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yes indeed this is my view from this side of the campfire

they will come through on the next wave i suppose all paths lead home
hey you the cyrstal skull max is a being of the fifth dimension and higher right
manifest in the same way as the pyraamids
grid nodes of cosmic conscienceness
attached itself to the same chakras as its astral bodies
it awesome
so last time i visited the elfves and came back dude when i got back i was like oh no not again! lol i waas devastated to be back here crushed but then i realized why i came backthis is a worthy goal mass evolution i realized this is what we do we are born to planets that need to awaken and we rise the vibration i have been doing this on countless planets now the whole multiverse is about to awaken!!!!!!
tipping point
our logos or god is ascending to a higher dimension and we as a massive multiversal conscience are become the one of this exsitence
and we shall know his job
or hers lol ya know
its gonna be sweet
imagine dreaming awake all the time and raising a multidimensional family we just went through that know we get to do it through gods eyes
so each morning i go up to the sun and dip my silver and gold chalice in the liquid sun and drink deeply i feel the radiance pour through me and then i fly back to earth and give everyone i meet a sip
then i open my eyes through our collective vision
i tell you what all the parties we have ever been to added up are gonna be falling short of the one we are about to havei believe many have graduated on this planets like the dinosaurs became galactic the alanteans the lemurians the mayans all have graduated a few left behind to assist in the last awakening
this planet herself will graduate and live in love
she is showing us the way beatiful mother
i have so much love and light in me and it keeps growing to i understand the sun

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Comment by hedoknight on August 10, 2011 at 3:48am
Comment by hedoknight on August 10, 2011 at 3:47am
its like the best birthday present ever for sentient being 2.0


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