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 As most know I always make the distinction between a nation's elites and a nation's people...I do apply the biblical perceptions, that such distinctions are akin to "clay" and "iron." The clay being humanity (the people) and the iron, being Roman law (the state,) the inflexible rules of the state...of an empire. The rod of iron, of Rome.

So I will suggest that I take sides where France is concerned. I side with the people of France and that great nation, born of Gaul. My contentions are centred upon France's elites, including the administration of President Macron.

French culture, the people, the fine cheeses; camembert, brie and St Agur are absolutely unique to France...I admire the quality. I have no issue with France itself, nor her cultured people.

So those educated people of France, with a long culture and tradition, must be very concerned that their President, seems to be edging towards giving away France's permanent seat on the UN security council, one of the "big five" nations; Russia, America, Great Britain, France & China. This security council status has been in place since the UN was founded, back in the late 1940s..Each of these nations on the council, who can veto decisions of other members, as well as the non-permanent members (who are rotated,) and make up the sum parts of the UNSC.

There are rumours, in circulation, that Macron seeks more than just an EU army. He seeks to relinquish France's special status, within the UNSC and hand it, instead, to Brussels...The European Union. A very interesting proposal, which has as many holes in it, as Swiss cheese..Especially when one considers that the EU is neither a nation, nor is it sovereign...As per the definitions provided UN members..Five sovereign states, are supposed to comprise membership of said council....

If this absurd suggestion even slightly gained traction I'm sure the good people of France will take it as another signal, to protest..in their particularly patriotic manner of doing so...

"Vive la République...!!"



Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏


Col. Drekx Omega

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Would Macron really give up France's UN Security Council Seat?! - YouTube


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  • Yea Florida is awesome. Ive been there before its been so long though. Ive been really wanting to be near any kind of body of water as of late lake or ocean it dont matter both are good. Yes indeed their are tons of gators down there i think the gators think they own the place lol.
  • Wow, if I lived in Florida I would spend so much time scuba diving in those beautiful waters...Well the Atlantic, or Gulf of Mexico, not the rivers...Too many alligators....lol 😁🐊
  • Yes Ron DeSantis is one of the few good ones we have over here and Florida would be awesome to move to. I would love to be at those beaches as much as possible. Easier said then done right now though.
  • Actually Justin, Ron DeSantis is doing a pretty good job over in the sunshine state of Florida...He is suing the Biden regime for flying in loads of illegal immigrants, at the dead of night, to Jacksonville....
    Maybe you should think about moving to Florida...?? It sounds like the sane state among insane states, at present...New York and California sound like soviet republics...They even have their own woke queen, Meghan Markle....lol
  • Yes Ivy what you say about whats going on in the west is all true the lockdowns, boosters, vaxx apps, schools, and public events getting cancelled. Thats all they talk about over here is covid that or orange man bad. Its a mess over here i would not be surprised if they tried to lockdown the entire country again and Canada to. Thank god we have people fighting back though saying enough is enough.
  • Yes, Master R loves moving his chess pieces about, on the map of Europe....😁 It is moving in a divine direction, but looks messy at present...
  • Thanks, trying to understand the political game isn’t easy 😇
  • Actually, this lockdown stuff has left us here in England. There are zero restrictions, now....Talk of this or that, but not happening...
    No masks, etc...The Gov bleat on about boosters, but that is all...But they do seem to want health workers to be forced to take the jab, or lose jobs...
  • It is Belarus. They want revenge on the EU for last year's interference in their elections...and the sanctions being imposed on the regime in Minsk. Elections which were, of course, rigged elections, but the accusations annoyed their dictator, Lukashenko...

    He saw Erdogan's methods against the EU and thought he could try it as well...Not that I have sympathy for the EU, with clown Merkel, opening her country to all and sundry, in 2015...
  • Meanwhile on the western front: Nothing new, except for new lockdowns, booster shots, vaxx apps, schools being closed, public events being cancelled...
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