and life enter.
Feel the joy of an open heart.
Feel the joy of being alive.
Your happiness is a gift to the world.
Your laughter makes us smile.
The joy that fills your heart overflows and touches us all.
When you allow yourself to truly feel your love and your power, when you embrace yourself with all the wonder and glory that is you, when you allow yourself to truly shine forth, you bless us all with vibrant and glowing energy, energy that flows out across the world, the universe, announcing itself in beauty and glory.
Say it, Sing it, and Know it!
“I Am”. I am the light.
I am the wonder. I am one with all that is, the highest of the highest, the limitless expression of love and beingness.
My light is the light that glows for all.
My heart is the love that beats for all.
I am the glory and I deserve to be, for I am all.
I am one with the highest and widest.
I am an expression of God, embodied here in the physical form.
I am Jesus and Buddha, the Saints and the Prophets. They are all in me and I in them.
There is nothing that is beyond me.
There is nothing that I cannot do and be.
For every heart that beats is within me, and I am the full expression of the loving heart of God, the wonder and the glory that is.
This is your call.
This is your song.
You are all of this and all of this is you.
So step into your true self now and let yourself shine.
Realise the truth of who you are, and the infinite heart of the Universe.
An adventure awaits you.

Sharon Ellis

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