Gratitude unlocks the fullness of Life, it turns what we have into enough, and more! It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings Peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow even if the lyrics are sometimes messed up. Life is still and always will be like a Beautiful melody. Beloved Brother and Sisters, the only place Your/my past lives is in Your/my memory and the only power the past has is what You/me give it. The only way You can the future is by presently doing it....BEING IT. God/Goddess has called You/me by name and God/Goddess has chosen You/me and also knows You/me. What ever has began within You/me is a's'growth and it is so important for us to trust within this process of growing, every day. It is not for us to wait for circumstances to change....but we ourselves to be the walk by Faith of a way of life. God/Goddess lives within our hearts and God's/Goddess's'Love for each child is unconditional....You are All created Perfectly and there is truly nothing that You short because You/me have everything within us and so much more. So, let's go ahead and choose to fill our cup of life with endless sunshine and Laughter? Never a dull moment, only a heart filled with Infinite Gratitude for every experience.A Star falls from the sky and into Your hands....then it seeps through Your veins and swims inside Your blood and becomes every part of You. But this time You don't have to put the star back in the sky again...Yes, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, that's'what it is to be comfortable within yuour own skin have life because that is the greatest gift to all and to be happy again with a heart filled with Infinite Gratitude, Joy, Laughter, Happiness, Love, Light and Peace!


Words are Energy-manifestations...and is best aligned to the Light of God/Goddess. Listen to the language of Your heart....imagine the beauty of Your soul manifested before You in all that You can see and feel, then imagine every Human being upon Earth achieving the same...see this beauty created, Beloved Brothers and Sisters. Allow Your heart to guide You....let us rejoice in this most sacred time and Your/my choice to be part of this already being manifested in all its glory of Amazement...not only in my/Your life....but in the lifes of every single Human being here upon Earth! Look at Mother Gaia, Beloved Brothers and Sisters....she is flourishing in all her beauty and Love!Beloved Brothers and Sisters, it is of utmost importantce to remain steadfast and strong in the Light and in the heart of Your creation and all will be well. You are and we All are being guided and are Loved beyond any Human comprehension, but we must remember to remain open to guidance and You/me/everyone shall have it.It is also of utmost importance to remember that if You/me/everyone are irritated(upset) by every rub(meaning Faith, Patience, Tolerance and Love is being tested)...then how else will You/me/everyone bepolished? We were made Warriors/Warrior Goddesses and we might sometimes forget how strong we truly are within....but that Beloved Brothers and Sisters is Infinite because we have everything within us and so much more to rise above and say..."I can see a NEW DAY DAWNING on the horizon and this is just the path that I'm walking so that I will appreciate that which is waiting for me, much more!" Yes, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, we were built for these kind of storms. If i can use an example, i will say that ships weren't build to sail calm seas or even stay within the harbour...they were build to sail stormy seas. Yes, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, we are resilient and we rise above, to sail the stormy seas with the knowing within our hearts that there is a NEW DAY DAWNING on the horizon and that is written in Gold upon our hearts!Beloved Brothers and Sisters, I'm standing by all of You, all the to help You through Your day. Holding You up, when You are weak...Helping You find what it is You seek. Catching Your tears when You cry...Pulling You through when the tide is High. Absorbing Your voice when You talk. Standing by when You learn to walk....just being there through thick and thin....all to say that WE ARE ALL ONE WITHIN THIS GOD UNIT, we are Brothers and Sisters....Friends and You are All so Infinitely much Love and so very prescious and Awesome!Never doubt of fear anything even while moving through a storm because You are truly in the midst of Your most Beautiful dream becoming Your reality...So, please hold on and Enjoy the ride with overwhelming Joy, Gratitude, Love and Peace?...Quiet Your mind and Your physical body...BREATH DEEP...and go to that space within Your magnificent heart...that space of quiet and calm, that Inner chamber where True Love does abide. As You rest within the silence, free Yourself from the thoughts of Your daily activities or anything bothering You and turn to communion with God/Goddess and know that You are Loved Unconditionally!I Love You so very much....truly I do, Beloved Brothers and Sisters! You are all beyond Awesome....beyond Fantastic...beyond fact beyond all of these tiny words spoken or used here upon Earth!! You All Rock! Blessed You are All in Abundance x Infinite!Sending You All Infinite Warm Mega, MEGA Hugs and Infinite Warm Love, Light, Strength, Courage and Peace from my heart unto Your magnificent Hearts!

Archea -Valerina Aurora

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