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You are those ones who will transform your world. You also are the ones who will bring about all change – Archangel Michael through Marc Gamma ~

[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

My beloved humans, this is I, Archangel Michael, speaking to you again. Another week has passed by and much again has happened meanwhile.

And here we’d like to take up the left off ends again from what my brother Raphael has messaged you last week.

As you have noted meanwhile our heavenly father will grant you his divine dispensation which will open up such wonderful possibilities to you enjoying life in this incarnation a wholly different level.

All this will happen still before your ascension and its effects will be felt after ascension too.

All that added to it today will be further details in which Raphael and I shall complement eachother. We shall accompany you step on step since now finally you did understand everything and took your very lives into your own hands.

No longer you are slaves of some few elitists and no more do you delegate responsibilities and accountancy for your very lives to others !

You have acknowledged now that it is you that are nearest to yourselves in case you have to decide what is needed for yourselves to become happy.

Let us switch over to some new topic which I want to lay upon you nearer today. This is related to the fact that we – on our level of dimension – are able to perceive the range of possibilities which will manifested on your planet and your Time-Line.

We do know all potentials and also are able to give some favourable support and influence to them by all our messages which we are submitting to you. And it is this potential I want to elucidate you furthermore about now.

This sort of potential has been named “Fault Shifting”

Now what is it about this “Fault Shifting”? And what is the real meaning of it? In its real sense of it this may be explained in such way that you will be drawn into some phase or zone of some possible fault shiftings of yours – when it is up to your very decision whether to take up or disregard some certain situation.

“Just as a hint I should like to give you here to look up what is said about “Fault (geology)” in Wikipedia and you will approach the real sense of such a geological process in connection to this message …”

And for you this is the sort of situation when – by your decision – you will be able to effect some fault shifting and thus skip the whole system. This system comprises everything that surrounds you and which enables you to experience duality in all the illusion here.

Fault Shifting of yours will have following consequences: Everything being on one side until now will break away whereby the other side will be loaded with new potentials.

These potentials become necessary for manifesting your new reality. And this new reality has been already established completely in their traits of foundation and many humans already ascended are already inhabitants there.

These said potentials will increase considerably from now on and this again will lead to the fact that you will eventually be able to perceive this reality more and more with your very eyes.

This kind of energy will undergo some more growth and become so dominant that the sensitive kind of humans on earth will feel this dominance of energy in this message too.

I have prepared my channel when starting with our channeling that it will be somewhat difficult to take up this very sort of energy.

These energies are already building up in his body so that he – at this very moment he is compelled to interrupt this communication here in order to refresh his grounding with Mother Earth again.

This refreshing grounding being done now my channel here has felt too in what a wonderful way Gaia has assisted him in the foregoing interaction.

We all are working mutually in this most wonderful and sacred plan of our Creator. We all are part of HIM and his Plan and we are doing our part accordingly. Even if it is in such simple proceeding like receiving some message for all humans here on earth.

Shall we proceed to the next following subject, my beloved humans.

You just have ascertained likewise that tone and selected diction of mine have also undergone some change.

This has been noted by our channel now and you will also notice the same changes – and most concerned are those who have been following these messages coming through this very channel!

All of us – meaning I and all my brothers and sisters will be at your side when all of these adaptations or better expressed “Upgrades” will happen.

These upgrades will be activated now on grounds of the “Divine Dispensation”.

This will be effected in such way that all limitations experienced by you in your daily lives until now you will be able to leave and to dismiss more and more.

All the more you will become aware of such capabilities which were unknown to you before and your question will be:

“How is this possible ?”

Now, this is fact and will be also in time to come. You will undergo many a transformation and will have to ride this very wave.

There will be some huge wave of energy coming to you and presently this very wave is about to build itself up and will move on overhead all of you.

And in case you are not firmly grounded to Mother Gaia you will be washed away by this huge wave of energy.

My beloved humans, there is no need for me to refer extraordinarily to you that Gaia will be here at all of your sides to assist and support you provided you will see to a firm grounding with her in such situation.

Those still not comprehending or not wanting to comprehend what I am expressing here will be washed away.

They will wake up again and they will notice that something has been changed in the meantime and this is the very point then that they too have to go into some change and adapt themselves according to way of changed manifestation on earth.

Otherwise they will probably miss the chance to ascend too since at that very point time of decision has passed by and is over.

Shall we now come to the end of this message which has to be digested now by all of you. Do you sense all the energies in this message?

Do you notice that it is imperative for you to ground yourselves firmly with the assistance of Gaia?

Do you notice that you will be able to acknowledge in your inner space of hearts that something has changed here on earth? And do you become aware of the fact that Now Is The Time to transform and change yourselves and also to accept this kind of change for yourselves too?

If none of my questions above may receive from you a positive response – in which case you are not being prepared to acknowledge everything that is fact now and what I mean and what are the lines of my thinking — then I strongly advise you to start all over again finding out about the History of Now and all events already happened in suitable literature meaning : to go over the whole evolutionary story again and to review your decision again right from the beginning.

Think deeply about everything and bring it forward to your inner hearts !

This is quite alright as it is since it is the individual decision of each human being which we support accordingly. Most important of all is your “Free Will” something we really appreciate in this great Play of Creation.

My beloved humans here on earth. I, Archangel Michael, have spoken through so many channels here already and all of them are trying hard to give their very best such as this channel is doing.

However, as I noticed recently that there are some people doubting the pure intentions of this channel.

These doubts I also have to respect being the Archangel Michael and the only way I may react here is to calm down my channel with my words and energies.

There will not be any reactions to these doubts on part of my channel here since this is not the task given to him.

This will be done by others in due and right time. Always go deep down into your heart when reading a message or even better – bring down all messages deep into the inner space of your heart and watch how message evolve themselves in it.

You will accordingly sense then whether some message derives from Realms of Light and Love. You will become aware of me telling the truth when I am saying that you will feel me and you feel the vibes of my channel and of all translators involved as well.

There is another language being added to our messages on this blog.

This language is not spreaded worldwide like the English one yet another one being quite important as well.

It is Bulgarian and my beloved sister here incarnated on earth has taken up this task now. I am very grateful to her and happy too that she has found her issue according to her soul contract.

I shall return to you, my beloveds. Soon I shall continue with all I have started today.

And Raphael now has been served with some “long-downfield-pass” of ball and surely take it up for his turn of playing on. Still I believe our team here will be going strong very shortly!

With so much love, my beloved humans

Yours Archangel Michael


Copyright © Gamma Marc. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.


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