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So often, we see our human brother and sisters seeking teachers or gurus to find their way "home". We state that no guru, no teacher, can possibly open one to one's own soul. Opening to one's own soul requires inner work, inner processing, and inner releasing of the pain that caused one to armor one's heart from childhood. Most humans shut their heart at a very early age. Often by age 2, most human children seal their heart and never open it again for the entire lifetime! Although this is sad, one can go back in time to the moment when they chose to seal their heart shut because life was just too painful, and begin the process of opening the heart in full. Although this is not an easy process, as enough of the heart peels open, contact with the God/Goddess within can and shall occur.

In so doing, one shall begin to hear the messages of their own soul. As the messages of one's own soul pours forth, one shall become their own teacher, their own guru, and this shall allow one to find their way through the labyrinth of spiritual evolution. No one can do this for another, and no one better knows where one needs to be or what one's path is other than oneself. As one attunes to the messages of their own soul, one shall be guided from within. As one learns to follow one's own internal guidance implicitly, one shall find their way "home"...

There is a huge seduction amongst teachers and healers of all kinds. The seduction is that you "need them" to find your way home. In reality, you need no one other than your own connection to your own source or the God/Goddess within. Following another will take you off course, beloved. Following another is the method of the antichrist to assure that one does not ascend, does not find their way home, because each path is so unique, so distinct, that if you follow in the footsteps of another you shall get lost within your own journey...

You are God/Goddess in human form. You have always been God/Goddess in human form. We guide you to quit giving your power away to authorities of all kinds, whether such authorities be metaphysical, spiritual, medical, governmental, or educational. You are your living truth, your living hologram, as a member of the human species. Your own ascension and future therefore lies within your own hands. Only you can choose to awaken yourself and find your way home!
(The Buffalo Species and the Earth Mother through Karen Danrich "Mila")

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