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 As most know I always make the distinction between a nation's elites and a nation's people...I do apply the biblical perceptions, that such distinctions are akin to "clay" and "iron." The clay being humanity (the people) and the iron, being Roman law (the state,) the inflexible rules of the state...of an empire. The rod of iron, of Rome.

So I will suggest that I take sides where France is concerned. I side with the people of France and that great nation, born of Gaul. My contentions are centred upon France's elites, including the administration of President Macron.

French culture, the people, the fine cheeses; camembert, brie and St Agur are absolutely unique to France...I admire the quality. I have no issue with France itself, nor her cultured people.

So those educated people of France, with a long culture and tradition, must be very concerned that their President, seems to be edging towards giving away France's permanent seat on the UN security council, one of the "big five" nations; Russia, America, Great Britain, France & China. This security council status has been in place since the UN was founded, back in the late 1940s..Each of these nations on the council, who can veto decisions of other members, as well as the non-permanent members (who are rotated,) and make up the sum parts of the UNSC.

There are rumours, in circulation, that Macron seeks more than just an EU army. He seeks to relinquish France's special status, within the UNSC and hand it, instead, to Brussels...The European Union. A very interesting proposal, which has as many holes in it, as Swiss cheese..Especially when one considers that the EU is neither a nation, nor is it sovereign...As per the definitions provided UN members..Five sovereign states, are supposed to comprise membership of said council....

If this absurd suggestion even slightly gained traction I'm sure the good people of France will take it as another signal, to protest..in their particularly patriotic manner of doing so...

"Vive la République...!!"



Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏


Col. Drekx Omega

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Would Macron really give up France's UN Security Council Seat?! - YouTube


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  • A former New Zealand trade minister, Tim Groser, says that he thinks that the UK has 'strategically placed itself in a very very strong position' after Brexit. He claims that being initially skeptical of Brexit, he is beginning to rethink his entire position on Brexit, in light of both the Australia-UK deal and the New Zealand-UK deal... He now concludes that Britain has a bright future in the world, post-EU membership...😁

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  • The EU won't like it and are disturbed by Britain's growing partnership with Erdogan's Turkey...An insider has claimed that PM Johnson has been underestimated in his foreign policy potentials...🤣 The EU assumed that the UK's foreign policy would not alter a great deal, away from European security, BUT, now admit they were wrong...A.U.K.U.S. was especially a shock for Brussels and Paris...They really thought that the UK had no friends in the world and then reality struck them...UK has more friends around the world, than in Europe...lol😄

  • The French won't like it, but Britain just sealed the £2.5billion trade deal with New Zealand...See the video chat between the two PMs...Jacinda and Boris both seem very happy about this deal and rightly so...It's also another step closer to C.A.N.Z.U.K....

    It's monetary value figure could very well get greater, over time...Apparently, we already heavily trade with NZ, at £2.3 billion, so now official, it will get more expansive.
    Not our biggest trade market at present, but good for the population of NZ..It will be mutually beneficial..

    Moreover, as well as Britain's new policy of an Indo-Pacific tilt, away from Europe, we are aiding friends and allies in that region to no longer rely on China...We are aiming to remove most trade with China and send it over here, to the UK...🤣

  • 🇸🇮 The Slovenian prime minister has offended an EU official.

    “Soros puppets in the EU parliament.”

    Janša pushes far-right conspiracy theory in Twitter attack on MEP
    Slovenia's prime minister accused 13 MEPs - one of which died earlier this year - of being “Soros puppets in the EU parlement (sic)". #BrusselsBureau
  • Poland’s prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, clashes with the EU parliament and Commission, in Strasbourg, over Warsaw’s repudiation of EU law primacy. 💥
    The EU claims supremacy over Poland's highest court and is suitably rebuffed....😁

    VDL looked rattled, 🦚with her peacock's feathers, ruffled.....🤣

    All nations have supreme, or high courts, that MUST be allowed to take precedence over the ECJ...THE CRACKS ARE SHOWING IN THE WANABE EMPIRE.....😄

    This system of unelected snouts in a trough, is being challenged.🐽
    Pig sty Euroland🐷 is in denial and getting smellier than ever....🙈 🙉🙊

  • 🤑🚘 Moreover, electric cars require batteries and batteries require lithium...That rare Earth element cannot be mined anywhere....Of course, as with Britain's monopoly on tin, in ancient times, lithium is a modern day monopoly, as most countries do not mine it and it will be important for batteries, as stated. In Europe, only England and Finland have deposits. Cornwall in England has vast deposits....😏🚗

  • 🏭🤣Ford selects UK's Halewood transmissions factory, over Germany, for £200M+ electric car investment and EV spare parts production. German unions are annoyed beyond anything, as a result of Ford's decision. Germany is under increasing pressure to compete with Brexit Britain, now the EU fetters have been removed.....🤣🚘

  • French issue more threats against the UK....Well, what is new.....? Their ultimatum deadline is today....🤣🐟 🚢
  • Interesting to hear Jordan Peterson's comments, which I absolutely agree with...And what a contrast with Greta...lol💫

    I do like it when ideals can be realized, that truly benefit the world and humanity...Of course, there is an answer to the conundrums that vex both Jordan and Greta.....Something that very few know about.....Namely; aetheric energy, aka orgone, aka, vril....🛸

    What is needed is a lifting of the "national security" classifications upon this type of green energy...Nikola Tesla knew of it and that part of his work was classified by the US government....It is the finance system that feels the need to keep this hidden. So when that is finally changed, the sky is the limit...🏦 😄

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